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Most of My Life

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I absolutely love this site! I've been on it for about a year and it's GREAT!


Hi everyone! Just want to say that this is one of my most favourite web sites and I highly recommend it to all of my friends. They love it! I have been considering submitting a story for a long time and here it is. I think it's great to hear about other people's sexual experiences and I'm really pleased to be able to share mine. To my story anyway.

I have been masturbating for most of my life. I'm currently in eighth grade, and still do. I can remember when I was in kindergarten, age four or five, and we'd always have 'naptime'. On one day, during this time, a girl who was lying not too far away from me, was on her stomach and had her arms underneath her. She was squirming around and her hands were rubbing at her body. I had no idea what masturbation was, but at that time I tried to do whatever in the world she was doing. I found out that rubbing in my 'private' area brought a wonderful sensation.

I did it every day during naptime, curious and pleased. I then forgot it, but a couple of years later was at it again. I would only do it at bedtime, where no one could find me and see what I was up to. As before I would lie on my stomach, massage my lips and my clit, feeling the juiciness. Usually after fifteen minutes of massaging I would get that wonderful 'buzz'. When I was nine I heard the word masturbation and had a hint of what it was. Looking on the web, I found my answers and I knew what I was doing.

I masturbated that way until I was about 11, when I realized that vibrators worked great. I would put it on full speed and rub it all over my clit, waiting for about three minutes, when I'd get an earth-shattering orgasm. I love orgasms and when I first heard that word I thought it was really strange, but I knew what they were. When I was in third grade I remember telling my younger sister about what I was doing. We were sitting in our room and bored, so I was talking to her about it.,

'Do you know that if you rub it on your private, it feels really good?' I asked her.

'No,' she said, ignoring me and not really caring.

We never brought it up again until I was twelve and she was ten. We were in our room, which had windows all around without any curtains, shades or anything. We lived out in the country, so we didn't worry about people looking in on us. On one occasion the vibrator was in our room and we were watching TV. She complained about sore muscles, so she was rubbing her legs with it. I knew what she wanted to do, as she was starting to masturbate too. I told her I wanted to go get something out of the car and I left her.

I went outside and peeked through the window. It was dark so she couldn't see me. I watched her rubbing the vibrator all over her clit, with clothes on, and her legs were jerking all over. She started twitching and got into spasms when she turned it off about two minutes later, looking flushed and relieved. I knew she had just had an orgasm. I went back into our room, where she was innocently rubbing her legs again.

'I saw you through the window, you dirty little girl,' I told my sister, laughing. She looked embarrassed but held the vibrator out to me.

'Here, you try it now,' she said in a high-pitched voice, sounding rather stupid. I didn't really care, so I walked off. To this day I use that vibrator and it feels wonderful. I used to masturbate with it about three times a day, receiving wonderful orgasms. Now it's about once every other day, whenever I can get my hands on it. I highly recommend vibrators to girls out there. They're great!

I loved writing this and I'm going to masturbate some more, so catch you all later! Have fun rubbing!



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