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Mother Nature at Work

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Nothing was said or talked about. It just happened. A case of good old mother nature at work and that 'urge to merge'.


I was 16 and my boyfriend, Gary, was 17. We had been going steady with each other for around two months. This one evening, we had been out and Gary brought me home. It was just after 11 and I had to be in by midnight. We parked in front of my house and we started making out in his car. Things really got hot and passionate that evening and I ended up straddling Gary's legs and sitting in his lap face to face with him. It was then that I felt something down between my legs. It didn't take me long to realize that it was Gary's erect penis that I was feeling.

I positioned myself where the head of his penis was against my pussy. While we were in a deep kiss I moved around pressing my pussy against the head of his penis. It felt so good and I ended up having an orgasm. It was then that I felt Gary's hands on my thighs feeling me up. I then reached down wanting to feel Gary's hard penis and I put my fingers over the head of it while in his slacks. I moved my fingers over the head of it awhile and then Gary suddenly held me tight laying his head on my shoulder and he let out some grunting sounds. I could feel the head of his penis swell some and then I felt this warm wet feeling. I'd never seen a boy ejaculate before but I knew this was what happened and I was feeling his sperm.

By then it was almost midnight so I kissed him good night and went in. I could hardly wait until the next night. When evening came, Gary came by and picked me up. We had planned on a movie that evening. While eating a hamburger, Gary ask me if I really wanted to go to the movie. I ask him what else can we do. Gary suggested we go to Spencer Road. A road on the edge of town that kids went to park and make out. This sounded exciting plus we'd never gone there before. So, we went.

We parked and started making out again. I again threw a leg over Gary's legs and settled down in his lap again just like the night before. We went to kissing and again I felt Gary's penis poking me between my legs. I moved to get it against my pussy again. Gary's hands again went up under my dress and he started feeling my legs. His hands continued up and his fingers were soon rubbing on my pussy through my panties. I then reached down for his penis and I started feeling it. I then moved back and went for the zipper. I wanted to see it and feel in with my hand. Gary helped me and we dropped his pants down. I then raised up and removed my panties. I sat back down and put my hand around his penis and started stroking it. Gary put his fingers on my pussy and started putting his fingers into me. It wasn't long and Gary again held me real close and tight as he tensed up and started ejaculating. His sperm squirted all over our laps. Soon after this, I went off. It felt so much better having Gary do this to me compared to my doing myself.

Gary had brought some paper towels that evening expecting this and we wiped ourselves off. Our relationship changed after this and this was all we were interested in. We knew better than going the sexual intercourse thing although we sure wanted to. We knew what could easily happen if we did this and back then condoms weren't as easy to get as they are now days being kept behind the counters out of sight. If things had been then like they are now there is no doubt that Gary would have had it inside me. It would had sure been a lot less messy. That's for sure. I've never seen a boy or man ejaculate the way Gary did. He'd shoot all over the place.



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