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Mrs Lee

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This is another of my stories about China.


When I was travelling in China, 10 years ago, the contact at one of my client firms was a woman in her early 40s named Mrs. Lee.

She was a bit older than me, thin, even by Asian woman standards. She was plain looking, like a librarian. I found her extremely arousing from the first day we met. I spent many nights in the hotels masturbating while thinking about her. It became somewhat of an obsession.

I would visit her 4-5 times a year and each time I would take her and her staff out to dinner at least once. It took me over a year to get to know her well enough that I felt comfortable doing what I did later. I learned from one of her coworkers that she was married but did not live with her husband who was much older than her. I decided to try to seduce her. This was a big deal for me. The background was that my marriage of 15 years was falling apart. I needed an outlet and my masturbation was just not cutting it anymore.

I had her personal cell number and e-mail address. On my next trip to her city, I planned to arrive two days before our scheduled meeting. I e-mailed her and asked if she wanted to get together for dinner and a 'social visit' on Sunday. And we arranged to meet at my hotel in the early afternoon. I had the hotel manager book me into a suite that had a whirlpool tub and a giant bed.

When she arrived she was wearing what she usually wore, a white blouse over a dark blue knee length skirt and sensible shoes. Under the blouse she had an ill fitting bra that was big for her. I could see into her shirt between the bra and her breast. She had small dark nipples.

We had a drink, her first Cosmopolitan, and a snack, At first she was very nervous and awkward but after a second Cosmo that passed. After an hour of small talk I just blurted out, 'Let's go up to my room'. Surprised and relieved when she said Yes, I quickly paid the bill and we entered the elevator.

Once in the room; her nervousness returned. I tried to calm her by putting my arms around her from behind. As I did, she told me she could not make love to me but that she was willing to 'do something'.

We got undressed and stood naked in front of each other. She stared at my penis, which was erect and sticking straight out from my body, twitching in time with my heartbeats. Her body was pure white, as if it never saw the sun. Her breasts were a small B at best yet already soft and sagging; her hips were wide below a narrow waist. She had a full mound of pubic hair concealing her vagina.

We got on the bed and lay side by side. I first tried to hold and hug her but she was uncomfortable with that. I then put her hands on my penis but that was no good either. Me touching her was clearly out of the question. Frustrated; I decided to get some lube from the bathroom and masturbate.

When I returned not more than 60 seconds later, she was getting dressed. I asked her to stay and she sat on the edge of the bed. She began to cry and told me that she and her husband had not had sex in several years, that she was desperate to have a baby but knew it would never happen. I asked if she ever masturbated. Her answer was No, as it was a bad thing. I told her that I found her very attractive that I had masturbated many times thinking of her. She got somewhat angry and said that I was just telling that to her so I could have sex with her.

As we were talking, I was stroking my penis, I was close to cumming and I just lay back on the bed, with my feet over the side and stroked myself off, ejaculating onto my belly.

Mrs. Lee looked amazed, I don't think she had ever seen a man masturbate or ejaculate before. I lay gasping for moment then stood up and without saying a word, unbuttoned her shirt, removed her bra and rubbed semen into her nipples. She took all of her clothes off and she lay down on the bed.

I knelt in front of her and taking some lube on my hands I began to touch her. With one finger I ran the lube up into her crack, gently spreading her labia. With the other hand I pressed on her clitoris with my thumb. When she was a bit more relaxed, I began to insert one, then two fingers up into her vagina. This whole time she lay on her back, eyes wide open staring up at the ceiling; at one point I stopped and looked directly into her eyes to ask if she was alright. She could not take very much direct contact onto her clitoris for very long.

With two fingers inside, pressing up on her G spot, I placed my other hand flat on her mound. This seemed to work for her and she was soon rocking her hips back and forth, pressing hard against my hands When she climaxed, she clamped down hard on my fingers with her vagina that it squeezed me fingers out of her. She rolled over and got into a fetal position.

I lay down beside her on the bed and re-lubed my penis. I began to masturbate again, taking long slow strokes. Mrs. Lee sat up after regaining her breath and watched me intensely. Twice I took her hands and put them on my penis, asking her to stroke me but each time she pulled away. Finally, as I was getting close again, I turned to face her on the bed, each of us sitting cross legged. I took her hands in mine and held them on my penis, guiding her up and down as I came. When I began to ejaculate she let go and my semen shot directly onto her vulva. At first she looked alarmed but then she began to rub it in to her pubic hair and vagina. I pulled our hips together as she continued to rub herself. My penis was touching her lips but I never tried to go inside her.

I had not quite gone soft, and my penis was very sensitive. Using more lube I stroked myself to a weak erection which grew slowly harder. Soon I had cum again but this time my ejaculation was little more than a drop of clear fluid.

We both got up and used the toilet. When I was finished, Mrs. Lee was again dressed and ready to leave.

Looking confused and disheveled she tried to be the proper business woman I knew. She said she was looking forward to meeting tomorrow morning and would expect me at the office at 9:00AM.

I tried to kiss her goodbye but she pulled away, and walked out of the hotel room. I never saw her again.

That afternoon, I was overcome by jet-lag and sexual exhaustion. I crashed and woke up, hungry, cold, naked and covered in dried crusty semen several hours later. Unable to sleep, I called for a room massage, hoping to get a hand-job but the girl who arrived refused to jerk me off.

The following morning I arrived at the office to find that Mrs. Lee was not there. I was left sitting in a waiting area for almost an hour until ushered into the office of her boss. Clearly annoyed that Mrs. Lee was not there and he had to deal with me, we had a quick discussion about the project we were working on and he said that he would have Mrs. Lee follow up with me next week. I said I could return tomorrow and he said that would not be necessary as Mrs. Lee was ill and would be out for a few days. When I asked what the problem was he laughed and said she was at the 'vagina doctor' today.

Returning to the hotel, I called her cell and left a message. Later I received a long and detailed e-mail discussing all the business items we needed to cover.

I returned to the US the following day and told my boss the meeting went well. Two months later Mrs. Lee's firm canceled our contract, costing me 1000's of dollars in commissions.



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