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Mother Did It

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I guess I learned about masturbation when I was about 12. Not that I masturbated then, but that was when I caught my mother doing it at the kitchen sink. I didn't realise what she was doing, not at first, but afterwards I worked it all out and was a bit surprised. I guess I didn't believe my own summation really, but you tell me if I was wrong.
I came home from school and heard a strange voice in the kitchen. I peeked in to see my mother standing at the kitchen sink looking out of the window. Her bum was moving a bit causing her gathered cotton skirt to shake and boogie like a hula skirt. Her left hand was on the sink but her right hand seemed to be headed down between her legs. Her skirt was lifted at the front and was bunched up. She was going 'Mmmm, Mmmm' at first and then that changed to 'Ooooh's and 'Ahhhh's. Finally I heard her sigh a great big long 'Oooooyyessss...' After that she just stood there for a while looking out the window. Finally she turned away and brushed her skirt down before walking off to the laundry.
I went over and looked out the window, and there were three men, all big tanned Aussie blokes with great muscular backs that were almost triangular shaped. Their muscles were even more visible because they were sweating and were so shiny; they looked like they were on stage and all oiled up. They wore nothing from the waist up, and wore only work boots and very short shorts that hung on their hips yet showed all of their leg. The only other item one of them wore was a tool belt around his waist with a great big hammer hanging from it. As he stood side on the hammer handle looked like a foot-long cock sticking out in front of him. Mother had been watching these three as she had her little session, but at first I didn't realise the connection.
Mother came back in and found me watching the men. 'They're a nice looking lot,' she said in soft tones. 'Look at their dark tanned skin and strong muscles.'
'I bet their muscles are hard as Iron!' I remember adding. Mother gave me on of those long looks that I get when I seem to know something I'm too young to know. The guys were building the house next door, which in those times went on for months. When I caught her a second time several weeks later, I naturally walked up to her and looked out the window. The guys were peeing against a tree on the far side of the yard. I was a little shocked at first but watched over her shoulder as she began making the same noises as the last time. I looked at her instead and found that her hand was down her panties and she was watching the guys so intently that she didn't know I was standing there. She went at it for many minutes making those sounds the same as before.
This time, maybe because I was standing right there, I noticed her hips moving with her hand and then she seemed to push herself against her hand so it was trapped between the sink and herself, and began, well, what I now know was thrusting movements.
When she finally finished she stood there with her eyes shut and a great big smile on her face. She looked so happy, except her legs seemed to go all wobbly. 'Nothing like a good itch!' I said innocently. She jumped and turned, staring at me as if I had caught her doing something wrong. She was red as a beetroot as she stammered to answer me. I looked out the window and although there was only one guy left, I could see that his butt cheeks were clenched and his leg muscles were tensed, as he was peeing where the others had been. Eventually I learned that they stopped this time each day for a late lunch and before returning to work, they all took a pee. My mother of course knew this and was apparently lined up each day to watch them.
She never did explain about masturbation to me, I had to learn about that myself.



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