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Mother's Stockings

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I have always loved ladies stockings. The way women look in them, lovely long slender legs wrapped in nylon, always get's me aroused! Black, tan, white, it doesn't matter, stockings are the best things ever invented. Also the feeling of nylon is so soft and erotic.

In our house there's only me, my brother and my mom. I'm 22 now but at the time of this experience I was 14. My brother had been staying at a friends house and my mother was going out for the evening so I knew I could get some quality time all to myself. As soon as my mom left the house, my horny little mind was going into overdrive.

I decided to venture upstairs (semi-hard already) to my mother's room to rummage through her excellent collection of porn videos! I was only young and my wanking material consisted of only a few lads mags with half naked women. I put my hand on a vid that I knew was women only, in those days I hated seeing men in the films, it really turned me off!

I thought I had better use the VCR in my mom's room because if I used the downstairs one I would get caught really easily if someone came throught the front door, i.e. my brother or grand-parents seeing as how they always came round letting themselves in.

I turned on the VCR and a scene came on with a french maid in beautiful almost black stockings was getting told off by her employer (also a woman). As I saw how gorgeous the stockings looked on her legs I thought of how desperately I wanted to touch and caress the nylon delicately encasing her shapely coffee coloured legs!

I opened my mom's underwear drawer and quickly found a pair of her stockings, pretty much the same colour as the ones in the video, only these had a lace trim at the top. Then I got the idea of putting them on! I instantly threw my clothes off and onto the floor and rolled the stockings on one by one.


The feeling was incredible! I was almost cumming already and I had barely even started! So now I'm completely naked except for these stockings and wanking away quite happily on my mom's king size bed. I turned up the volume on the TV as the maid was getting spanked because the sounds she was making turned me on immensely. My legs looked great in the stockings, smooth and hairless and I sat caressing my left leg as my right hand was pounding away at my cock with my head tilted back into the pillow.

That's when my mom said 'What the hell's going on?!?'

My heart almost stopped, what was she doing home? I just sat there completely gob-smacked not knowing what to say, trying to hide my still erect penis. 'So you like using my things do you?' My mom asked me. 'My video's and my underwear?' I was scared, she looked angry. She came over to the bed, sat down, grabbbed my arm and pulled me over her knee. I knew what was coming, but I hadn't received a spanking since the age of about nine.

'How would you like it if I used all your personal things without you knowing?' She said. 'Ow,' I screamed, 'I don't know mom, I'm sorry!' She spanked hard! About five or six times, it hurt but I was still turned on as my hard cock was pressing into my mothers legs. She must have felt this as she mentioned it and then told me to stand up so she could see.

I stood up and my cock was near her face. She looked at it almost inspecting it. Then out of nowhere, not even saying a word she grabbed it. She must have stroked it for about a minute, running her hand up and down my nylon clad legs. Then she asked me 'So you like wearing my nylons you little pervert?'

I didn't know what to say so I just looked somewhere else like I was embarrassed, but inside loving the sensations she was giving my cock.

She then said 'Let's try something else!' Still holding my cock quite firmly with her right hand, she leaned over to her still open drawer and pulled out another stocking. She pulled it on over my cock and kept wanking it. This feeling was incredible and I exploded into the nylon. I was extremely out of breath, huffing and puffing, but my mother looked relaxed. She almost playfully slapped me on the ass and told me to clean up.

She said 'I only came back for my purse, I'll be back late.' With that she left. I was left there cum soaked and close to passing out so I quickly sorted myself out and went to bed.

We never talked about that incident again, but the next day, after I came home from school, I found a brand new pair of lace top stockings and the video with the french maid in it. On top was a note simply saying 'Enjoy.'



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