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Mum and Her New Friend

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This is what happened a few weeks ago


It was a very hot Sunday afternoon, and I was doing homework for a school project, and mum was cleaning the house, when her new boy friend Steve turned up to see us, with cold drinks and nibbles, for us all to share. Steve made the drinks and mum shared out the nibbles. Steve sat down on the couch, and mum lay across him with her legs hanging over the edge. Steve was wearing jeans and a Tee, Mum was wearing her low-rider jean cut off shorts, and brief little top, I was in jeans and Tee also. Mum and I are very similar in body shape and are both size eight, so we have a lot of fun sharing clothing.

Anyway there we were in the lounge, mum and Steve on the couch, and me sitting across from them, we chatted for a while, and then I got back into my study. I looked up a couple of times to see Steve rubbing mums bare tummy, which she seemed to be enjoying. Steve has been good for mum, and it was good to see mum having a bit of fun at last, as she has had a rough time of it, over the last few years, with both health and extended family problems.

Mum and Steve were chatting about this and that, all the while he was rubbing her tummy, and I would now and again look across at them, at one point I couldn't help but notice, that Steve's hand would travel down into mum's pants. Mum told Steve to stop it, and shifted his hand back onto her tummy. I wanted to keep looking, but didn't feel that I should. As I could no longer concentrate on my work, I decided to go off to my room. Once there with the door closed, I lay on my bed and started to rub myself through my jeans. I have never been able to climax, even though I have tried heaps, but the thought of Steve's hand in mum's pants made me as hot as anything.

I was in the middle of thinking how I wish I could have seen more, when I decided to spy on them. With that I went out through the back door and around the house and came in through the front door, which were all open due to the hot day. I was able to enter the lounge from behind the couch, so that mum and Steve didn't know I was there. My plan was to see what I could see, hopefully something sexy going on, and then get out, undetected. But I was not prepared for what I was about to see, there was Steve with his hand down mum's pants rubbing her pussy like there was no tomorrow and he had lifted up one side of her top and was gently kissing her nipple, mum's head was right back and her eyes closed and she was quietly moaning.

I knew that I should have been out of there in a flash, but I just couldn't leave. My whole body was tingling all over, and my pussy felt like I had wet myself, at the same time I had a nawing feeling in my lower belly, and it was the fear of being caught. What could I say if they looked up and saw me there, I wanted to stick my hand down my pants and rub myself, but there was no way I was going to risk being caught with my hand down there.

After what seemed like an hour, which was probably more like ten minutes, mum started to arch her back and moan louder and her brow was all covered in sweat, she now sounded like she was in pain. I don't know what came over me, but I just wanted to be there for her, so I moved from behind the couch and around till I was standing next to her head, still she could not see me as her eyes were closed and Steve had his head on her chest. Steve's hand was still rubbing vigorously inside mum's pants, and I wished it was in mine, it was at about that point that I reached out and started to stroke mum's hair and her brow, and said does that feel nice mummy.

With that she jumped like she had done in the past, when she's seen a spider, or had a bad fright. In a flash she had Steve's hand out of her pants, and was trying to find the right words, Steve was looking up at me totally bewildered. Instead of feeling embarrassed, in some strange way I felt in control, and they both looked like naughty kids, that had been caught out. Mum tried to make excuses for what they were doing, but I told her I knew what they were doing, as I had been watching for a while, and that I wanted them to keep going.

Mum just looked up at me in disbelief, and said no I can't Liz. But while brushing her hair back from her face, I whispered into her ear, that I really really wanted her to, and that I could see how much fun she was having before, and if she stopped now I would feel really bad about it. She just looked at me, holding my eyes with hers, I kissed her on her forehead and said please mummy, please do this for me. My whole body was now shaking like I was in shock, I didn't know how she would react. With that she smiled at me and reached down and grabbed Steve's hand and placed it back on her tummy. Steve looked up at me and smiled and then winked at me, which made me relax a bit.

It didn't take Steve long before he was back down into mum's pants doing a number on her pussy, all the while I was brushing mum's hair and telling her how much I loved her. After a few minutes I moved so that I was in front of the couch and on my knees so that I could get a better view, but still stroking mum's arms and patting her tummy. I soon became frustrated, as I couldn't really see what Steve's fingers were doing, and by the pleased look on mum's face, I needed to know, so that I could treat myself to the same later on. So I decided to intervene, and with that reached over and quickly pulled down the zipper on her shorts, mum reached down also, to stop me, but it was too late, Steve's hand was free and had moved her little G-string down as well, and there was mums beautiful little pussy all smooth and hairless, I didnt even know that mum shaved.

I just kept hold of her hand, and talking softly to her. She was watching my face the whole time, I think, looking for my reaction. I found it difficult to drag my eyes away from what Steve was doing to her pussy, but when I could, I would just look at her and smile. I could see that Steve was still finding mum's shorts a hindrance, so I stood up and let go of mum's hand. She said, 'what are you doing now Liz,' and I said getting rid of these as I started to pull her shorts right the way off, G-string and all. She did try to protest, but it was too late, she was stripped. Steve didn't waste any time he was into it, I couldn't get over how wet mum was, and as Steve was fingering her, it was making a real wet mushy sound, and then he would bring his finger out from within her and it appeared that he was tickling the tip of her clit, from the look on her face, she was in heaven, whatever it was he was doing, I had to see a bit better.

So I reached over and spread mum's pussy lips, and yes I could really see now, and it was great and I was on a high, like never before. Steve started to rub mum's clit faster and faster, and Mum was moaning like never before, she was now bucking and arching her back, and must have been close to a climax. She is squeezing my hand so much it's hurting, and her other hand is pushing my other hand down hard on her pubic bone. Steve's face looks like he's in pain also, and then she screams, and falls limp, and then looks at me smiles and said, 'Hope that I didn't hurt your hand sweet girl,' 'Don't be silly' I said.

I looked over at Steve and he then put his fingers back inside of mum again, and then withdrew them, before offering them to mum for a taste. She looked at me, and I said go on, and nodded my head, as if to say, quickly do it now. With that she licked his fingers clean, Steve then put his fingers back up into mum for a minute before pulling them out and raising them to his own mouth. When Steve didn't offer his fingers to me I suddenly felt like I did as a child, when lollies were handed out to all but me. I don't know if I was dribbling or just licking my lips, but the look on my face must have been picked up by Steve, because he then fingered mum a little more and then offered his fingers to me. I grabbed his hand and pushed his fingers into my mouth, sucking as hard as I could. I will never forget that sweet taste, it will live with me forever.

Steve then went into the bathroom, and I gave mum a big hug and told her how much I loved her. We both stared at each other with silly grins, for a while, until mum looked down and said, 'Look at your pants Liz,' and with that I looked down to see a massive wet patch in the crutch of my jeans, and mum then said, 'it looks like you need some help sweet girl.' That's another story.




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