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Mum Heard Me and Wanted To Help

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I was 21 and still living at home with my mum, who my dad had divorced when I was 10. Why he had done that was a mystery to me as she was voluptuous, had great legs, a fine ass and a lovely nature. She was very beautiful I thought.

I was, and still am, an avid masturbator. I loved holding my big fat cock (7.5' long x 6' circ.) and wanking, especially edging, which I liked to do for several hours if I could last. It always resulted in a massive cum explosion. I was highly sexed and wanted to wank constantly, on top of my sex life with my girlfriend at that time.

So mum was downstairs cooking and I was in the upstairs toilet having a wank. I thought she'd be busy downstairs and wouldn't notice me going upstairs to the toilet. I was really enjoying myself and was in there for was about 30 minutes, when I heard a tap on the door and mum said 'are you ok in there Andrew? Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.' I muffled a reply whilst still wanking 'yes, just got tummy trouble'. Mum said 'are you sure, you don't sound right'. I said hesitantly 'yes mum, I'm ok, just need a good poo'. She said 'ok'.

So I continued wanking and was getting really worked up. I was in there another 15 minutes, when there was another tap on the door. Mum said 'you must be having real trouble Andrew, I'm worried'. I said 'it's ok mum'. She said 'can I help in some way? I have some suppositories you could use'. I said 'what are they mum? She said 'they help you poo'. I said 'ok mum, that might help'. She said 'I'll go and get them'.

30 seconds later she tapped on the door again and said 'Andrew, you need to open the door so I can give them to you'. I said 'just leave them by the door and I'll get them'. She said 'no, I need to show them to you and what to do'. So I shuffled over to the door with my trousers around my ankles, undid the lock and slightly opened the door. Unexpectedly, she had her head right by the door opening as if wanting to look in. She said 'well, I can't show you with the door like this, open it a bit'. So I opened it a bit, but too far. She looked down and could see my obvious raging hard-on. She fixed her stare on it. Then she said 'what's going on?' I said 'what do you mean?' She said 'do you have tummy trouble or some other trouble?' I went red and she could see it, and I said 'mum, I'm just doing stuff'. She said 'you haven't got tummy trouble have you?' I said 'not really'. Then she said 'shall I come in?' And before I could say anything she came in and sat down on the edge of the bath.

So I shuffled back to the toilet, took off my trousers and underpants and sat down. She said 'do you want me to help you with that then?' I said 'we shouldn't mum', so I wondered what she would do next. So she said 'sit on the edge of the bath next to me'. So I did, and I couldn't help myself and looked at her chest. Wow, my cock twitched, and she noticed. She said 'that's a fine one you have there Andrew.' I sat down. I didn't say anything, then she swung around sideways on the edge of the bath and reached for my cock. I again looked at her wonderful tits. I couldn't help myself and said 'mum, they are great'. She said 'thanks, but your dad never appreciated them'. I said 'I'm surprised'. 'He wasn't interested in sex much' she said, 'and never really satisfied me'. I couldn't believe she was telling me all this.

At that moment I didn't care and was distracted. She had her left hand around my cock and was pulling the foreskin up and down and using her right hand to tickle the underside of my cock. It was just incredible. My cock was throbbing, my balls were aching, my spunk was rising. I knew I was close. She slowed down a bit and just held my cock firm for a while. The she started again and slowly wanked me with steady deliberate strokes. She cupped my balls in her hand. I could tell she herself was getting worked up as she was shifting about on the edge of the bath and her face was flushed and I saw her hard nipples poking through her T shirt. I couldn't help myself and reached for her tits to fondle them. She seemed to happily accept my hands and started to writhe about on the edge of the bath and stick her chest out in response to my hands. She was expert at wanking my cock and started to increase the pace and pull my foreskin hard down against my balls. It was incredible. I said 'mum, I'm gonna cum', and as I said that last word, she pulled my foreskin down hard against my balls again and that was when the first spurt of spunk came flying out. It was a huge one and hit the tiles on the other side of the bathroom wall about 5 feet away. Then the other spurts came and came and came again. It was a wonderful cum. She continued wanking me for about 30 seconds afterwards until the final drops seemed out.

I said 'mum, that was really wonderful, thanks'. She said 'that's ok, I really enjoyed it'. So she left the bathroom without another word, I cleaned up and washed my hands. When I'd finished, I came out of the bathroom, and saw my mum's bedroom door closed. I crept to the door and could hear heavy breathing and a regular wet slurping sound. I knew she was playing with herself. I went downstairs and watched TV, then after about 15 minutes she came down and said 'let's have dinner'. She dished up and we sat in silence at the dinner table not knowing what to say to each other. She said 'Andrew, I shouldn't have done that, sorry'. I said 'ok mum, but it was so nice, thanks'. With that last comment, we then finished our meal. It wasn't until a month later that there were further developments, but that's another story.



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