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Mother and I

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After reading an archived story from November about a girl and her brother I decided to post this.

Two months ago, I had an interesting opportunity confront me, where I learned that I am no longer a sexual wimp. When I came home for an unexpected visit, my mom yelled downstairs, apparently thinking my father was home early. She proceeded to tell me that she was ready for it and her eyes were closed! Although she said many dirty things I can't remember exactly what they were. The main idea she conveyed though was that she was very hot and horny all day and she couldn't wait for my father to give her some pleasure.

I ran upstairs, looked in my mother's room, and saw her naked body lying on her bed, her eyes closed. I was so horny, I couldn't contain myself. I walked over quietly and started fingering her slowly. The entire time I did this she moaned out my father's name. Then I proceeded to massage her breasts with one hand, while still keeping two fingers in my mother's pussy, which actually almost filled it. I was surprised that her hole was that small after two children, although maybe my fingers are just big. After rubbing in and out of her sticky wetness, and massaging the hairs in her vagina, I walked away after less than five minutes of enjoyment. I figured I had to take care of myself before my pants ripped, they felt that tight.

After a bit of thinking, I realized how crazy I was to do it, and how angry my mother would be if she found out. When I walked down later that night, my mother was even surprised I was home. I knew I must tell her, so, when she was about to go to bed, I gave her a hug and whispered into her ear what I had done. She simply whispered back that she knew because my hands were softer than my dad's, and told me she'd see me tomorrow. I went to bed that night anxious to see how my mother enjoyed our experience. When I woke up she was beginning to unzip my pants and take them off. She said I should go back to sleep so she could return the favor. I told her that I had a different idea, something I had come up with during my many tosses and turns the night before. I told her that we would only do it in the presence of others, and that she would find out that night what I meant. I spent the day in careful planning, trying to hold myself off from masturbating before that night.

I told my parents I wanted to watch a movie together like my family used to when I was little. My parents agreed and that night we put in some movie my mom picked up from the video store. My dad sat on the left, my mom in the middle and I sat on the right. My mom leaned her head on my dads shoulders, cuddling up as she usually did. Yet, she kept giving me suspecting glances that I feared my dad would catch. Halfway through the movie, I pulled a blanket up, saying that I was cold, and put it over my mom's lap, along with my own. Then with my mom still cuddling with my father, I unzipped her pants and tickled her pussy. I put two fingers up her and rubbed her in and out slowly and kept her purring lightly.

My dad did not suspect, even when my mother had to go to the bathroom with a large wet spot in her pants. That night I slept in the nude, thinking about what I had done for my mom. I woke up again with my mom hovering over me, although this time she had her hand on my dick before I woke up. I told her that we couldn't do that because there weren't others present. We continued pulling quilts up whenever we sat next to each other for a couple times, and I found that hiding it made it much more exciting. Yet I was hoping to get my own pleasure, so I discussed a couple things with my mother and we had a few new experiences which I will list here fairly briefly.

1. The first step was to get our fun without something covering us up. There were a few options we tried, two of which worked really well. The first one that surprisingly worked was simply having me stick my fingers in my mom while we were doing something. Shockingly, you can be very discreet with your hand, and no one notices unless they are looking right at mom. The only time we saw someone looking I simply acted like I was reaching for something on the other side of my mother. Another thing that worked was tearing a small hole in spandex or skirts that my mother would wear, then I would just shift her thong and finger her ass.

2. We had to find a way to get our fun without sitting down. This was easily handled as whenever we would be in such a situation, my mother would wear jeans. I could just walk up for a quick whispered conversation, and while doing so I could unzip her jeans or shorts and slip my fingers in to give her a quick fix.

3. The final problem was getting her to masturbate me. We still haven't found a good way to secretly do this, so we would appreciate any of your suggestions! By the way, we do nothing more than masturabate each other, because we want to keep it safe.



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