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Movie Night Fun

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For obvious reasons all the names in the story have been changed.

I come to this site all the time and have never submitted anything and so when this happened the other week I figured I should give you guys and girls something back.


First I'll give a little bit of a background my name is Taih I have a twin sister named Nat, we are very close just like most twins are, we don't normally masturbate together but we do talk about it and I've caught her a couple of times.

A few weeks ago dad hired out some movies and we decided to have a movie night. Nat and I were in our pajamas, I had a cotton button up long sleeve top and matching pants, she had the same sorta pants but a tank top on instead.

It came time to sit down, it ended up with me and Nat next to each other on one couch and mum and dad were snuggled up on the other couch. So about ten minutes into the movie it was cold and we pulled the blanket up and snuggled in together, I was sorta laying down on my back and Nat was on her side snuggled up to me, her head on my shoulder and I had my arm around her.

Sooner or later she took advantage of the fact that my top had ridden up a little and was drawing on my belly and occasionally giving a little tickle or a finger in the belly button, and she started getting higher and higher until she was tracing the line around the bottom of my right c cup breast and I looked down at her to see what she was thinking and she gave me a cheeky little smirk. Now we have never touched each others private areas and we haven't really seen each other naked in like five years and the couple of times I caught her masturbating she had her pants on. But judging by that cheeky smirk she had something planned but it was really starting to turn me on and I can see that mum and dad aren't paying us any attention at all so I just smiled back at her and pulled the blanket up tight to my chin.

She retraced her steps back down from under my shirt and then slowly walked her fingers back up my bare skin, by this time my heart is starting to race and she is starting to wrap her leg around mine, every time her fingers find a button it's undone and then spreads the fabric open until she's walked her fingers to right between my two tits and there is just the top button left which she decided to leave, and her fingers return to drawing around the base of my now fully exposed right breast and my heart was racing, I was getting really shaky and the fact that I could start to feel the heat from her crotch on my thigh was sending me crazy.

She was starting to knead and massage my breast and when she found my nipple standing at attention now she pinched it and I couldn't help but give out a little moan. Nat stopped and looked at me and I had a quick glance over to mum and dad they must not have heard anything so I turned back to Nat to let her know we're all clear and she gave a little laugh and went back to work.

After a while of this I needed something more and my attention went back to her heat on my thigh, I figured I would be able to maneuver my hand onto her mound but I could get my hand that was under her around to grab her ass so I did, through the moving she had got a nice blob of saliva on her fingers and returned to my nipple, I knew I was a mess down stairs and I was betting that Nat was too so I slid my hand down the back of her pants and started pulling her in closer so her vag was right up against my leg. I couldn't take it anymore I needed to cum so my right hand started going for my crotch and I figured if I couldn't get my left to hers then I could probably find her ass.

My right hand massaging my puss, Nats hand on my tit and she figured what I was doing and started slowly rocking her hips causing her vag to run up and down my leg, when my finger found her rear hole not really penetrating just prodding at it she gasped and squeezed in tight to me we found a good rhythm when she would pull her hips back I would put a little pressure on her ass and she moaned really lightly, she couldn't take it anymore either and pulled her hand away from my tit and down between my leg and her vag and kept humping.

I felt it when she came it was so sexy she put her head into my chest and bit the blanket, her legs went so tight on mine, she was shaking uncontrollably and her ass was pulsing under my finger. This all sent my over the edge and I came as well wave after wave it was so good. This was halfway through the second movie, when the orgasm subsided I buttoned my top up as fast as I could without causing any attention from mum or dad and said I was going to bed and signaled Nat to come too. As soon as I got to the hallway and out of view of the movie room I turned and waited for Nat when she came out I pinned her on the wall and we passionately made out.

The night did continue but this story has been too long already and I need to cum, I've been teasing myself this whole time and I'm starting to seep through my panties. Have fun guys and girls.



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