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Motherly Love

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I've never known my father, he died while I was quite young, my mom always took both the role of mother and father. I never even considered my mom as a sexy woman or even thought of her in a sexual way, I had seen her many times in very little, being only the two of us living alone it was always bound to happen.

It was when I was fifteen that my mom pulled me aside and gave me 'the talk'. She seemed quite comfortable with the subject and started by asking me if I masturbated, of course my instinctive response was a flustered no and my face went quite red, she told me it was a natural thing and that it's nothing to be ashamed of. She went on to say even she did it from time to time.

As time went on I started to find pornographic magazines and videos in my night stand, who was I to complain, fifteen almost sixteen and I'm getting porn discreetly given to me. Well as my sixteenth birthday arrived we had a little party, a few friends came round and all the usual stuff. Later that night my mom knocked on my door and told me she had my secret birthday gift for me, she came in and dropped a box on the bed and left.

I opened the box quite quickly to find a 'life like' sex toy. I was shocked. To discreetly hide porn away in my drawer was one thing but to blatantly give a sex toy to your son is a whole different ball park. I was freaked out, but what would I say? 'Sorry mom I can't take this off you because its strange?' Haha hardly. It took me a while but I shouted down the stairs and just said thanks, nothing more and nothing less.

Now here I was a few days later alone in the house, my mom had gone to some community meeting. Sixteen-years-old alone in a house with a sex toy that my own mother had given me. I played with the idea at first then I just came out and did it, I placed the 'realistic doll' on the bed and mounted if full stride (after quite a long period of lubricating the doll).

I was amazed how good it felt having never had a real girl I was thrusting with all my might, grunting and assuming this is how the real thing felt, I mean how could it feel any better?!

Moments later I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders, I just froze. I went to speak and I heard my mom say shush just keep going. My heart was racing, I was close to cumming, I could feel it or at least I was until I felt those hands on my back. I couldn't just keep going. I stopped and rolled over, I was confronted by my mom looking right into my face, 'What's wrong? don't you like your birthday gift?' she said. My cock was throbbing, my mom was now playing with my testicles and I was unable to speak.

My cock was dripping from the lubrication that was in the doll and my mom just started stroking my foreskin (uncircumcised) up and down slowly. I whinced then moaned and finally grunted as I arched my back and then tensed up to shoot a huge rope of cum which flew out by my mothers face and on to the ground. My cock was being milked dry as I lay in complete awe, eyes closed and heart pumping.

When I opened my eyes my mom was gone, I was trembling and didn't know what to do. I eventually got around to cleaning up and then just went to bed. It was the next morning which was even more suprising.

To be continued.



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