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Mrs. Madsen

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A woman in her 70's liked young cock delivered to her door.


I used to have a job delivering prescriptions to the elderly. No big deal...ring the doorbell, get them to sign for it and leave. At the time, I was in my early twenties. One fall morning, I was in a new and unfamiliar neighborhood, making a delivery to a new client. I parked the van, took the package and rang the doorbell. A woman in a bathrobe opened the door, and told me to come in.

She was in her seventies, 76, according to the slip, but you'd never know it, she could pass for fifty. She was, as I said, wearing a bathrobe, but it wasn't one of those terry cloth ones, it was more of a silky, clingy affair. The fabric stretched across her very full bosom, and she had lovely greyish-brown hair that draped her shoulders. She smiled at me and asked me if I would do her a favor. I sort of stammered something like I needed to go, lots of other clients, when she reached out and touched my crotch, I got an immediate hardon.

'It won't take long, dear', she whispered and pulled me by my belt into her living room, and pushed me backwards to fall on a chair. 'It's been so long since I've showed my body to a man, would you please watch me? I promise I won't touch you again, unless you want me to!'. Mrs. Madsen held my gaze as she opened her robe. I almost came in my pants as I watched her spread her legs and thrust her shaved pussy within two inches of my nose. I looked up at her to see her looking down. 'Do you think I'm a ridiculous old fool? Or do you like it', she asked. I responded that she was beautiful. 'Watch me do myself? Please take that cock of yours out, show it to me!', she urged, as she sat down on the couch opposite me. Mrs. Madsen reached to the end table and opened a drawer. She took out one of those white vibrators like they had years ago, turned it on and began to fuck herself. She took the vibrator out of herself, then slapped it against her pussy. By now my cock was in my hands and I was jerking off to beat the band. Mrs. Madsen was moaning as the dildo made wet sloppy sounds as she punished her clitoris with it. 'I'm cumming...oh...I'm cumming...thankyou, young mannnn!', she moaned loudly.

She never took her eyes off of my cock, and asked me if I needed some help. 'Sure', I said, 'Come here, darling'. Mrs. Madsen asked me to stand up so she could sit, as her knees were the reason I was delivering her prescription. I did so, and she sat and grabbed my cock and she jacked it. My balls moved back and forth with the effort of her hand. Mrs. Madsen looked up at me with her green eyes. 'I want your cum in my mouth, let me have it, I want to drink your cum!'. She never took her eyes off of me as she increased her speed of masturbation. I closed my eyes and felt my orgasm build.

I began to breathe heavy, and her other hand massaged my balls, then pulled them tight. My eyes were still closed, and then I felt her put her finger in my ass. This shocked me and I looked down to see her smile an evil smile. 'Ahh, you like that! My husband used to love it too...cum for me. Now!' She jammed her finger all the way in and found my prostate, and I exploded. My sperm flew out and into her open mouth. She jacked me, with the finger in my ass, until she had completely drained me, and then she swallowed every drop. Then she smiled sweetly and told me to get her purse for her. Mrs. Madsen gave me a twenty dollar tip and told me to 'Run along, dear!'. For the next six months, while I worked for that company, I made deliveries of drugs and my sperm to that sweet lady. After that, we did other things that I won't get into...



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