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Morning With Friend

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This happened last night.

My friend and I are both 16 and grew up in a small town so have been close for our entire lives. We always talk about masturbation but have only seen each other naked a few times and never openly. The other day he came over to swim at my house at about 9:00 at night. I have a big in ground pool so we just turn on the lights and swim around. After about two hours we got bored so we went inside and played some wii for another two hours. By then we were very tired and it was soooo hot. I have a guest bedroom in the basement however we decided to sleep in the same bed. (Small town remember) Neither of us are shy about our bodies and both immediately striped down to our boxers (me boxer briefs) and climbed onto the bed. We talked for a couple minutes about a party happening at the end of the week. And we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up at eight the next morning. Both my parents already left for work so my friend and I are alone until five. When I awoke I quickly realized I had a boner. So I started to get real nervous. Then making it worse I felt my friend lying up against me with my back against my wall pillow and him on his side facing me. Well to say the least I was scared and my heart starting pounding out of my chest. I'm thinking how I am supposed to get out of bet without waking him since he has me pinned against the wall. Now my bed is not small and I would have to sneak a good ways to get off. I took too long though and I felt him flex into me. I was thinking 'Oh shit. He is going to wake up and think I am up to something'. But at the same time feeling his dick press up against me was so good I almost came right there. His eyes open and for like three seconds he just stares at me. Then he realizes the position we are in and quickly rolls over to the other end of the bed. I am freaking in my head and he just says he is sorry and then jumps out of the bed. But the problem is that as he rolled out of the bed his boner must have came out his fly (that's why I like boxer briefs) because it's pressing against his chest.

We had never seen each other erect before and I was surprised to see how thick his cock was. It looked to be about seven inches and hairy at the base.

He quickly spun around and pushed himself back into his shorts. Now he is really embarrassed and I see that I am off scot-free. As he turns back completely red I can't help but crack a huge smile. He doesn't appreciate this and tells me to shut up. Now we are both completely compromised because we can both still see each other's boners pushing up our shorts. I decide to just go for it I mean this is like an all time fantasy of mine and there is no way I am going to let it get away. So, I just lightly grip my dick and say, 'Just don't worry about it. You have nothing to be embarrassed about anyway.' Then I slide out of bed being careful to stay in my shorts and walk into my closet to find clothes for us.

As I am looking for something I am thinking of what to do next. I'm not gay but I really wanted to try something with a guy and this moment was just perfect. I decide to just give it a try and hope he was into it. With my heart beating I take all the clothes in my left arm and pull my dick out with my right. With the feeling like I was going to pass out I walked out my closet stroking my dick. My friend looked completely dumbfounded. He did not freak out and leave so I guessed he was thinking the same as I was. I took my hand off just as I reached him and asked, 'Any of these looking good for you?' I was hoping he would take that as a hint but he took a shirt and a pair of shorts. Feeling disappointed I took some clothes for myself and we looked at him as he moved into the corner to change. With my dick still hanging out I said, 'So, you don't shave down south do you? You know I shave everything, I mean you made fun my pits but I really shave everything.' Unexpectedly he turns around looking completely like he was about to ask a question. To beat him to the punch I slid my boxers down to reveal my shaved dick and balls. Oddly he didn't look shocked at all. So I walked over and said, 'I really can't take care of this myself.' This did it for him. He dropped the clothes and reached for his dick. As he dropped his boxers I took hold of his cock and wow it felt so good. Feeling his warm moist dick and his hair just made sent waves through my body. I started to slowly fell my way over his head and then down to his sweaty and very harry balls. He was huge. He started to feel my very hard cock and I could feel him rubbing my precum down my smooth shaft. It was incredible. We went on for a couple minutes until I could not take it anymore. I stopped and offered to take this to the shower. He agreed so we gathered up our clothes and moved into my bathroom. My shower is all black with a glass door. I turned on the water and led him inside. After we washed each other and frequent strokes we got way too horny. I can't say what we tried next but oh my god it was good! After about 45 minutes of complete pleasure I had him pressed up against the wall out of reach of the shower head. We were stroking each other for all we were worth. Only lasting like 20 seconds I blew the largest load ever over his great tense chest and then over his cock balls and my hand. Three strokes later he let loose over my chest and cock. Feeling his hot come run over my shaved chest and over my balls was the best ever.

Right now he is watching TV in the other room and we are both in our boxers. So I must not keep myself waiting any longer I am going to go have seconds. Peace.



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