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Mumbley-peg with the boy across the street

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Myself: A 14 year old girl, horny and curious... about boys;

Him: A 13 year old shy boy, the vehicle I wanted to use to satisfy my curiosity.


I developed sexually a couple years earlier than the boy across the street. My curiosity about boys was in hyper-drive, but I couldn't arouse his curiosity about girls. He was so cute, I fantasized about him. Besides being young and naive, he was very shy.

I had begun masturbating a couple of years earlier. From the start it was my favorite activity, one that I engaged in every day, period permitting. But I knew there was more to learn. In particular, how it worked with boys.

One day I was sitting on my porch steps and he was playing in his front yard. I threw a piece of wrapped candy in the road and called his attention to it. He hurried out to retrieve it. I threw another one and he picked it up as well. I hoped he would accept my invitation for him to come sit on the steps with me, but he didn't take the hint. I decided to get more aggressive and take matters into my own hands.

We were both wearing shorts and loose tee shirts. I was barefoot, he wore sneakers. I called him over and asked if he ever played mumbley-peg. He said "no". I said "let's play" and he followed me into my backyard.

We stood face to face about two feet of space between us, feet shoulder width apart. I went first, throwing the knife to stick in the ground as close to my foot as I dared. Then I moved my foot up next to where the knife stuck in the ground, spreading my legs in the process. His turn. He threw the knife, and spread his legs in the same way. After a few throws, we both had spread our legs about as wide as possible. I could see in his eyes how he liked looking at my bare legs and feet. But he was too shy to stare.

My turn again and I said "I think we should stop now, I can't spread any wider." He started to bring his feet back together and I grabbed his shoulders and said "no, stay like this for a minute," so he did. My horniness was clouding my judgement. I said "do you want to do something even better?" He shook his head doubtfully, obviously not grasping what I was leading him into.

So I said watch my hands and proceeded to slide them down my body, starting with my titties then down my sides to my hips then further to my widely spread bare legs and slid them along my thighs, down the outsides and up the insides. At my crotch, I lingered there for a moment, then repeated once more, again ending on my crotch.

"Your turn" I said. He put his hands on his chest. "No," I said, "do it to me." He lightly touched my shoulders and I said "NO! Do it to me just like I did." He avoided putting his hands on my tits, going to my arms instead. "Nope, just as I did" I insisted. "Try again." This time he put his hands right on my titties and started sliding them down to my hips and he stopped there, not knowing what to do next. I said "keep going." When his hands had descended to the bottom of my shorts and moved onto my bare skin, I felt a thrill between my legs. Apparently so did he because I could see the bulge in his shorts.

He went down as far as my knees, then stopped and stood back up facing me. "Keep going" I urged. "Do everything I showed you." He bent over and put his hands back on my knees then to the insides of my thighs and started sliding them up toward my crotch. He only went up about half way. "Higher" I said. He went up to the bottom of my shorts and stopped. He said "Can I stop now?" His face was beet red. He told me later that he didn't want me to see his hard-on which embarrassed him a lot. He didn't even know what hard-ons were for at that time.

I said "You can stop. I'll go again." I put my hands on his chest and slid them down his sides to his hips, then lower, onto the skin of his legs, then up to his crotch. I pushed with a little bit of pressure on his hard-on and started masturbating him through his shorts. "Feel good?" I asked. He nodded. So I kept going and to my surprise, it took only a few strokes to get him to cum. He started thrusting his hips toward me and put his hands on my shoulders for support. I could see his legs about to buckle. His eyes were tightly closed and his face looked as if he was dying.

When his orgasm subsided, I asked "was that your first time?" and he nodded yes, still breathing hard. I said "I have been masturbating for two years." He said "what's masturbating?" and I said "what I just did to you." "But you don't have the same parts!" "I know but it works the same way for girls anyway." I'll show you sometime.

'Sometime' happened to be later that day. Needless to say, after that, we often met in his house or mine, whichever was 'available'. We engaged in masturbating each other dozens of times.

I'm proud to say I sparked his sexual awakening. And masturbation was not the only thing we did together. It naturally progressed to oral which we engaged in a lot since that first day. He became an eager busy rabbit and I was his rabbit hole.



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