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Mrs. Plump Lvr's Story

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My own story...


Mrs PlumpLvr's Story
My husband showed me your site, and I have had great fun reading the stories of others (especially his!). With his help and encouragement I have decided to submit my own story, with his help.
From a very early age, 4 or 5, I knew it felt good to touch myself 'down there'. I used to slide myself under the tub faucet and let the water splash on my vagina, sending good feelings through me. Of course I didn't have a clue what I was doing, I just knew it felt good.
I also had one of those old plastic lemon juice bottles. It had a round head shaped like a lemon and a long neck coming out of the top. I had fun rubbing it across my crotch when no one was looking.
As I got into my teens I learned, from reading, what was going on with my body. Until I left for college I had to share not just a room but a bed with my sister, which made self pleasuring difficult. I had to wait until she was fast asleep before I could slide my hands down my panties and give myself a very quiet orgasm.
Once in college I had a bed to myself, but was still stuck with a roommate. I didn't have to be quite as still, but still had to be quiet when pursuing my self pleasure activities. I made it a point to be in the room when she was in class so I could really have some fun.
During my summer breaks from college is where I really discovered the joys of self pleasure. I took a job in a retirement center, and as part of the job got an apartment in the basement level of the complex. I had several coworker/neighbors, but the room was mine all mine.
When I was home alone I spent most of my time nude, enjoying the freedom I now had. I masturbated often, mostly using my fingers. I also enjoy reading the 'dirty letter' books about romantic encounters, and often read those while working a finger over my clitty. I was able to moan and groan and not worry about being overheard. I could, and often did, thrash around on the bed, bucking my hips like crazy and flopping all over the place.
If you've lived your life with others around you, you cannot realize how good it felt to be by myself for once. It was incredible, being able to be at my kitchen table and suddenly have the urge for an orgasm, and to be able to just reach down my naked body and give myself one.
I remember one time doing just that. I had the day off and had slept in. I went to the kitchen table and was eating some cereal while reading one of my dirty letters magazines. I got incredibly horny, and without realizing it was touching myself while I sat there. I leaned back and put one leg in each chair to either side of the table, so I was spread wide.
I resumed rubbing my finger over my clitty while I kept reading the letters. As I felt my orgasm getting close, I dropped the mag and began playing with my tits, rubbing them and pinching the nipples. Soon my head fell back and I felt a wonderful cum go through my body. I leaked warm cunt juice all over me and the chair.
After I ate I decided to take a bath. Leaving the door wide open, I turned on the warm water and slid my pussy right under the faucet. The water cascaded down, splashing across my privates. I spread my pussy lips wide, letting the water strike my clit. I was moaning the whole time, giving myself two or three powerful orgasms.
Since then I've discovered the joys of the shower massager heads on a hose. I set it to pulsate and hold it against my pussy while taking a shower. Oh ladies, let me tell you what great sensations this'll bring you. All that water pulsating against my clitty! Mmmmmmm.
After college I had a variety of jobs and lived in a variety of places. I also had a couple of boyfriends, two of which it was serious enough that I went all the way with. I won't say much about this time except they were both major losers and I'm happy to forget it all.
After breaking up with one of them I moved two states away and took a job at a hospital. I lived in a tiny apartment nearby, and it was during this time I discovered the joys of erotic videos. Unlike my husband, I am not really into anything kinky, just boys and girls doing each other.
On the way home from work was a grocery store where every Friday I would get my stuff for the week. Next door was a video rental place that had a nice selection of x-rated flicks in the back. Every Friday I'd pick up two or three to take home and watch for the weekend. I'd come home, strip down, and eat a light supper.
I'd settle down on the sofa and pop in a video, enjoying the action. Along the way I had picked up a thin white vibrator, and a body massager. I had purchased the massager to help out with some soreness in my neck, and discovered it also worked great when applied to my clit!
As I'd sit and watch the couples having sex, I'd work the massager over my clit. My other hand would be pinching my nipples, or bringing them to my face so I could suck on them. For added effect I often slid the white vibrator inside my pussy while working the massager over my cunt lips. Oh what a feeling! I had many fun orgasms this way. Even though I was a lonely during this time, it was a nice way to spend the weekend.
Not long after that I moved back home for family reasons. For a brief bit I lived at home but soon got my own apartment so I could have my privacy back. and thus my freedom to masturbate. It was during this time I met the guy who would become my husband.
We had many long, soulful talks before we ever became serious. He was shocked when I freely admitted to masturbating. Not shocked that I did it, but that I freely admitted to it. I then got him to admit that he did it nearly every day too. Well, these discussions got hotter and hotter, and soon one day we began kissing and making out in his office! He was massaging my breasts, caressing them through my blouse. I don't know what came over me, but at one point he said 'Show me your breasts' and without even thinking, I did! I pulled my top and bra up in one swift movement and out popped my D cups. He quickly took one in his mouth sucking it.
Soon after we got together for our first sexual encounter. I was very nervous, this was my first sexual encounter with someone else in a number of years. He had actually penetrated me and was starting to really pump when I kinda freaked out and asked him to stop. He was so wonderful and understanding, he did and just held me, saying soothing things to me.
Well, I couldn't let him go back out with his hard on, so I crawled between his legs. Sitting cross legged I leaned over and began giving him a hand job. My tits were just above his dick, and I was looking down to get a good view. He kept warning me he was about to cum, but I didn't think much of it at the time.
You see, neither of the previous men I'd been with shot very hard when they came, so although I'd seen it on video I really didn't expect more than a dribble. I was astounded then, when his first blast of cum leapt out and hit me in the chin! The next couple landed all over my titties. Finally his blasts became short just landing on my hand. I had never in my life experienced something like that.
Shortly after that I got my own apartment, where we could have lots of privacy. I got off work earlier than he did, and took delight in getting home, stripping down, then calling him at his office. I would then proceed to masturbate while he listened on the other end of the phone! It drove him crazy knowing what I was doing, bare naked while he was stuck at work. I also used to talk very dirty, telling him how good my cunt felt, or how stiff my nipples were, or how I couldn't wait to suck his big cock when he got there.
By the time he'd get to my place we were both worked up, and he'd strip down (I liked greeting him at the door nude!) and we'd have some great sex. But I'm getting a bit off the subject of masturbation now.
I do remember one time, we were sitting naked on my sofa. We'd had some nice sex about an hour before, and were sitting there cuddling and talking. Somehow we got on the subject of masturbation. How we did it, how often, etc. He asked to see how I did it, so I said 'sure'. I picked up the massager off the floor, spread my legs wide, and leaned back in my soft sofa. He watched quietly as I worked it over my clitty, and with my other hand played with my tits.
The thought of him watching me really turned me on, so it didn't take long before I was cumming noisily. When I opened my eyes and looked at him he was staring at me, stroking his now hard again cock. I asked him to show me how he jerked off.
He stood up and moved between my spread legs. I got a nice view of his thick cock as he stroked it before me. I turned my massager back on low, giving myself a nice buzz while I watched. 'Does it feel good?' I asked.
'Oh yeah, baby. Feels real good.'
'I'll bet your cock feels real good. C'mon sweety, make it spurt for me. I want to see you shoot your hot load.' I love talking dirty to him, urging him on.
'Oh yeah... yeah.. OH unghhhhh!'
'Come on baby, shoot your hot cum all over me. Cum all over my fucking titties. Make your cock cum for me!' I watched as the first blast of semen shot out of his cock and landed right on my titties. With the next few blasts he fired his jism from my neck to my pussy, coating me in his love juice. I turned the massager back on high and instantly exploded in another orgasm of my own.
That was our first mutual, but certainly not our last! Time went by and we got married. Now you might think that since, like most newlyweds, we were fucking like rabbits the need for masturbation would go down. Not so. I stayed home while he worked, so every morning I got to see him go from naked to dressed up. I would jump out of bed (nude) and kiss him goodbye. Well, seeing him like that got me horny, so I'd jump back into bed and spread my legs. Out came old faithful, my massager, and I'd have a nice orgasm to start my day with.
For some reason during my first pregnancy when I wasn't being sick I was incredibly horny. When hubby wasn't around to satisfy the need I would not hesitate to satisfy my needs. In the last month or two it just wasn't comfortable to have regular sex, so we often used mutual masturbation to fulfill our needs.
It's wonderful being in a relationship where we can be open and honest with each other about our sexual needs. It's nice knowing that either of us can masturbate and get the full support and encouragement from our mate. Sometimes I wake up during the night, and can't get back to sleep. I find an orgasm to be a great way to relax. My wonderful husband sometimes wakes up, and helps out by sucking on my breasts or touching my body. It's wonderful giving myself an orgasm while being held in his arms. I'll then reciprocate while he gives himself a nice cum.
I know my husbands sex drive is way higher than mine, so I encourage him to masturbate when I'm busy, asleep, or just not in the mood. I figure if he's getting satisfaction at home he won't go searching else where.
Ladies, I suspect for most of us it's the same situation. I urge you to encourage your husbands to masturbate when the mood hits. Be supportive. Supply him towels, lube, words, whatever. My hubby has a lot of digital photos of me, naked, that he often masturbates to.
If you catch him, don't scold him, join him! There's nothing like watching your mate stroke himself, or to be in his arms while your fingers bring you to orgasm. Heck, I've let him catch me from time to time, just so he can join in the fun!
Trust me, it will in no way diminish his lust for you, nor will it become a substitute as long as you offer him sex regularly. Masturbation can add a wonderful spice to married life!
Mrs. Plump Lvr



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