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Mountain Madness

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When I was about 16 a friend and I used to go hiking in the mountains. He was about eight months younger than me but certainly more advanced sexually. Or rather more open about.
On most occassions we would hike with a group of friends but this particular weekend we went on our own. We spent the day hiking up the trail to the first hut, which was a place hikers could stay overnight. It was quite a big building and probably slept about thirty people in bunk style accommodation, spread over three rooms. There was no-one there when we arrived. We cooked some food, messed around and then retired to a room for the nite as we were planning on setting off early to continue our hike to the next hut ( about a full days hike from there). We picked bunks opposite each other. Of course we didn't go to sleep right away, we sat on the bunks and talked about nothing in particular. My friend's bunk (I'll call him Will to protect his ID, although it would be cool if he ever read this 'cos he would know who wrote it) was beside the window which was all steamed up with condensation. Will leaned over and with his finger drew the shape of a penis and balls into the misted pane. I knew what it was right away but dismissed it, saying something like - what you drawing a picture of a camel for? Anyway, soon after we heard another group of hikers come into the hut and I guess we must have passed out because the next thing I remember was waking up in the morning.
That next day we hiked and hiked for hours, toiling over rough mountain paths and through thick forests until we finally came to the next hut. This too was empty and considerably smaller than the first. This only had one room and four bunks, plus a small wood burning stove. Will got the stove burning and cooked us a meal. We were both so bushed from the hiking that it wasn't long before we hit the sack - separate bunks again I might add.
In the morning we woke early, cooked breakfast and just mucked around wasting time. Sometime mid afternoon Will jumped up onto one of the bunks, covered himself with his sleeping bag and told me he was going to wank off and did I mind. Do what you like was my answer, or something like that. I pretended not to be interested but of course I was. After about ten minutes of him wanking off he turned to me and said his hand was tired and that I should help him out. No way, said I. Fool that I was. But he was getting me horny. I remember getting up onto my bunk, jumping into my sleeping bag and wanking myself off. I waited until he came and went out of the hut to take a pee before I shot.
We slept over again that night and in the morning were messing around again, packing up and things like that. I went over to one of the bunks and climbing up to the top sat down to take a rest. It wasn't long before Will was up there along side me. We sat together chatting away about nothing in particular but I knew I wanted to touch him. He was such a cute guy, blonde hair, olive skin and beautiful brown eyes, with the most amazing rosy lips and cheeky grin.
I started telling Will about a guy I knew who was much older than me who always liked to rub my leg. He used to run his finger from my knee to the top of my thigh. I hated it actually and thought he was a dirty old man at the time. But I took great delight in telling Will my story and showing him how the guy did it. Will was sitting there with his legs across mine, wearing a pair of football shorts so his legs were exposed. I ran my finger slowly up his leg to see his reaction. He didn't object. I continued higher until I had my finger up inside his shorts. I could feel one of his testicles and then the base of his shaft which, by this time was hard. He just sat there and let me do it. I was about to go higher when we were interrupted by another couple of hikers who we heard coming up the path. Anyway, we packed up and decided it was time to head home.
We hiked and hiked and eventually got back to my car and drove back to the city. On the way back I asked Will how far he would have let me go. Not far, he said. When we did get back we stopped at my place first. No-one was in so I offered Will something to drink before I dropped him off at his place. We were sitting together on the sofa talking about the weekend and got back onto the subject of that guy who used to rub my leg. Will started doing it to me but I said it wasn't the same since I was wearing jeans and couldn't feel it. Take them off he said, so I did. He took his off as well. He still had his black football shorts on so I protested that it wasn't fair since I was down to my underwear. He slid the shorts off. I could see that he was hard and had a moist circular spot in his jockeys. By this stage I couldn't help myself, I leant over and rubbed the wet spot. It was gooey and warm and lovely. He reached over and grabbed my cock which was already starting to twitch. We rubbed each other through our underwear until they were soaked with pre-cum. And then we went through to my bedroom.
I didn't know what to expect. This was the first time I'd ever been in this situation but I knew I wanted to be there, more than anything. I'd always had a thing for Will but wasn't gay or anything, well, not at the time. I've since discovered the joys of that. But that's another story.
We stripped and jumped up onto my bed. I had the thought that I would like to lay down next to him but he sat cross legged on the bed so I sat cross legged opposite him. There we were, two young guys in our prime with beautiful hard-ons dripping with pre-cum and twitching with anticipation. He wrapped his fingers around my dick and stroked my shaft, rolling his hand over the head of my penis with each upward jerk. God, I was in heaven and shot almost straight away, I was sooo horny for him. I took his cock into my hand and proceeded to do the same to him, feeling the pulsations of the thick veins in his cock. The head turned purple and his cock thickened as he dribbled more and more pre-cum, providing his own self lubrication. I reached one hand under his ball sack and stroked them gingerly. He moaned so I increased my grip, rolling them between my fingers. I could feel him tensing up and his breathing increased. All the while his cock oozed more and more pre-cum. I've never to this day seen so much of it, it was such a turn-on. I increased my stroke, feeling his hardness expand in my hand. What an amazing feeling, having some other guys hard cock in your hand. And more than that, to have his cock in my hand! He seemed to go on and on like this for ages that eventually my hand got so tired I had to ask him to finish himself off. That was even more of a turn-on to see him wank off in front of me. His technique was very different to my own in that he jerked in very quick short strokes, where as I like to do it longer and slower. It wasn't long before he brought himself off with torrents of hot, juicy cum spurting all over himself.
After we cleaned up I dropped him at his place. We saw quite a lot of each other after that but never talked about what we had done. We never jerked off together again either, which was a shame because he hinted at it a couple of times but I was going through the 'girlfriend' stage then and tried to suppress my desires of sexual contact with men. That's all in the past now as I have discovered my gayness and am open and happy with it. Even now I still enjoy the odd moment of self pleasure thinking about my time with Will. He still gets me off and I would love to meet him again and take up where we finished off.



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