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Most Memorable Experience

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I've been sitting here reading stories this morning. My mind has flashed back to what is without a doubt my most memorable masturbation experience. I get seriously hard every time I think about it, so I decided I would share it with you. I've had many memorable experiences, but this one was the ultimate for me.

About ten years ago, I was out taking a walk and I ran into one of my married neighbor-ladies also taking a walk. We finished our loop together and as we got back to our street, she invited me in for something cold to drink. I thought nothing about it because I've been in her house many times visiting with her and her husband.

I was about 39 and she was about 49 at the time. Her husband was about 59. I knew their sex life wasn't all that great because she was always talking about how he had a hard time 'getting it up', etc. Also, he traveled a lot with his job. He was out of town the day we walked together.

We stood in the kitchen talking, then moved to the couch and continued talking. The subject of sex somehow came up and she said she had gone without for months. So she didn't feel this was her problem only, I told her it had been months for me, too. I told her in a joking manner the only girlfriend I had lately was the palm of my hand. She then admitted she was about to 'burn' her vibrator up she used it so much.

Suddenly, what started out as a casual conversation was taking on some sexual overtones. I found myself looking at her in a new way, too. She was in need and was she really trying to drop hints? I wasn't sure. She continued the conversation by asking me how often I did it. I smiled and told her probably every other day or so. 'How about you?' I asked her.

'Just about every day,' she said.

Suddenly, you could cut the sexual tension in the air with a knife. I was also starting to get pretty stiff between my legs. She asked me what I thought about when I masturbated. I told her that truthfully, I thought about pussy. I went ahead and used the street terminology. I told her I loved the look of them, loved the feel of them, and I fantasized about what all the neighbor women looked like down there. I told her I had fantasized about them showing me while I masturbated for them. She asked me if that included her, too.

I told her of course it did. I told her I had had many fantasies about her over the years I had known her. By now, I was seriously hard. My pants must have had a huge tent but I didn't want to look down to check it out. I didn't care at that point. I know she could tell.

She excused herself to go to the bathroom in her master bedroom. I sat on the couch for about five minutes in a state of super sexual arousal. I was wondering where this was going.

Finally, she came walking out of her bedroom and down the hall. She was wearing a robe! She walked straight towards me looking me in the eyes the whole way. She stopped right at the edge of the couch where I was seated and she opened her robe and let it fall to the floor. She was totally naked.

Oh my God, I thought. Her breasts were larger than medium and her nipples were a good two inches in diameter, brown with large tips. She had an enormous hairy bush of dark brown hair. Then she spoke. 'You don't have to fantasize about what I look like. You can look at me.'

She reached down with two hands and parted the hair on her bush and peeled her lips apart, then she placed a leg up on the couch so I could have a good 'in between' look. Her pussy opened up and it was a luscious pink. Her clit was larger than most I've seen (and I've seen a great many, too.)

I told her how beautiful her body was ... how beautiful her pussy looked, and how much I loved her breasts. She then used one hand and cupped a breast, pulling it up and licking her nipple with her tongue.

Without asking permission or her prompting me, I unbuckled, unzipped, and slid out of my pants. I held my throbbing hard-on in my hand as I looked at her pussy. She reached down and felt me and gave me some strokes and complimented my hardness and size. I slowly started jacking myself, relishing what I was looking at. She told me how sexy it was as she watched me jacking off.

Then she asked, 'Do you mind if I get myself off, too?' She went to the other end of the couch and laid down and spread open her legs giving me a massive wide open view of her pussy. She placed both hands betweeen her legs and started massaging her pussy, rubbing her clit, fingering herself, watching me, saying some really naughty X-rated things ... It was awesome!

When I knew I was going to cum, I stood and leaned over her and shot my deposit all over her breasts. She used her hands to rub the cream into her skin. Then she started rubbing her clit rapidly and she came with loud moans and groans.

It took us about 30 minutes to get dressed and then she kissed me and told me how much she enjoyed it.

We got together maybe four or five more times like this. Then I think she started getting the guilts and we didn't do it anymore.

Looking back, that was the one most extremely hot, unexpected, most arousing experiences ever. I bet I have jacked myself off a thousand times in the last ten years thinking about that incident.



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