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Mother in Law

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I am so lucky to have a mother in law that looks like this


My wifes parents and I had been planning a trip for many month to Texas, and when the time came to go, we had some interuptions that worked in my favor.

When the time came to leave my Father in law could not fly out with us due to urgent business and my wife had a friend die. I did not know the friend, my wife wanted to show up out of respect, we had reservations, so she said 'you and Mom go, we will show up tomorrow'.

Trish (Mom) is a bit of a pill to travel with, but it's all worth it when she smiles. Nearing 60 she still looks 45 due to her exersize regiment and strict diet. We chatted on the flight about everything (legit) under the Sun and ended up napping for half the flight as well. When we landed it was just a quick 8 mile joruney to our hotel.

Trish had her room and I had mine (adjoining) so we opened the door in between them as we unpacked. It was evening and Trish said she wanted to shower, change and head down to the restaurant. I aggred and did the same, shutting the door between our rooms.

Having all the strees of the trip, the death of my wifes friend and me having the flu for nearly a week just before we left all took a toll on me as I thought about Trish getting into the shower. Suddenly I had come to the 'hard' truth that I had not cum by any means in 10 days or likely more. So the build up I had going was now suddenly urgent.

I unpacked the remainder of my luggage, figured out what I was going to wear, then hopped into the shower thinking I was going to pull off a quick one and splatter the wall with some cum that long needed to get out. I started in on myself knowing I only had to work for about 45 seconds, when 10 seconds in the phone in my room rings. Knowing Trish might have wanted to tell me something, I hopped out and answered...


'Hey, Im ready to go'

CRAP I thought.... I don't want to keep her waiting

'i'll be over in 5 min' As I jumped back in and looked at my aching member I said 'sorry old friend, we will have to catch some 'skin o max' later...' as I rinsed off the soap and the erection subsided I quickly dried off, put on my khakis. a dress shirt and headed over to her room ready for dinner... What happens next is both embarassing and unbelievable, and if it didn't happen to me, I would not believe it myself.

I knock on Trish's door even though it was open just a crack and I here a faint 'come in'.

I walk in to see nobody, then three seconds later she walks out of the bathroom as she was probably just doing a last second 'look over' that women like to do before they head out...

Trish walks out with these three inch red patten leather heals on, a black fitted silky skirt that went about 3 inches above her knee that was very well fitted and a beautiful creme blouse that showed off her great tan...

I must have looked like I had seen a ghost.

She said 'so you approve' seeing the expression on my face that was impossible to hide... Nothing came out of my mouth, in addition the hard on that I had 5 min. ago came back with such a vengence that it made me go white. Trish said 'you ok? sit down' She laughed as she escorted me to the chair that was about 5 feet from me. She stood in front of me and said in all good humor 'well I knew I looked good this evening, but you didn't have to look like you were going to faint' During all this I could not stop running my eyes up and down her body... Only ten seconds has passed now, and I have a full and complete erection that is throbbing and aching... and it gets worse...

'Now your red' says Trish 'you ok'?

'Yeah' I barely exclaimed with a shakey voice 'just didn't expect you to look that good... Or (for me) to react this way'... after those words came out of my mouth, she looked at the bulge in my crotch...

'I don't know what to say' she said with an odd sound to her voice. 'thank you I guess, this is akward, but I am very flattered'

(20+ seconds have gone by now, and then something happened inside me... I am sitting there, looking at my Mother in law and I honestly feel like I am going to cum right there... We all know the feeling 10 seconds before cum starts shooting out, and it was THAT feeling, no doubt about it. It caught me so off guard I didn't know what to think, but then their was not too much thinking going on, only pre-cum leaking in my shorts.)

I said 'I mean no disrespect, but wow! I mean you look great' At this point I am starting to shake... She smiles and says 'thank you', now seemingly a bit more flattered than she anticipated... With a bit of a fun tease she said 'Well I got this blouse at Nordstrom, and the skirt as well...' as she is saying this she is running her hand along each piece of clothing... with that, I did not know what to do... If I move, I might actually cum...

She finishes her explanation of her clothing and says 'are you ready now?' I said, 'I can't move'

Trish says 'it isn't that great' (mind you she is still standing 4 feet in front of me and I am looking at just how great is it)

'well it is...' and after I said that about 2 seconds I started to really shake, and I couuld tell she noticed. With that, I went into full orgasm. I can't remember (nor could I see) her reaction durning my 'ordeal', but she knew it was not a fake as my Khakis told the tale of the huge wet spot in the front of my bulging pants... The orgasm went on for 15+ seconds at least, and I KNOW it was not quite...


More silence...

'I didn't know a guy could do that' Trish finally said.

'neither did I'

'well, I guess we will have to get room service, you can't go out like that'

'I am so embarassed' I said

'It's ok, it happened...(long pause) but there is a problem'

I started to defend quickly 'it was spontaneous, I didn't mean too, I mean im really sorry Trish'

'No no it's ok,' she said 'it's just that I was sort of in the mood if you will before I got dressed, now because of this response by you, my panties are soaked'

She hikes up her skirt and slipps her panties off handing them to me...

'do me a favor?' she says


'go back to your room and change, come back over here, we will order room service...'


'oh and the panties'


'they should still smell pretty strong... Before you come back I want you to load them up so I can put them back on'

I sighed with relief, smiled with relief and wondered what was to come for the rest of the trip.

I went back over about 10 min later to order room service with the panties loaded again with my cum and ready for Trish... What happens next is another story.



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