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Multiple Fondling Hands

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No more reading, I had to give a story. Hope this gets you off, or maybe you will try it out with your special someone(s)


If you met me you wouldn't believe I worked at a strip club for two years. I am sort of a dorky guy who is friendly to all. Yet I have had some interesting sexual encounters. One was with an older (mid 30's) stripper who was married. She used to commute to the city and stayed in a hotel room. After a lot of fantasies on my part, and teasing on her part, she finally initiated it and we were secretly fooling around at work and outside of work. In most other situations I would have been the bold one, but when you work at a strip club, a golden rule for employees (though most people break it) is 'do NOT screw the strippers.'

It took a while for her to trust me, but she brought me back to her hotel room. I thought she was very clean, all natural. A banging slender body. She was a like a sexy american girl from the 70's. She was not like other slutty dirty strippers who I would not touch with a ten foot pole. We never had intercourse but we did a lot of fooling around.

One late night, after a lot of making out, foreplay, a steamy shower, we were ready for bed. It was almost midnight and we both had to work the next day. We sort of fell into bed and under the covers together. We lay down side by side, not cuddling. Just like an old couple, one on each side. I think that we were too tired to do anything. When we were under the sheets, save our heads, we started touching each others genitals. I can't recall who started, but eventually she had her left hand all over my dick and I was rubbing her pussy with my right. But it was like a caressing massage, not like vigorous masturbation we sometimes engaged in.

Again, I do not know who started it, but we began fondling ourselves with our free hands. It was a really pleasurable but different feeling. It was sort of confusing who's hand belong to which body. I have had amazing orgasms, and been with women who can say the same, but this was something different, it was like a cross dimensional interaction. I moved my left hand across the one she had placed on my groin while together we lightly fondled my penis. And at the same time, she was touching herself while I played with that hand and her smooth pussy. We were not going to get each other off, and both knew it. It was just some casual touching. We both smiled and giggled. For most of it we just looked up at the ceiling. Then she finally spoke out. 'This is too many hands.' We both laughed and then kissed and went to sleep.

I did a lot of things with her, but that was one of my favorites.



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