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Most Erotic Moment So Far

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I am in my last year of VI form college in the UK. This happened last Thursday on Prize Giving Evening.


I was due to give a dancing demonstration - solo ballet. There is always a performance before Prize Giving and my entrance was from the back of a packed hall.

I had got into my long white flowing dress and had walked around to the outside of the back of the hall to wait to be announced and for my music to start.

On the seats outside was one of the dads. He looked like he had some kind of problem because he had two sticks and was rubbing a knee - it looked painful. He looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back and asked about his leg. He said he had a long-standing arthritis and it was very painful. He had a lovely rich, almost musical voice, and suddenly, I felt really sorry for him.

I also feared arthritis, because it is in my family too. I dread getting it myself. I started to think how lucky I was that I was able to move and dance and wondered how it affected this man. Clearly he couldn't walk easily, and somehow, I started wondering about how it affects his sex life. Since all I had on was a sheer white dress and white knickers, I suppose I also wondered if he fancied me.

Whatever, I knew I had started to get wet, and I was horny. I am usually a little horny when I dance because I know people are not only looking at my dance, some are wondering if I shave (I do), and what positions I can get into for sex. (I don't know yet - I am still a virgin). Once, someone asked me if I practice dancing naked (Yes - and always masturbate afterwards.)

So I was called, went in, and did my dance which starts and ends at the back of the hall.

When I came out again, I was hot and sticky in more ways than one. I went straight into the girls toilets opposite the hall, and peeled my knickers down. They were certainly wet and not just with my pussy, they were a little sweaty too.

I was about to just er...well....rub one out when I remembered the guy sitting outside. I decided in a flash what I would do and the mere thought of it made me super horny. I leaned back against the stall wall, and just hooked the crotch of my knickers over the index finger of my left hand, diddled my clit with my right forefinger and gently pushed the crotch of my knickers against my hole - I have never had anything in there (other than VERY small tampons) but the thought was enough and I came really quickly - and really hard.

I mopped up (I tend to squish a bit when I masturbate standing up) then I just let my dress drop and left the toilets. He was still sitting there, and again we looked at each other and smiled. I walked past him and just dropped my knickers into his lap - then I ran around the corner of the hall and back to the classroom we used as a dressing room.

On the drive home, my mum kept looking at me pointedly and glancing down at my crotch. I think she was telling me I needed a wash! (If only mum knew!)

Back in my bedroom, I had what for me was a really wild night. I imagined this man smelling my knickers, wanking, and as my mind explored all the possibilities, I wondered about whether he CAN still have sex. Maybe his wife is bi-sexual - maybe they BOTH got some fun out of my knickers.

I lost count of how many times I orgasmed, each accompanying fantasy was wilder and wilder. What if he wore them? What if his wife did? Would he have fucked me if I asked him too? Would he be a gentle lover, or would he, quite literally, screw my brains out. (And anyway, what does it feel like when you're being fucked... shit....I have to find out soon!)

Finally, when my clit was starting to feel sore, and I actuall had a dry mouth from having all though silent cums (mum told me about masturbation, but I only made the mistake of moaning aloud once!) I went to my little bathroom (we have en-suite to all the bedrooms here) and had my last cum. I did it standing in the bath with my back against the wall. I just let myself cum and squish... allowing it to run down my legs.

I must say the next day I was SOOO sore down there!



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