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Movie Mess

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I've always had a thing for public places...


I recently met Cindy through an online dating site. We chatted by email, text and phone for about a week and almost immediately developed an enormous sexual connection. Our first night together was awesome and even resulted in her squirting for the first time in her life while she held a vibe to her clit and I worked two fingers in and out of her.

But, this story has to do with our date the other night. We decided to catch a movie and being a Tuesday, it turned out that there were only a handful of people in the theater. We settled into a couple of seats about halfway up. There was a guy by himself a row in front of us and maybe five to six seats over and then a couple two rows back and directly behind us. It was a cool evening and I had worn a light jacket but took it off before we sat down and tossed it onto the seat next to me.

As the lights dimmed and the movie started, I kissed Cindy and settled back. She snuggled in against my left shoulder and put her left hand on my thigh. For about the next 20 minutes, she casually massaged my leg but her fingers never wandered above mid-thigh. At some point, I pressed my lips to her ear and told her how amazingly sexy she was. She shivered a bit and her palm grazed over the front of my jeans...teasing my stiff cock. I sighed deeply and lifted my hips to meet her caress. A devious grin spread across her face and she cupped her hand over my bulge and whispered, 'does he need to breathe?' Before I could answer, her fingers moved to the button of my jeans. Only having one hand available, she was having trouble getting them undone so I reached down to help. As I opened the button, she eased the zipper down and slid her hand inside.

I bit my lower lip, not wanting to make too much noise. Easing down in my seat, I glanced first over my shoulder and then down to the row below us...everyone was following a car chase on the screen but I was having trouble focusing on anything but Cindy's fingers slowly stroking my cock inside my jeans. I slid down further to give her better access but we just couldn't get a decent rhythm going with her hand buried inside my pants. She stopped for a moment and looked around the theater and then told me to grab my jacket. She draped it over my lap and then tugged at the waist of my jeans. Taking her cue, I lifted my ass enough to slip them down to my hips and my now throbbing cock popped free. Once again, her velvety touch enveloped my shaft and she began stroking. It wasn't long until I could feel that familiar pressure building in my balls. I hadn't really intended for things go this far at the theater...I was thinking we'd do some teasing and warm-up and then go back to her place for the main event. I placed my hand on hers (under the jacket) to slow her down a bit and whispered, 'do you wanna wait to finish after?'

She whispered back that she couldn't...her roommate's teenage daughter had a bunch of friends over at the house and there was no way we could go back there to play. She licked the side of my neck up to my ear and said, 'just relax, let me take care of you.'

Breathing deeply, I let go of her hand and glanced over my shoulder again. If the couple behind us had any idea what was going on, they didn't seem to care or be paying attention.

Cindy began to slowly increase her rhythm, squeezing more tightly with each upstroke. My hips began to involuntarily rise to meet her and I began to realize I'd hit the point of no return. Closing my eyes, I mumbled, 'Damn Cindy, I'm gonna cum.'

'Do it, baby,' she responded,' cum for me!'

With a muffled groan, I bucked my hips upward and threw my head back, spraying four or five streams of hot cum into the fleece lining of my jacket and all over her hand. As I settled back down into my seat, I took one last peek around the theater...everyone still engrossed in the movie. Cindy slowly pulled her hand out from under my jacket and began licking her fingers. Realizing there was no way I could now wear the jacket, I just went ahead and wiped the rest of the cum from my dick and stomach with it, zipped up my jeans and set the jacket aside.

We snuggled back together and watched the last half hour of the movie. The jacket? It's at the dry cleaners!!



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