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Mother & Me

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My Mother loved me very much. Just as a side note, at the time of this story, my body was just entering puberty.


My mother was a beautiful woman she had sandy brown hair that came down to her shoulders. I remember staring at her get ready in the mornings when I was younger. She seemed to enjoy being watched.

I was just a young girl, 12 at the time. I remember being interested in anything sexual from an early age. Every time someone started to get unchanged I'd get excited. I discovered masturbation from an early age though of course I had no idea what it was then. All I knew was that I enjoyed it more than anything else. I wasn't extremely shy but shy enough to not do it in front of anyone else. I first begin by just rubbing myself however when I discovered penetration that was the best day of my life.

I had my first experience of watching another person masturbate when I snuck into the bathroom and watched my mother in the shower. She had a beautiful body. She was quite a young mother so everything was smooth and hard. Her pussy was covered in a nice strip of pubic hair. She had been working out a lot since my father had left and she had developed a nice golden tan all over too. She couldn't see me but I could definitely see her.

She begin by rubbing herself then from the side of the shower she pulled out a long thick pink dildo which she pushed inside of herself, letting out a moan she went faster and faster, till she came with a loud moan. All this time I got wetter and wetter but not wanting to touch myself incase I drew too much attention. After she finished, I ran to my bedroom without making a sound. Over this time I had found one thing that was hard and long enough to get me off properly which was a long piece of plastic that had once belonged on something else.

Anyway, I jumped on my bed and stripped off my clothes and plunged the long plastic piece into my red swollen pussy. I let out the loudest moan ever. It only took me a few minutes to be on the verge of one of the most powerful orgasm of my short life. I was about to cum when I looked up to see my naked mother standing at the doorway with a curious smile on her face. I was instantly terrified of what she might say. I pulled my covers over my body, but she said 'don't worry, after all you got to see me so now I've seen you.'

I couldn't speak. Not only had my mother watched me masturbate, she also knew I had watched her. She looked over at what I had been using to get off, and said 'I can think of something much more satisfying.' With this she grabbed my hand and we walked to her room which was down the hall from mine. Neither of us had anything on and my terror had turned into excitement.

She lay me down on her bed and spread my legs, gently she pushed two fingers into my pussy making me let out a moan of ecstasy, then walked to her draws and she pulled out a long, thick, dark purple dildo. Just seeing the dildo turned me on. She then placed herself inches away from my dripping hole, and slowly pushed the realistic dildo into me, my breathing was getting heavier and heavier as she pushed harder and faster. After a couple of minutes I felt my whole body tighten and I had the most powerful orgasm of my life.

I lay panting for a while then looked up to see my mother's swollen pussy dripping wet. She was smiling. I was about to ask if she wanted me too do the same to her, but before I could say anything she whispered 'you can return the favour tonight,' and walked out as I stared at her beautiful ass. I lay my head down and stared at the ceiling just smiling and thinking about what was going to happen tonight... but that's for next time.



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