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Mother-Daughter Masturbate-2

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I returned to this site to see if my experience with my daughter had been published. To my surprise, it was, but even more, the comments were unexpected. Actually, they made me feel a bit more "O.K." with it. I didn't know if I should or could share what actually occurred with my daughter Katy, but after seeing the comments, I've gained some courage to do so. I will try to cover all that was mentioned and asked in the comments.

After Katy and finished with our conversation and knew that we both wanted to fulfil our fantasy's, we went into my room. Once there, I checked with her again (trying to be the responsible voice of reason)and said, "Katy are you sure you want to do this?" Her response was, "oh God yes,do you Mom?" I answered yes.

(I thought that we would just lay on the bed and modestly lay side by side and masturbate-I was way off on that thought)

I have a wing back chair in my room that is a "book end" to the bed with the night stand in the middle. Katy started to orchestrate it and said, "Mom, lets do it how we talked about with you watching me and then me watching you, O.K.?" I said, "sure." That gave me a butterfly in my stomach and I could feel myself getting flushed. This was real, and I had allowed myself to cross through the barrier of morality and over to the ultimate taboo and I had never felt so turned on.

Katy started taking off her clothes and looked at me to do same.

We are both women with full thighs and butt and look very alike from the waist down. Our tits are similar with mine being somewhat larger. I took off my blouse, then my slacks and had my eyes glued to her. She unhooked her bra and I did as well. Her tits are full and her areolas large and brown-just like mine. I took off my bra and stood there. Katy said, "Like mother like daughter and giggled" I could feel my nipples growing.

Now it was time for the reveal. We were going to see each others pussy's which is something I could never have predicted. Katy slid off her panties and it gave me pause. I didn't expect to see her so hairy. Not a big surprise as I have enjoyed a really full bush for years now. I took off my panties and Katy had this involuntary, "Oh my God Mom, I thought I was hairy." I came back with her same comment of, "like mother like daughter." We laughed a bit to ease the tension, as we both knew what was next.

Katy sat in the wing back chair and motioned me to sit on the floor in front of her. She leaned back, put each leg on the arms, spread her legs wide and said, "watch me Mom." I said, "I am horney." I'm three feet away and my daughter has spread her legs and is going to masturbate for me." Oh my God, this was too much.I literately couldn't stop myself shaking.

Katy pulled her lips apart and let me gaze. Her hair was thick around her lips and when she pulled them open, I too let out this involuntary, "oh my God Katy." She then began to finger herself. She put in two fingers and I could hear her wetness. She started breathing hard and getting vocal saying, "watch me Mom, watch me masturbate." I said, I am Katy, I am, and it's is so hot." She then said, "Mom, I want your dildo, I want to fuck myself."

I didn't even think about it. I crawled over to the night stand and took it out. I handed it to her and whispered, " I squirted on it." With that, she did what she told me she had done before-she put it in her mouth. (I had these thoughts racing through my head-my daughter just tasted me.Did she want to actually do this? Could I let her? Would this be too far?)Katy got it moist and then inserted it. She pushed it in and out. I'm was watching my own daughter using my dildo and it was incredibly hot to me. She put it in deeper as her strokes got more rhythmic. Then, she said, "Mom, I tasted you." I said, "yes you did sweetie. "right then, Katy pulled out the dildo and put it to my face. She didn't have to say anything, she wanted me to suck on it. I opened my mouth and put it in and licked and sucked up and down the shaft. I could taste and smell her. It got me euphoric.

Katy continued to now ram it in and out and was coming close. With in a minute or so she said, "Mom, I'm going to cum." Katy pulled out the dildo and her hips and legs began to shake. She let out this yell and then collapsed. She stayed there with her legs spread. I'm two feet away looking right at her pussy.She inched her way forward in the chair. Her pussy now maybe a foot away. Her hair matted from her own wetness.There was a split second that I thought she wanted me to lick her and in that same second, I thought about it. That would be way beyond anything I could do at that moment.

She got up and and I got into the chair. I too put my legs on the arms and spread wide for her. Katy said, "oh wow Mom, that's amazing." I pulled my knees back to my chest and my butt lifted up so she could see all of me. I wanted this, now more than before. I pulled my lips apart and Katy stared at me and said,Mom, I love your cunt." Wow, that word I had not heard from her and that made this even more taboo and deep beyond the morality line. I let myself drift off into this taboo act and deleted all my inhibitions.

I fingered myself first with two and then three fingers. I could hear them sloshing around and said, "oh my God, I can't believe this, this is so hot." Katy said, yes it is Mom, do it for me." I then said," I want to fuck myself honey, I want you to watch Mom fuck herself." I grabbed the dildo and mirrored what she did, I sucked it. With this, she said, "Mom your tasting my cum." Without even thinking, I said, "I love tasting it." Right then, Katy stood up, put one leg on the arm of the chair, took the dildo and put it in her pussy. She then took it and put it in my mouth and said, "there Mom, taste me." I sucked it wildly. She took it and did it again. She put it in and out several times and then put it in my mouth.

Katy sat back on the floor and I began to fuck myself. After five minutes or so, she moved closer to me and whispered, "let me suck it." I took out of my pussy and Katy sucked on it. I fucked myself again and again and took it out a second time and let her suck on it. By now, I'm over the line on everything and I knew I was going to squirt a lot and I had to tell her. When I squirt in bed in hits the end of the mattress and I knew this time would be no different, so I had to tell her, or it was going to go all over her.

I said, "honey, I'm going to cum, I'm going to squirt. If you don't move away it will go all over you." She said, "do it Mom, cum for me." Those words put me into a frenzy and I could feel it coming. I said,here it comes, honey." Right then, Katy moved,but not away. She leaned in and opened her mouth. I let it go and the first squirt hit her hair and shoulders, the second one was a thick stream and went into her mouth, the third hit her chest and the last one again hit her face. Katy was soaked-with my cum. It was amazing! I laid back with my legs still open and Katy's eyes were glued to my pussy. She said, "Mom, you came in my mouth." I said, "yes I did honey,are you O.K.?" She said, "Mom, that was the hottest I've ever been."

I think we both knew that what we did was something that was incredibly private and obviously very taboo. We certainly didn't know how it was going to go but we know now that it was beyond what we might have anticipated. That night we sat and had some wine and talked about it. It is something that we both want to do again. I got the feeling that Katy wanted to talk about more so I broke the ice and said, "do you want to venture beyond what we did?" She simply said, "yes." This told me that our next encounter will include sex and this is something that I have struggled with in my mind, but something that I clearly want to do. I think if we had continued that night, we would have fingered and licked each other. I know this sounds bizarre and maybe even too much for some, but until you actually experience something so taboo like this, it's hard to describe sense of euphoria and excitement.



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