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Younger Guys That Like Older Guys


I'm an active, older gay guy who finds that getting action is getting harder and harder as time goes on. ('Nobody Likes You When You're Old And Gay.'), so it always amazes when I find some young guy who really prefers an older guy. They're out there. There just aren't as many as we older guys would like.

Last night was one of those times.

I often cruise an area of town at night where guys get together on a regular basis. It's an unlighted parking lot on some cliffs over-looking the ocean. A little risky, but not so much so that it stops guys from hooking up there. Guys will check each other out there, see that both of them want some action, and then either go to a car or walk across the street into a wooded area. The majority of the action is either oral or jacking off.

Last night was very slow. I was sitting in my car listening to the radio, just about to give up for the night and head home, when a car pulled into the parking space behind me. A guy got out and walked up toward my car (I had the window open) and stood there for a few seconds looking at me. I could see that he was a solidly built black guy (I'm white) and, from what I could see in the dim light, young, probably in his late twenties-early thirties, and pretty good looking. I expected he'd look at me, see my age, and back off. Instead he came up to the car.

'Hi, I said. 'Want some company?' (My favorite pick-up line.) 'Sure', he said. So I unlocked the passenger side and he got in. My next line: 'What do you like to do?' and he said, 'I'm just passing through town, so what I'd like to do is go to my motel room.' I asked him where it was, I knew the place, so we agreed that I'd follow him there.

We parked our cars next to each other and went to his room, me not knowing for sure how this was going to go.

In the room, in full light, I could see that he was, indeed, solidly built, young, and very good looking, very muscular with shiny black skin and a shaved head. I'm always worried that a guy like that will see me in full light and get turned off by my age-it's happened- but not to worry this time. He took one look at me and came over and got me in a bear hug, running his hands all over my back and ass, pulling me up tight against him. We then stepped back and both began to undress, just throwing our clothes on the floor. As he took off his underwear I saw that he was just about the same size as me, maybe a little smaller, but thicker. (I'm an honest-to-god 6 and 3/4ths inches. I hate it when guys post here that they've got 8 or 9 inch dicks. I've been with hundreds of guys and I'm telling you that guys that big are really rare. Most guys are 6 inches or less and my almost 7 inch dick frequently gets compliments. I'm all for 'truth in adversizing'.)

Both nude now, he said, 'What a great dick!' And I said, 'Yours looks like a big, black club', which made him smile. He stepped to the bed and pulled back the covers, and we both laid down.

It was at this point that he got unexpectedly domineering, saying that white guys always went too fast and he liked to take things real slow. He got two rubbers from the nightstand and handed me one. (I noticed they were 'Magnum'-size!) He ordered me to get in a six-nine position, we slipped a condom on each other, and we both got very oral- my favorite activity! To my great surprise, he was able to deep-throat me and was able to hold it there for a long time with out gagging. Sorry to say, I still can't do that very well, but I wasn't hearing any complaints from him.

By this time, I was very hot and started going at him very fast. He got very dominating, saying, 'Slow down! Relax! Take it easy and enjoy it!' This went on for about 20 minutes, me losing composure and speeding up and him forcing me to slow down.

Then he said, 'O.K., now I want to get you off by hand, but my way.'

He laid on his back and moved himself up to where he was sitting up on a pillow against the headboard. He then ordered me to move myself into a position on my back where my legs were over his shoulders, resting on the headboard, my head laying on the bed away from him, and he made me scoot up until our balls were pressed against each other. He reached over to the nightstand and got a bottle of lube, ('Pure olive oil', he said), and dripped some onto my dick. He then began to slowly jack me off- and I mean slowly. Gently massaging and stroking me, rolling his fingers around the head of my dick and the sensitive area just below it, maddeningly never speeding up but allowing my tension and pleasure to build up and up, occasionally dripping on more olive oil.

Everytime I would start to pump my ass up and down, urging him to speed up, he would say, 'No, now just relax and let me do you real slow.'

This went on for at least 20 minutes or more, the pleasure building until I was moaning, grunting-and seriously wishing the guy would just speed up and get me off! Not to happen. He just continued at an incredibly slow pace until, finally, I boiled over with an orgasm of wave after wave of pleasure. One of the best orgasms I've ever had- if not the best.

I laid there breathing very hard for a minute, him still slowly rubbing my still semi-hard dick, until I held my head up and looked to see him with this sexy grin on his face and a mess of cum all over his hands. He then reached over to the night table and got a towel- he'd thought this thing out!- and carefully cleaned me off and then himself. Leaving me there still coming down, he got up and went to the bathroom and I could hear him washing his hands.

He came back- with a fresh towel I noticed- and laid down beside me and snuggled for a few minutes, each still rubbing each others bodies and dicks, me now soft and him still rock-hard.

Then he said, 'Would you do me that way?'

Usually when I'm done, I'm done, but this time I had this real urge to torment him the way he'd done me, so we reversed our previous positions and I proceeded to 'do' him just the way he'd done me- exquisitely slow, lots of lube, using both hands at times, occasionally dripping more lube onto his glistening club- until I had him squirming, grunting, and moaning, just the way I'd been. Then, finally, I could feel his whole body tensing and with a loud grunt, he came, shooting cum all over his belly and my hands.

He laid there with his eyes closed while I continued to gently, gently rub his deflating dick. Then I reached over and got the towel and cleaned him off carefully, like he'd done me.

We laid there for a while, just talking about stuff, discussing the movie 'Brokeback Mountain' (He hadn't seen it!), and then talking about being queer and what that was like now compared to 20 or 30 years ago. We agreed there is still a long way to go for acceptance, if it ever happens. He said he thought there really weren't any really straight guys. Everyone was more or less 'bi', it just took the right situation to bring it out. I said, 'Wishful thinking.', and we both laughed.

Finally, I decided I'd better go. I told him because of my circumstances I couldn't give him my phone number ('Brokeback Mountain' is my life.) He said he'd be leaving town the next morning, but he comes through this town a couple of times a year and the next time he was here, he'd look for me up on the cliffs.

Here's hoping it happens.

This post is pay-back for some of the great posts I've read on Solo Touch since I discovered it a couple of years ago.

I feel I still owe you all.

(But some of you need to learn the right way to measure a dick!)



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