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Morning With Doug

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This is absolutely true.

The dialogue may not be exact, but as close as I remember. and Oh... his name isn't Doug, but that's all I changed.


Doug's bare back was staring at me as I entered the kitchen Saturday morning.

'Good Morning' I said..

'He glanced over his shoulder 'Great Morning!' he said with a sly smile.

He was right. We had sex the night before for the first time, and it was the singular greatest fuck I had ever had. Doug took me to orgasm three times, as he skilfully alternated between soft gentle love making, and animalistic hard deep fucking.

He was buttering his toast as I slid my arms around him, pressing my breasts against his back, and running my hands across his tight muscular chest and stomach.

'Last night was awesome, Doug' I said, as I teased his nipple with one hand, and ran the other across the front of his boxers. I found his long soft dick, and squeezed it.

'Finally, the lion sleeps' I murmured, as I pressed my cheek against his neck.

He quickly began to harden, and responded 'Not for long'.

I slid his boxers quickly down his thighs, and wrapped my fist around his erection. My thumb and index finger barely met, and I remembered how shocked I was the night before when I first felt it. It was long and thick, with a fat head. I wasn't sure it was going to fit in me. But after a long session of fingering me, and stretching me, Doug filled me with his python. I could still feel the ache from the night before, but a good ache. I began to stroke him. Doug placed both hands on cabinet above him, I continued to rub his chest and nipples with my left hand as I slowly stroked. I looked over, and saw his half buttered toast, and grabbed a handful of butter from the butter dish, and smeared it onto his erection. Doug sighed, as my now well greased hand slipped up and down him, making a quiet slurping noise. I ran my slick hand up his belly and across his chest, buttering his stomach and nipples. I grabbed some more butter, returned to fisting him, and rubbed the butter into his hardened nipples with my left hand. I rapidly teased his nipple tips with index finger, as I increased the pace of my stroking. I talked dirty to him.

Doug was thrusting into my fist, his tight ass cheeks bouncing against my stomach. He was breathing hard, and tossing his head back and forth, as I sped up even faster. His first spurt landed on his toast plate, Two more volleys puddle on the kitchen floor.

Doug turned and kissed me deeply, still breathing hard, then slipped his arms under my armpits and lifted me onto the kitchen counter. He spread my robe open, then my legs. I looked down as he first scooped butter onto his fingers, then onto my pussy. He deftly rubbed it over my clit, and down my swelling labia. I looked at him, his chest glistening with the smears of butter, his underwear still around his knees, his magnificent dick still hard and slick. He alternated fingering my hole with two fingers, and furiously rubbing my clit. He played with my nipples, as I spread my legs as wide as possible to give him access. My juices were leaking, and mixing with the soft butter, creating a soft noise to his rapid rubbing. I felt the orgasm swelling within me, and Doug drove both fingers into and up me, filling me and hitting my clit at the same time. My pussy clenched involuntarily, as I exploded.

Doug pulled me off the counter, and into his arms. His still hard and greasy dick pressed against my stomach as we kissed again.

He grabbed the butter dish, took my hand, and led me back to the bedroom.

'On your back', he said as he slathered his cock with the butter.



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