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I know I am underage, but masturbation and experiences happen at all ages not just over 18, so I believe it is fair to share.


Firstly I would like to thank this site for helping in my learning of how to begin to understand a woman's body, and to realise that, in fact, men and women are not all that different. I am now pretty clued up as to how to please a woman. I am still a virgin, and wish to stay that way until I lose it to the girl I love! Anyways, on with the story...
This happened about a year ago, and it remains to this day one of the sexiest things I have done. I was at our other house (about 20 miles away, we rent it), waiting for a plumber to come and fix our dishwasher. As it was late, I was going to stay the night at the house on my own, and come home the following day. So, I thought to myself, a little time to jack off, with no interruptions! Or so I thought.
I have a quite attractive female friend up there, she is a bit plump but she has a very pretty face. I always had a thing for her, but her sister was my first kiss, and my flirt friend was her mate. We had always been kinky texting, and she texted me to tell me she had seen me arrive. I replied that I had nothing to do, and she invited me over. Of course I agreed. When I got over, we made small talk, and she sat down to watch TV. She was a year younger than me, and I thought nothing could really happen between us, because of issues in the past. As we were watching TV, she struck up a conversation about her underwear, and lesbians, and 'what is it with guys and girls touching themselves?' Well, I could tell what she was trying to do, and I really burned for her too. I looked across at her and my eyes let her know I felt the same way. I said,
'This shouldn't be so difficult to do, we're friends.'
'Then why is it?'
I smiled at her, and walked up so I was standing in front of her and she was sitting. Me:
'Are you going to get up, or..?'
She stood up, and I put my hands on her waist. Then we kissed, and all of the barriers just slipped away. I moved my hands from her bum up her back and through her hair, I know girls love that. I started to remove her top but she stopped me, I think she was a little embarrassed about her size, but it didn't bother me. I ignored it, and continued to kiss her, letting my hands stroke her bum, and inner thigh. We were standing, and I moved back a little, and to the left, but kept kissing her lips and neck. I let my hand move around the front and kissed her deeply as I cupped her pussy through her trousers.
She let out a moan, and it turned me on! She unfastened the top and undid the zip a little, I started to rub the top of her panties, and let a finger slide over where her clit was. She moaned and reached down to unzip them all the way and this got me even hornier! I rubbed her clit through her panties with my middle and ring finger. Then I slipped her panties down a bit, and moved my hand inside them. I could feel she was hot from the outside, but when I moved them inside, it was so wet! I started a rhythm on her clit, stopping every now and then to insert a finger into her, I liked that I was taking it a slower than I could have. As she began to moan more, and I could feel the change in her juices, I began to rub harder on her clit, kissing her more passionately. I stopped to move her trousers and panties down a bit to maybe get two fingers in her, and she said:
'Please don't stop Dan'
I mean god this was so hot! I moved them down a little way, and tried them first side by side and then crossed, but she was quite tight, so I resumed my rubbing. As she got closer, I sped up and pushed a little harder, careful to move with her gyrating hips. She came soon after, and thanked me. I moved my hand out of her panties; I can remember feeling the cool air on my wet fingers. I replaced her panties and her trousers, and she said:
'Look at the time! My dad will be home any second!'
Again this turned me on, but I have never had my penis touched by a girl (if someone could message to let me know how to overcome this barrier with myself) so, I just kissed her, and left, sniffing and tasting my fingers, as I walked back across the road in the dark.
Well that night, I must have come about 5 times, just over that experience! We have texted since, and although I try to get her to admit touching herself, the best I got was:
' Dan I was just thinking about last night and I got all horny'
I wish girls would be more open about touching themselves as its obvious they all do it! You don't know how much it turns us guys on! Don't be ashamed; be proud, it's so sexy!
Well thanks for taking the time to read this; I thought I would share, after reading everyone else's! If u could leave some responses women and men as to how to get over my personal barrier of not having a girl please me, I would be grateful! Thank you!



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