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Mother-Daughter Masturbate

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My daughter Katy is 26 and we have been very close since she finished school and returned to our city to live and work. It's no secret between us that we both love to masturbate and do it often. Katy stays at our home maybe two or three times a month and I think we have both heard each other at one time or another.

I never thought about my daughter sexually until about a year ago when we were taking about a bi sexual experience she had. We had many sexual talks over time, but this one struck a note when she told me that her friend had wanted to watch her masturbate and she said that it got her incredibly hot. From this point forward, I kept having flashes of her masturbating. I would put them out of my mind and feel a bit guilty as well.

As the months went on, the thoughts didn't disappear, but rather, they increased and things changed the night I was in my room masturbating and without reason, Katy popped into my head. I pictured her masturbating and the more I did, the hotter I got. In fact, I got so turned on, I actually squirted. This was such an incredible orgasm, I continued to masturbate about her every time.

It began over take me at times, especially, when she came to visit. I just couldn't stop thinking about it. One night I asked her if she ever masturbated for anyone again after that that time with her friend. She told me she had not but really wanted to. I in turn told her that I too really had a fantasy to have someone watch me. She said jokingly, "too bad we're mother and daughter, or we could do it for each other."

I had a split second to respond and was either going to squash it or encourage it. I chose the latter. I said to her, "I'd be OK with that." I didn't laugh or smile and waited to for her reaction. She said, "you're kidding mom, right?" I said, "could you do it?" Her response was, "yes." I looked at her and said, "so could I, are you sure you would be OK watching your mother masturbate?" She said, "mom, I've got to be honest, it's crossed my mind." I said, "oh really? Answer me a question. Have you ever masturbated about me?" In a low voice, Katy said, mom don't get mad, but one night I went into your night stand to get some lotion and I saw your dildo and it got me turned on and I masturbated about you using it."

This gave me butterflies and it felt surreal. I had to know more so I asked her and I said, "did you touch it?" Katy told me that she did. I asked her if she used it and her answer nearly had me faint. She told me that she laid on my bed and masturbated with it. More than that, she said that she put it in her mouth to get it moist. I have squirted on that dildo many times. I had to ask her what she thought when she put it in her mouth. She said that she knew my cum was on it and that it was so taboo it made her crazy. I couldn't take this conversation anymore. I was incredibly wet, horny and wanted to fulfill this fantasy even though I knew it was no doubt something that might change us forever.

We masturbated together and I should probably leave the rest of our experience to the imagination of the reader.



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