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Mother-in-law's Neighbor

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Older, divorced laters are definitely 'hot to trot'!


As a good, conscientious son-in-law I regularly stopped by my mother-in-law's condo whenever she went away on one of her frequent out of town trips to visit other relatives to check on her mails, water plants, etc. Over time I came to know her next-door neighbor, Anne. Anne at the time was in her mid-50s, single (divorced) and a very nice gal. She has gone almost entirely grey, however has done a decent job of keeping at least part of her figure intact (she has very impressive breasts) and while she is thick around the middle she isn't fat. Anne is a very pleasant lady, although a bit of a busy body (as are many of the residents in this condo community).

Anne and my mother-in-law share a common plaza on the second floor (where their front doors face each other) and often Anne is standing at her front door as I ascend the stairs to greet me when I stop by (she can see my car pull into the parking lot). Usually we chit chat about small things (weather, sports, she loves baseball as I do) and she will wander into my mother-in-laws place behind me sometimes.

This night I stopped by and I noticed Anne's door was open but she wasn't standing there as usual. I became a bit concerned and approached her door to make sure everything was OK, and as I pushed it open all the way I was completely shocked when I saw her sitting on her couch, facing me with a smile, in nothing but a white dress blouse, completely unbuttoned down the front exposing a very pretty lace bra, and a tan girdle. She simply said 'come on in, Gary'. and I told her that I didn't think that would be a good idea (I'm a married man with two young kids). Don't be silly, she said, come in. I couldn't take my eyes off her breasts, how full and large they were, how they didn't sag, and how beautiful her bra was. Before I knew it I was inside, closing the door behind me.

Anne was very casual, and her usual chatty self. She motioned for me to sit next to her, and I was temporarily at a loss for words. I did as she asked, and sat beside her, and her perfume was intoxicating (nice perfume has always turned me on!). She leaned towards me and without any prompting kissed my cheek, and as she did so her hand was moving up and down my thigh. She smiled and said it had been so long since she had been with a man (I found out later it had been eight years!) and that she found me cute and handsome and had always wanted to jump my bones. I was frozen, yet incredibly aroused (I had never, ever had a woman come onto me before) and she nuzzled my neck with her lips as her hand moved to my crotch and began to gently stroke my now rock-hard penis through my pants.

After a moment Anne stood up and slowly removed her blouse. As she stood inches in front of me, I could see she was not a sex goddess by any means, but still sexy despite the grey hair, tummy and a few wrinkles here and there. As she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, I reached forward and placed my right hand between her legs. I could feel the wet warmth through her panties, and she moaned slightly as her bra dropped free, revealing BEAUTIFUL breasts for a woman her age, capped by very large pink nipples that had eraser tips standing at attention. I continued to rub her slit through her girdle as she closed her eyes, put her head back and massaged her breasts and nipples. After just a few minutes she pushed my hand away and thrust her fingers into the gusset of her girdle and began to frantically masturbate. I decided it was time to have some fun, and I quickly stripped naked. As Anne saw my cock, she rolled her girdle down her meaty thighs and I saw her beautifully trimmed vagina. Soft, black tufts of hair in a modest triangle couldn't hide her swollen pussy lips, and her wetness was evident (I was under the impression ladies that age didn't get wet, but she dispelled that myth for me).

Both naked, we embraced and began to kiss. My erection pressed against her belly, and it felt wonderful. I played with her ass and our tongues intertwined, and then I worked on her breasts. All the while she played with my cock and ass, even venturing to press her middle finger against my asshole (which I loved!) but did not insert it. After many minutes of this type of foreplay, I told Anne to sit on the couch and open her legs wide. She did, and I knelt down in front of her. I rubbed my cock up and down with my right hand whilst I fondled her lovely tits. I whispered into her ear to masturbate for me (I love seeing women masturbate) and she did without any further persuasion.

Her vagina was wet and glistening and I could hear her fingers sloshing inside her. I was very, very horny and I began to piston my cock. She was very vocal and was moaning and groaning quite loud (although she didn't use any vulgar language) and as I looked down and saw her large thighs jiggling as my cock pulsed up and down, I became more turned on than ever. As Anne screamed to me that she was coming, I stroked my cock rapidly until wads of cum were shooting all over Anne's stomach and tits. I made quite a mess, and even after a full minute, when I collapsed on top of Anne with my cock pressed firmly between her legs, I was still oozing cum. Once we regained our senses Anne went and got some wet towels and we cleaned up, and she actually proceeded to help me water my mother in law's plants after we dressed!

We had two more similar encounters over the next six months until Anne informed me she had found a man her age (who had retired early after many successful years in the stock market) and they were dating. Less than a year later she was married and gone, living with him in Europe. I miss her; she was an awesome, fun sexy lady and she loved sex! I only wish I had known sooner!



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