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Mowing the Lawn

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I very recently moved out of the family house and now live on my own for the first time in my life. My neighbors who live a few houses down are a young married couple who are in their early thirties and we very quickly hit it off and hang out pretty regularly. The husband is regularly out of town as part of his job and his wife has me do chores like mowing the lawn or weeding the garden and occasionally doing things around the house. I'm really good friends with both of them and feel bad about what was about to happen but at the same time I won't lie because I definitely had my fair share of fantasies about his wife. She is about 5'6' with blonde hair, brown eyes and a very tight figure. She has kind of medium to small sized boobs but it's a very good size for her.

A couple of weeks ago he left town and it was a particularly hot day when I got a phone call from his wife and she asked if I could come over and do some yard work. It was my day off and I didn't really have anything better to do so I said sure and told her I'd be over in five minutes. In the past when I've mowed the lawn for me she's fixed me lunch or made me a drink or something and invited me to relax and cool off which I've always welcomed as a chance to get some one on one time with her. This day was no different as I began to work on the lawn. Before long I was covered in sweat and felt sweat stinging my eyes, it was definitely the hottest day she could have picked for me to mow the lawn. I stopped after doing her front lawn and sat in her kitchen and enjoyed a cool glass of ice tea while she sat and talked to me telling me how lonely she gets when she's all alone while her husband was on his trips. She was wearing a stunning summer dress that was white with a yellow top. I tried my best to keep my attention on her face and to listen to what she said but I was particularly horny that day and couldn't help my mind wandering. She sat and talked for a while flirting with me.

I didn't notice at first because I was tired and my mind was a little preoccupied with the horror of having to finish by mowing her back yard but as I stood to leave she said she'd make me lunch and if I did a good job maybe she'd make me a treat. I agreed and went out to finish mowing her lawn. By the time I finished I was very sweaty and was using my shirt to mop it off my forehead and keep it out of my eyes. I'm not in great physical condition but she commented on how trim I appeared. I thanked her and sat down again at her table. She commented that I was way too sweaty to be comfortable and that I should probably go shower. I felt a little like she was kicking me out of her house so I stood to go and that's when things got interesting. She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to the shower and said that I should take a shower and when I got out she'd have lunch waiting for me. She winked before she left and my heart started racing. I'd been in this shower before but only in my fantasies. I closed the door and undressed and jumped in the shower enjoying the hot water and feeling the salt and sweat drip off of me. I took my time and enjoyed myself, and when I got out I noticed my clothes were no longer lying in a heap on the floor. She must have come in while I was showering and taken them, replacing them with some of her husbands clothes.

Dressed I headed for the kitchen and ate my sandwich while she explained that she felt it would defeat the purpose of a shower to just get back into dirty sweaty clothes and that she was sorry to sneak in on me and that she should have knocked first. I nodded my agreement, a little embarrassed that she had snuck in and taken my clothes but also a little turned on and I didn't want to betray myself by talking. She seemed a little fidgety like something was bothering her. Finally I asked what was wrong and she came clean. She had seen a peek of me naked in the mirror. My cheeks immediately flushed and she noticed and started apologizing profusely and saying that she hadn't meant to but that she was just desperately alone while her husband was gone and had been feeling a little horny all day.

My heart started racing and I told her it was okay and that I didn't mind. I wasn't sure what to think but before I knew it she was telling me that when her husband was gone she always seemed to be the most horny after he'd left. She came and sat down next to me and put her hand on my knee. I was already rock hard as she started to stroke my knee and she told me that she had a confession. She had checked the weather and picked the hottest day to have me mow the lawn. I didn't get it right away but then as she leaned in and kissed me and smiled I realized what she meant by that.

She stood silently and took my hand, suggesting I stand up too. I did and she winked at me as she ran up the stairs. It took me a minute to gather my thoughts. I knew I should just leave and not get involved. I could leave now before anything got too serious but I also didn't want to hurt her feelings. After a minute or two I stood up and went upstairs to follow her. Initially I thought I was just going to tell her that I was flattered but I couldn't do that with her but when I got to the top of the stairs and went to the door of her bedroom I saw her sprawled out across the bed and I was lost. I stepped into the room and sat down on the bed, grabbing her shoulders I leaned her back as I kissed her. I had meant to just kiss her delicately so I was surprised when she suddenly latched onto me and kissed me so deeply and so passionately. He hands were on my cheeks as she kissed me and I slid my hands down to the small of her back (I have a thing about the smalls of backs). We kissed like this for a while and then separated for a moment. Wordlessly we engaged again only this time she pressed her body into me and my cock pressed firmly against her stomach and she paused and gasped for a second. She smiled and quickly removed my shirt. I pulled off her dress and she undid my pants. My dick was aching now and dripping with precum as it sprang out of my pants. She looked at it for a second before looking at me. 'Can I touch it?' She whispered. I nodded and she reached out and touched the fabric of my boxers and let out a breath she'd been holding. I didn't undo her bra but I locked back onto her lips as I reached up under her bra and massaged her tits which were fully erect and she moaned as I massaged them and rolled her nipples in my hands.

She pushed me back and I felt a little hurt like she realized she was making a mistake this close to sealing the deal. However, I was wrong and she had just pushed me back so that she could pull my boxers off. I undid her bra with much difficulty and slid her underwear off. She told me we couldn't do it but that she wanted to get me off still. I was disappointed but I still allowed her to so she leaned me back until I was reclined on the bed and started kissing me and biting gently on my neck and chest. I grunted and felt my cock straining to cum as it throbbed. She seductively scratched my chest and as she drew away from me her boobs dangled and touched my cock getting precum all over them.

She delicately wrapped her fingers around my cock while I sat up to suck on her tits. She moaned and started to jack me off. I sucked on her tits while she did this until she pushed me away gently saying that there'd be plenty of time to get to her. She stopped for a second and I was fit to burst when she said, 'My turn.' I pulled her close to me and had her lay down. I then proceeded to massage every inch of her body except her pussy which made her absolutely sopping wet. I started to massage her thighs and I had her roll over and I massaged her ass and I massaged just above her pussy but I didn't touch it. I leaned in and whispered, 'My turn.' She sighed heavily like this wasn't fair but smiled her seductive smile and kissed me deeply as she grabbed hold of my cock again and started going to town on me. Suddenly before I knew it I had cum and shot a load all over her stomach and thigh. I had also gotten it on her sheets. I was about to apologize but she put her finger on my mouth and moaned for me to finish her. I wasted no time as I rubbed her tits and placed my right hand on her mound. I didn't rub at all at first but just let it rest there, feeling all of the wetness and pussy juice she'd secreted.

Finally I started to very slowly move my whole hand in a small circle over the top of her pussy, very gradually gaining speed. She gasped and moaned as I did this and then I stopped and stuck a finger in her which made her moan even louder. I found her clit with my thumb and started rubbing it too. I stuck another finger into her and started to finger her. She was moaning and grinding against my hand. Her tits jiggled and bounced as he rhythmically grinded against my hand. More and more wetness was pouring out of her as she suddenly gasped to me, 'Please, play with my asshole too.' This was all I needed to hear as I stopped rubbing her tits and used my free hand to start toying with her ass too. Not long after that she exploded and squirted all over my hand and a little onto my stomach. This totally surprised me as I had heard that girls squirted and seen it on the the internet but I'd never experienced it in real life. She sat there, breasts heaving and head craned back for a moment. Not long after that she suggested we get cleaned up together and we did a little more in the shower but the description of what we did is not allowed on this site.



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