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Mother-in-law Antics

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Like a story written on here not too long ago I also have a story about my mother-in-law. Margaret has lived with my wife and I for the past two years after a messy divorce. We have a nice size home, and she has a great set-up on the bottom level that includes her bedroom and a bath/shower. Despite the potential nightmares of a mother-in-law living with you, things have actually worked out quite well.

Margaret is 62 years old and in decent enough shape. She is slim; I would guess about 135 lbs, with gray well-styled hair, pretty blue eyes and a dimple. She probably looks five years younger than she is, and is a very gregarious lady. I have never really thought of her in a sexual way, until this particular evening that I was home alone with her.

My wife (in sales) travels often. On this night she was out of town and Margaret and I were alone for the evening. Typically we would have dinner together and she would either go out with friends or retire to her bedroom to watch TV or read. However, this night I was quite wound up from a hard day at work and she was in a chatty mood, so after dinner we retired to the living room with beverages to watch some television together. After a short time I left to take a shower and change for the evening (I was still in my suit). In the shower I found myself becoming aroused, for no particular reason (perhaps it was the fact my wife and I hadn't made love in three weeks and it had been days since I masturbated last...). However I was so tired I didn't even feel like jerking off, and I finished up and put on a clean pair of boxers and a tshirt and returned to the living room.

Margaret was there and had also changed while I was in the shower. She had on her favorite pair of pink 'traditional' pajamas (shirt and long pants, silk) and no bathrobe. As I walked into the room I noticed her bending over to pick the newspapers up off the floor and I could clearly see her panty line and outline of her bra through her pajamas and my cock stirred in my boxers. Now Margaret and I have known each other MANY years and she has frequently seen me hanging around the house in boxers and a tshirt so it was no shock when I plopped myself down on the couch next to her. I kicked my legs back (reclining part of sofa), put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes momentarily. She continued reading the paper in silence while I rested, and then I felt her leg pressing lightly against mine. I don't know where my mind was at, but I became fully erect in a matter of seconds, and made a decision somewhere in my deep, dark perverted mind to not try to hide it. I simply lay prone on the couch recliner, hands behind my head, with a now very apparent erection tenting out my boxers.

I was afraid to move or look, but eventually I leaned forward slightly and dropped my hands to my side. The pressure from Margaret's leg against my thigh felt slightly greater, and the feeling of the silk on my bare leg was very erotic. Margaret cleared her throat (in a theatrical sort of way) and said, 'Seems like you have a little problem there' and she laughed. She had dropped the paper down into her lap and was blatantly staring at my erection. I blushed and started to apologize and before I could move to cover myself, her hand was on my leg. She assured me it was all right, and then the paper tumbled off her lap onto the floor as she leaned closer to me. I was in absolute shock when she took her right hand and placed it right into the fly of my boxers and began to gently stroke me! I started to say something and she simply put a finger up to her lips (the 'shhhh gesture') and continued. I leaned back, in heaven. Her perfume was intoxicating, and her mature, somewhat wrinkled hand on my cock was heavenly. I was quickly oozing pre-come and Margaret, after she pulled my cock free through the fly, used it to lubricate my shaft. I was horny beyond belief, and reached over with my left hand and began to squeeze her breasts through her pajama top. She let out a slight sigh and asked me how they felt, and I told her they felt wonderful. She stopped stroking me and I sat there as she very quickly and deftly unbuttoned her top and took it off, and then reached behind her back with both hands to unsnap her bra. She shucked her shoulders and let it fall off, revealing two very large, slightly sagging breasts capped by smaller than average pink nipples that were rock hard. She then sat forward and resumed stroking me as I kneaded her breasts and tweaked her nipples. I was unfortunately so horny, and her hand felt so good, that it was only a matter of a minute or two before I started to come. I ejaculated in streaming gobs (three to four long healthy streams) that coated my stomach and saturated the tops of my boxers. Margaret continued to stroke me until I got soft and then left and came back with a warm washcloth and lovingly cleaned me up.

As I gathered myself physically and emotionally she proceeded to tell me she and her husband used to have a very healthy and adventurous sex life. It had been two years since she had a man and she missed the intimacy and physical contact. She confessed that she enjoyed masturbation immensely and practiced almost everyday. I was surprised and told her so, and she smiled and said that is why she likes to 'go to bed so early' almost every night. Without warning me she laid back on the couch and put her hand down into her pajama bottoms and began playing with herself. She told me if I felt uncomfortable I didn't have to watch, but she was very aroused and needed to orgasm. I was mesmerized and sat there like a stone, watching this 62 yr old woman masturbating and moaning lightly, playing with her naked breasts with one hand while her other worked feverishly inside her pajamas and panties. I didn't take her long until she climaxed (she moaned very long and clamped her legs against her hand). When she finished she stood, picked up her bra and pajama top and gave me a kiss on the cheek before she went and showered and went to bed.

We have had two similar mutual masturbation episodes since, the last with both of us completely naked and getting each other off. We have discussed intercourse and oral but have agreed it would not be appropriate.



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