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Mother in Law Voyeured

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Finally I found a place to bare my soul.

I've lived with this secret for eight years now and had to share this story.

It was June eight yrs ago and my wife and I were enjoying our first year of marriage. It was a Saturday afternoon and we were sitting at her parents house having a cold one in the back yard when Dan my father in law brought up building a deck in the back yard and wanted to know what I thought..since they have the yard and the privacy for it I told him it was a great idea and since I had some experience in construction I'd be glad to help..Wasn't long after that we decided to take a trip to home depot with a list of materials needed. We spent the rest of that day and Sunday boring, setting drilling and nailing until finally by Sunday evening other than the railing the deck was complete. We decided that we could finish the railing the following weekend since I worked nights and Dan worked days and he wasn't all that comfortable doing it himself.

So Monday morning after I kiss the wife off to work I decided I had nothing to do so I thought I'd head over to the in-laws and continue my project. They only lived about three blocks from us so I hopped on my trusted bicycle and headed over to their house. When I got there it was about 9:30 am on a beautiful sunny day I'd get quite a bit of it finished until I had to go in to work.

Upon ariving in their driveway I pulled around the side of the house by the side door of the garage to gain entry because I had a key and it looked as if the place was locked up. I headed for the back door of the garage to go out to the deck when I noticed the radio coming from out back. Just as I placed my hand on the door know I happened to look through the window on the door and I could see Marti's (my mother in law)legs propped up in a lounge chair on the new deck. Figuring before I just walk out there I'd better take a better look to make sure she's decent. First of all Marti at that time was in her mid 40's and a well as being quite attractive for her age was simply a very sweet person that loved her sunshine. Well thank god I took another look..there she was laying back in her lounge, in her pink bikini and her hand busy between her legs !!!Oh my god..a dream come true..my mother in law was sitting no more than 6 ft from my view masturbating in the sun..Even though the view was from the side there was no dought what she was doing. Her hand had slid inside the leg hole of her bikini bottom, head back..enjoying herself in the privacy of her back yard or so she thought.

I was frozen..what do I do? leave and pretend I didn't see it? go to the front door and ring the door bell? Or..like any other red blooded american male..watch for a second or two...well you guessed it..I had to watch. It was almost too much to take watching this, her hand and fingers busy between her legs and from time to time reaching to her beautiful breasts to pinch her nipples through her top. Within a minute my cock was quite possibly as hard as its ever been! My mind racing. About then I reached down to try to satisfy my aching hardon through my jean shorts. First rubbing it from the outside..that wasn't doing it..it had to come out. So I'm standing there pressed against the garage wall peeking out the window taking in all of her beauty and stroking my cock as fast as I can.

I then notice her legs beginning to tense up, her toes beginning to curl and slight moans could be heard over the radio..oh my god..she's gonna cum..and not a moment to soon..so was I. My goo squirting over the tools below me and her squirming wildly in her lawn chair. Whew ..trying to compose myself I stood there still not believing what I'd just seen, my cock still throbbing I thought I'd better get while the gettings good so I put it away and tried to clean up the cum spattered wall and tools without being noticed. Just as I was ready to exit the garage I thought I'd take one more look and to my surprise she was massaging her nipples this time, not through her bikini top..her beautiful nipples were exposed to the sun and and me with her top pulled to the side. This was the first time I'd ever seen her nipples..not that I haven't tried before. What a sight..big,brown and being massaged with both hands. God..I can't leave now. I stood there planning what to do, I'm starting to feel a little guilty watching her in her most private moments. Her and I really got along well, if I were to get caught or her finding out would be terrible. But I can't stop watching. Within a few minutes her hand left her breasts and started back down her stomach. I'm thinking..oh god...she's going in for round two! And sure enough she did..this time down the front of her bikini pulling it down with one hand and sliding her other hand inside. Geezzzz now I can see her pubic hair. Which started my cock stirring again. Within a minute I was hard as a rock again and looking for relief again..so round two for me as well..When I shot my second load on the wall again I repeated the process..cleaned up but this time I really did leave..she was still going at it when I left so I drove my bike around the block a few times to give her some time and came back...But this time I rang the front door. Yes this time I worked on the deck while she sat there and kept me company in her bikini top & now her shorts. That was a day I will never forget!!!!

To this day we remain the best of friends but everytime I see her I can't help but to think back to that memorable day. I have such a crush on my mother in law.

Well eight years later I still think the world of my in-laws (especially her) so last summer we took a weekend vacation with them to put in bay, an island on lake erie that's known for its bars and fun. Renee and I have two kids by now so we had her older sis watch em for the weekend and set off early Saturday morning with Dan, Marti my wife Renee and myself. We get to the boat that takes us over to the island by 9:30am and we're set for a fun day of whatever. Both Renee and Marti are wearing sundresses. My wife even after still bearing two children still looks great in a sundress and as for Marti I'd swear she hasn't aged a bit in the the time I've known her, still curvy and a lot of fun to be around. We get to the island and well..we had a ball renting a golfcart to go from bar to bar, we finally find this place that has an outdoor band so we find a table and enjoy the day. Twice before this the wind would catch The girls dresses and flip em up just anough and I noticed hmmmm..I think Marti's wearing a thong..cool...I know my wife was..So we're sitting at our table and the girls head to the bathroom so I tell em..hey while you're up bring another round of drinks. Watching the two of them leaning over the outdoor bar was quite the sight, so drinks in hand they're heading back to our table and out of nowhere comes this gust of wind, It had to come from the heavens or my prayers I don't know which but within a second the girls skirts were lifted for that one second..I see my wifes beige thong I glance quickly to Marti..I was wrong..no thong!!! in fact..nothing..an inch wide patch of hair was all that was covering her beautiful pussy!!My mother in law isn't wearing undies, this is gonna be a great day! Dan burst out laughing..I'm not sure what to do so I pretend I don't see it..They get back to the table laughing and Marti looks at me and says..enjoy the show? I stutter and say..damn..I missed it and she reaches over the table and slaps me twice lightly across the face and says you're a bad liar. But needless to say from that moment on I tried my best to sit across from Marti to maybe get another repeat performance. The evening was topped off finally getting back to our rooms and and Dan says..well I think we have time for one more so before I can give Marti a chance to change out of that dress we head to their room for a few more. And I did get two more glimpses of that sweet pussy before the night was through. The thing was..I know she caught me looking once and didn't seem to make her any difference.

Needless to say Renee got the fucking of a lifetime when we got back to our room and my guess is so did Marti.

To this day when I find a moment I masturbate thinking about my mother in law.



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