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Mother In-laws Aren't That Bad

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Happened 3 years ago in Punta Cana on vacation and discovering this site gave me a venue to tell what happened.


At the time I was 26, my wife was 24 and her step mom was 46. Her step mom Suzy had been separated from my wife's father for about 4 years as he ended up leaving her for another women. Suzy was cool and we actually hung out with her more than her own dad and in the fall of 2004, we ended up inviting her down to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for a vacation with us. My wife and I had our own room and Suzy had a room next to us. Suzy was depressed for a year or so when my wife's dad left her but since then has been living life and as most guys would say...she was a cougar! At 46 she had a nice body and just 2 years earlier, she invested about 8 thousand in some nice big fake titties...which she showed my wife...who told me they were big and nice...yet I never got to see them.

In punta cana, I would finally get to see my mother in-laws boobs. At the beach, we would all lie out in the blazing sun and Suzy would not be shy about taking off her bikini top and tanning her titties. My wife surprisingly didn't care too much as I guess it was the beach attitude, although she kept her top on. One day after checking out Suzy's tits for a few hours, I told both of them I was going to the room for a bit to lie down and get out of the sun. Both of them being the sun worshippers, I knew I had a few hours to myself in the room.

I headed back to the room the entire time passing hot girls in bikinis and some who were topless. I went and sat out on our balcony which was on the third floor overlooking the pool area. Checking out the babes from the balcony, drinking, and thinking about Suzy's tits, I decided since I was alone, I was going to pull off my wet bathing suit and jerk off on the balcony.

I pulled my shorts off and sat back and relaxed on the lounge chair completely naked. On the table beside me was some banana boat tanning oil so I figured why not. I poured some oil onto my cock and began to stroke it. In less then a minute of rubbing the oil all over my cock and balls, I was hard as a rock. My completely shaved cock and balls were glistening in the sun, my 7inch cut cock was standing at full attention as I thought about all the chicks in the swimming in the pool as I could hear the girls laughing and splashing around. My left hand was holding my cock nice and firm as my right was gripping my shaft and stroking it nice and slow as I was watching the pre cum leak out of my shining knob.

I knew I could shoot my load at any moment but figured I would hold it for a bit then shoot one massive load so I began to slowly jerk it. As I laid back in the sun jerking my cock, I suddenly heard 'I like a guy who takes matters into his own hands'. Shocked I turned quickly to see Suzy standing at the balcony door. I had nothing to cover up with as my bathing suit was out of reach so I tried using both hands to cover my hard dick. As I struggled to cover myself, Suzy said 'don't worry, I've been standing here for a few minutes and I like what I see' she walked out on the balcony and now leaned against the railing and faced me as I lay there naked on the lounge with tanning oil on my cock. 'Don't stop on my behalf, I want to see you finish what you started...go ahead, I want to watch you stroke that big cock of yours'. Being horny, I moved my hands away and began to stroke my dick. I thought this was weird jerking off in the presence of my step mother-in-law but she seemed to enjoy it and I figured what the hell.

Suzy began to make comments about how she liked a nice shaved dick like mine and how she wanted to see me shoot my load. All her dirty talk was bringing me to the point where I was gonna spray my cum everywhere. I just continued stroking my dick as I stared at her in her pink bikini and big sunglasses as she stood a few feet in front of me.

My breathing became heavier as I knew I was going to cum. Suzy grabbed the tanning oil and squirted it onto my cock and said 'jerk that shining cock, jerk it good and shoot your cum for me'. She was talking so sexy and then she untied the string around her neck and let the bikini top fall off exposing her massive fake boobs. I would say a DD at least because she had big tits naturally before as they were more than two handfuls. She then kneeled down and got between my legs as her hands began to stroke my legs from my knees up to my inner thighs. Staring at Suzy's monster jugs and her talking dirty to me put me over the edge as my cock began to twitch as I shot a huge load of cum up into the air. Suzy moaned when she saw it and said 'oh ya, that's it, shoot your cum, shoot it' I continued to stroke my cock as about 9 or 10 solid streams of cum shot out of my cock, some landing on my stomach and chest, the rest dribbled down my hands and onto my balls. The whole time Suzy was moaning and rubbing my thighs, telling me how hot it is to watch my big shaved cock explode with cum.

After I was done and exhausted, Suzy stood up and put her bikini top back on. She said that was so hot and she needed to go take a dip in the pool to cool down and then she left my room.

I cleaned up my mess and put my bathing suit back on. I ended up going back down to the beach and joined my wife who was still tanning. As I lay down she said did I see her step mom, before I could really answer, she said 'She wanted the key to our room to grab some more tanning lotion and she wasn't sure if you were gonna be in the room or not'. I said I saw her and I think she is in the pool.

We just layed in the sun when Suzy returned to the beach. My wife asked her if she got the lotion and Suzy said 'oh shit, I knew I forgot something, I must have got distracted by something' as she smiled at me...I smiled back and then we both lay back on our towels.

It was a great vacation and I could say that incident only happened because we were both happy on vacation. We never told anyone about it and the odd time we will make a joke about it when no one else is around.

I gotta say though, mother in-laws aren't always bad as Suzy was a totally cool chick.



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