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Mother Caught By Daughter

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Lock your bedroom door if you're going to masturbate.


Other than the occasional visit by my 25 year old daughter, I live alone. Because of this, I'm able to masturbate pretty much at will and do so a lot. Most of the time, my biggest turn on when masturbating is watching other women masturbate. I know I'm curious about being with a another woman and often picture myself doing it. Three weeks ago, I was in my bedroom about 9pm, was really horny and decided to masturbate. My usual routine in the bedroom is to hook my lap top to my 40" TV and play a video of a woman masturbating. I set everything up, got out my dildo, turned on the TV and started the video. I was about 10 minutes into it and very turned on and was fucking myself furiously as I watched this woman masturbating with a dildo. What happened next, I never could have predicted. My daughter Erika walked right into my room. The lights were on and I was on top of my bedspread and had nothing to cover up with. The video is playing and my dildo was in hand. Oh my God, it was like time stood still. It felt surreal, scary and oddly enough, a turn on. It was this micro second thought of masturbating in front of someone (which is something I had fantasized about frequently)and the addition of my daughter being the one watching weirdly added to it. It was a feeling that was hard to explain. Being honest with myself, I believe the absolute taboo was the turn on. It wasn't unusual for Erika to stop by and even pop in to my room to say hi or good night. She apologized over and over, but what was odd was, she didn't immediately turn around and run out. She glanced over at the TV and then her eyes glued to my pussy. I didn't have any words to say. I wasn't apologizing for being in my own room doing something very private. Again, instead of leaving, Erika explained why she came over. She looked at the TV again, but this time, she didn't glance, she looked at it for a few seconds. She then to began to apologize again and it was at this point that I realized she has to be enjoying some part of this and that turned on a switch on for me. When she first walked in, my reaction of course was to close my legs. As she spoke, I slowly opened them a little and didn't realize it. Without premeditated thought, I opened them wide. I was still in this sort of involuntary euphoria from masturbating. Erika looked right at me. Now, I was sure that she would turn around and say goodnight. She didn't. Meanwhile, the video is still playing and the woman is now cumming. She lets the viewer know by saying, "I'm cumming, oh my God, I'm cumming." Right then, for a split second, we both looked at the TV. I could almost feel my body reacting from her cumming and I could feel that sensation in my clit. I'm so euphoric and without even thinking about it, I found my hand on my pussy. I'm extremely wet and incredibly horny. I was minutes away from orgasm when Erika walked in, the woman in the video is cumming and my daughter is looking at my pussy, now, with my hand on it, which has me experiencing something I've never even thought about. Erika is 25, and old enough to make her own choices. She has chosen to stay in my room and I'm trying to process this. Instead of this being something terrible and life damaging, it quickly evolved into sexual excitement for me and apparently her. The next scene comes on the video and it's a woman masturbating in front of another woman. What are the odds of this happening now?.! I decided Erika had a choice, she could leave or witness her mother masturbating. While it took courage on my part (or some may say lack of morals)I began rubbing my pussy without saying anything. I'm very turned on and that little taboo voice inside me hopes she stays and watches, but the voice of reason is also competing. I plunged two fingers into my pussy and fingered myself, pretending Erika wasn't there. I had my ring and middle finger in me and I can hear my wetness. I glance out of the corner of my eye and Erika is standing there with her eyes going back and forth between a video and her mother actually masturbating. With my other hand, I pick up the dildo. This was the thing that I felt put this to a new level. I pulled my legs back with knees against my chest and slid it in. With both hands on the dildo, I'm fucking myself. My daughter is still there. I let it all go. I said,"I'm turned on Erika." She didn't say a word. Erika was at my left and I am facing the TV straight ahead. I slowly inch my hips to the left....I'm facing her. She is maybe 8-10 feet from me. This has now turned into fucking myself for my daughter and I'm really turned on which is very hard to explain. Erika is still standing there with purse in hand mind you, as she has been frozen like a statue since she walked in. I'm fucking myself with this rhythmic motion and, am not far from orgasm. I start to feel it coming and say, "It's cumming, oh God, oh God, Erika it's cumming, oh God, oh....honey, Mom's cumming."... I actually squirted. A stream came out on the bed. It was on my thighs, the sheets. Amazing. Never, had I had an orgasm like this. Erika stood there completely frozen of course. Then, turned, said good night and walked out of the room. I laid there processing everything.I knew at some point we would have to talk about it and I was pretty confident things would be fine. After all, she chose this and certainly had a choice to leave when she wanted to. I waited about 15 minutes and then got up and went toward her room. It was hard to hear, but it did sound like she was masturbating. The next morning, I asked her if she masturbated last night and she told me yes. I asked if everything was OK and her words to me were, "don't worry Mom, I'm cool." We haven't talked about it since. I masturbate about it frequently and I'm guessing she does too. It was very hot and I would like to do it again and I think she would too. I'm thinking that in the future, she will do another surprise pop in.



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