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Mum Teases Me

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This is happening right now and we both live alone.


So a little about me and my mum. Well she is a hot 47 year old has 34c breasts and a pair of really sexy legs, she is what you would call a milf I guess.

I always thought my mother was hot but only recent as the lust for my mother rose. I used to look at her panties but never did anything with them and was always afraid to do so until this past year I took it to a whole new level.

So let's start with her panties and me. My room is downstairs so it's easy for me to masturbate without any disturbance and I can do so at night for however long I like. I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a bath and was really horny already. So I picked up a pair of her panties from the laundry basket and started to sniff them, god the smell from them nearly makes me cum and the wetness of the crotch area was thrilling. I started to wrap them around my cock but before this I used to stop here and wouldn't do anything else with them. But this time I was really horny and I started to masturbate really hard with them. I lifted them up and took a hard sniff with them over my face when a part went inside my mouth. I took them away and saw the white faded stains and immediately I started to lick and suck them away, my mouth was filling up with my mother's own cum and wetness from her pussy. I took them away from my mouth and they were dripping wet from me sucking them and the stains were basically gone. My mother's cum was drooling out of my mouth, so I swallowed all of it in one gulp. I wrapped the soaking wet crotch area around my cock and cummed furiously in them. I was going to clean them but I decided not to and left them at the top of all the dirty washing.

Next up, one time I was getting a drink at night and noticed the dirty washing basket and guess what was in it, yet another pair of panties so I was now able to access them at night and when I took a bath. I also used to look through her drawers and see all her different panties, stockings and bras. Only a couple of times I used these as I thought she would notice if they were moved.

I explored deeper into her stuff and found a selection of high heels and wedges. She had around 5-6 pairs, mostly high heel sandals and wedges. Similar to the ones if you search 'wedge shoes'. So you may be thinking what would I do with high heels, well this was more thrilling than panties to me! When I first found them I put my cock all over them and fucked the straps and such, the feeling was amazing. I also had access to the ones she had worn that day which were left in the hallway every night. When she got in I could smell her hot and exhausted feet and when I took her shoes to my room later that night the smell was extraordinary. I used to cum on them sometimes but it depended which ones, if it was the high heels I would then clean them but if it was the wedges I would let it dry as it wasn't that noticeable and put them back. God the excitement of seeing her walk around in the cum filled shoes.

Now I started to get real experimental. In the morning once I took a bath and found these black panties in the basket, but this time I was going to do something different. I left the cum on but also added my cum in the same area. I took them downstairs with me until my mum went out. When she had left I went upstairs and placed them in her panties drawer on top of the others, I knew it was risky but I just wanted to see what would happen. My mum got home and left about four hours later. I went upstairs and checked her drawer. To my amazement they were gone, so I looked in the dirty washing and they weren't there but another pair was! She had put them on and gone out. I was so horny that I went and did the usual to the other pair right then but left them in the basket.

The next week I couldn't find any panties anywhere I thought she may have found out and was pretty positive she had. But one morning she asked me to go and collect the dirty washing from upstairs, on top of the basket was around seven pairs of panties; the smell coming from them gave me a semi instantly. I took the basket down and she said could you put them in the washing machine for me while I fold these. I was pretty sure she was teasing me or it was just a coincidence and so I did while trying to cover my hard on. Everything was back to normal after and the panties were in the baskets like always. Now I was cumming in clean pairs of panties from her drawer, mostly white ones so it wasn't that obvious.

I wanted to see if my mum knew what I was doing so one morning as my mum was taking a bath before work I snuck upstairs and cummed inside the bottom part of her tights, it was leaking through so I sucked some of my cum off but left a bit in there. She came into my room wearing the same pair and gave me a kiss goodbye on the cheek and left. Yet again I just went upstairs and cummed on the nearest thing I could find of hers.

So around two weeks ago my mother came home in a pair of black gladiator high heels and left them in hallway. I wanted to cream them so bad so when it came to night time I cummed all over and inside them but this time left them in hallway to dry up so I could see her wear them to work the next morning. I woke up late and went into the kitchen to find my mother cleaning them with a tissue, she said to me 'will you clean your mess up you made on them, I have to wear them to work..while I go get changed?'. I was speechless, she knew I was embarrassed but she seemed fine. I was cleaning them and decided just to cum over them right there and see what she did as she already knew, what could go wrong I thought? I left them on the kitchen floor and went into my room.

She came in my room with them on and said 'thanks, we need to have a talk later'. She came home and came straight in my room. She sat on my bed as she started to take her heels off. 'I don't mind you cumming on my stuff, I find it hot and I don't mind. You can cum on all my dirty washing whenever, and my white panties when they are clean from my drawer. You can cum in the bottom of my panty hose/tights but just not on anywhere that can be seen. I don't mind it being inside the toes of my high heels just not where other people can see it. Here you don't need to ask just do it secretly I like it as well' She then left her high heels on the floor and took off her tights and panties from under her dress and left them on the floor.

'Here have some fun and also how come you never cum in my bra?' She then took off her bra from under the dress and dropped them on the floor also. I was absolutely shaking in embarrassment but was horny and happy at the same time. From then I cummed on everything one after the other with an hour's break that night, I cummed in the bottom part of the heels, over the panties, in the bra cups and in the bottom of the panty hose. I left them in the hallway and went to sleep. When I woke up they were all gone. My mum came home from work in all the stuff I had cum in and came into my room. She said 'Now that was a hot and sticky day'. My mum comes in at night three to five times a week and takes off her panties in front of me from under her night gown. She gives them to me and gives me a goodnight kiss.

My mum and I are very close together now and all this story is 100% true. My mum is awesome and hot! If you would like to hear more please just comment on this.



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