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Mother-Daughter Masturbate-3

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I had been here twice before sharing my experience with my daughter Katy and wasn't sure if I would ever return a third time. Well, I'm here. I think it was quite inevitable that sex would occur between us based on our masturbating together in the past and experiencing a euphoria never felt before. Surely, it was because it was so taboo.
Before I start, I do want to say that we are a "normal" mother and daughter. That certainly could be challenged by some readers but what I mean by that is, I manage an insurance office and Katy is in health care on the IT side. We have normal families, friends and neighbors. I know that we as human beings can justify most anything, however, I suspected for years that my mother and aunt had been together and perhaps it is on my DNA. Who knows.
After Katy and I masturbated together, it wasn't more than a week before we did it again. This time, it was at her apartment in her bed where we once again, faced each other and got lost in this incredible experience. While it could have gone further, I continued to be the voice of reason. Katy did want me to squirt on her and it had happened in the past, but, it was more by the residual from it. As I neared orgasm, I pumped my dildo quite fast and said, "Katy, it's going to come, it's going to come honey." I thought that she was just going to move closer to me, but, she laid on her stomach in front of me and that told me what her intention was.
Just as she laid down I pulled out my dildo and squirted a large stream. It went over her head. Then, another and it hit her on her face. She let out a moan that was so comforting and a turn on. A third stream hit her again. She actually swallowed. It was then that I came so close to just saying,"eat me Katy, oh please lick Mom." I didn't, and we ended our session. I knew I was only fooling myself as we have come as close to incest as you can get. I think that's the first time I've ever used that word. Sounds very strong, but, that's what it is.
The following week both of us were off for the whole weekend and we decided that she would come and stay overnight on Friday after work. We would have dinner, some wine and just hang out. During the week, Katy called one night around 10pm. She called to say hi but I could tell that she wanting something. I said to her, "what are you thinking?" She said, "Mom, do you want me to lick you?" I said, "yes." Then she said, "and do you want to lick me?" I simply said, "yes." This was it, the barrier was down and my butterflies were so fierce that I thought they would lift me off of my bed. Well, there is just no other way to say it, my daughter and I are going to have sex. The thought no longer gave me pause or guilt. Again, we had done it all except oral or fingering I guess. The thought of looking down and seeing my own daughter licking up and down on my hairy pussy is, well, off the charts as they say.
So....back to my phone call. Katy now was in the planning stages saying things like, Mom, I'm going wear a jean skirt and top, but, I'm not going to wear any panties." I just said, "that sounds wonderful." I mean what do you really say." Knowing she was interested in attire...lol, I told her I would wear a shirt and top as well and yes, no panties. Did I ever think I would be on the phone to my daughter talking about the clothes we're going to wear the night we have sex. Yes, bizarre, I know.
Friday came and I rushed home from work, got drive through salads, showered and got dressed. Within minutes, Katy text me and said she was drying her hair and was on her way shortly. I was in the kitchen getting out plates when Katy came through the door. We usually give a peck on the cheek and a hug. This time, our lips met. We started kissing passionately. This was something I never thought of. Katy put her tongue in my mouth and I sucked it. We began to run our hands up and down each other like two high school kids.
Katy puts her hand under my skirt and began to run her hands through my pubic hair. Still kissing, I put my leg up on the kitchen chair. Katy then put two fingers in me. Oh my God, it felt so good. She was fingering me! Katy fucked me in and out with her two fingers, I could feel my juices leaking. She then took her fingers out, sucked them and then kissed me deeply. Next, she grabs my hand, pulls it up under skirt and whispered, "finger me Mom." My fingers slide in her too easily. Katy was incredibly wet. Here we are, both dressed, in the kitchen, fingering each other..No dinner that night...lol
I couldn't take it any longer. I wanted my tongue in my daughter and I wanted hers in me. We went into my room, undressed and got onto the bed. We laid side by side and again began to kiss. Tongues deep and fucking each others mouths. Katy ran her hand down my stomach and to my pussy. I spread my legs wide and she plunged two fingers into me. She fingered me deep and then put in another finger. I accepted it freely. Three fingers in and out. I could hear my wetness. I was on fire and said, "Oh God Katy, eat me, please."
She came around and faced me. I pulled my knees back to my chest and spread wide for her. She lowered her face towards my pussy. It was like slow motion watching her tongue come out and give her first lick to her Moms cunt. Katy licked up and down with long strokes and...sucked my lips into her mouth. In between licks, she said, "talk to me Mom." I started with, "Oh God, eat me honey, oh my God, please sweetie, oh yes, eat Mom," Katy moaned loudly when I said that and she crawled up and kissed me. Her face was really wet and we shared my juices. Katy laid on her back, put a pillow under her head and asked me to get on top of her. We got into a 69. I lowered my pussy down onto her face. She spread her legs and I bent over and put my tongue on her pussy! It was as awesome as I thought. I pulled her legs back as far as I could. Her ass came up and I began to suck her. I was licking my daughter...furiously.
Katy then said, "cum Mom." I started bucking my hips slowly and Katy licked up and down. I licked up and down to her ass. I flicked my tongue over her asshole and Katy said, "oh my God Mom, yes, please, please, lick my ass." I tongue fucked her ass and then she went to mine. Amazing, I was so turned on! I asked her to do the same and said, "lick Moms ass sweetie." I was ready to cum. I was sure I was going to squirt a lot. Before I let go, Katy scream out, "I'm cumming! As she bucked her hips I continued to lick her ass and pussy. She became increasingly wet and I knew it was her cum. I wanted it and I licked and swallowed until she couldn't take it. Her legs were shaking.
This put me over the edge and I knew I was cumming and said, "I'm going to squirt Katy. Mom's going to cum. The first squirt gushed out directly on her face and I could hear it splash! The second squirt, so powerful it drenched her hair. Katy now sucked me and I let a third squirt go and she actually gagged as she had too much in her mouth. We collapsed and just laid there for a while. We both needed a shower and went and did so.
Later that night we talked about it and it was fine. Nothing seemed weird and it was an experience that no one can describe without having done it. I will say that it is the hottest we have ever been and clearly the biggest orgasm of our lives. We know we will do it again. No one will ever know. (except these readers)



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