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Morning Massage

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Here's to Christopher--may you enjoy, I know I did


This story recently happened to me while I had the rest of the afternoon off when I was on a business trip. I had screwed up my back before I had left for the trip and I thought a good massage before dinner would help me through the rest of the trip. I went to the hotel health club and got undressed, put on my robe, and headed for the hot tub before my appointment in 15 minutes. There was one good looking guy lounging in a chair around the hot tub who partially had his robe open and I could not help but notice he had a really huge long dick with the head covered completely by his foreskin. As I stepped down in the hot tub and took my seat across from him his legs opened wider and his robe fell more off to the sides. I looked up at him as he was smiling and slowly tugging on his dick as it grew even larger. My own 7' dick was as hard as could possible be as I directed the jets right on my asshole totally enjoying the show in front of me. We could hear someone walking towards the room as he covered himself up and they called my name saying my room was ready. When I looked up to get out my friend was gone. I grabbed my towel as I got out covering up my throbbing hard cock then throwing on my robe as I followed the attendant to my room. I was told to lay face down to start with on the table and Chris would be right with me. My back side was covered with a sheet and my head was straight down looking at the floor as I heard Chris enter the room. I explained to Chris what was wrong and we talked for a while as he got started on a great relaxing massage that really made me feel better. Chris asked if it was ok to completely remove the sheet so he could really work on my back and I said sure since that sounded good plus also exciting since I had never been completely naked for a massage. Chris started again on my upper thighs with his oily hands and continued up my legs till he was massaging my ass with his hands and it felt great. My cock was now growing larger and larger underneath me as I hope all of this would lead some where sexually. Chris instructed me to spread my legs further and as I did he slowly moved his right hand down my ass 'til he found my twitching hole. He squirted some more oil right on my hole and slowly entered one finger in my hole and massaged the inside of my asshole as I was moving all over the table squirming and moaning.
After a minute of this I told Chris he better stop as I was enjoying this too much and ready to blast a load. He pulled his finger out and moved lower 'til he had my balls in his hand massaging my nuts. All of this felt so good. Chris told me to turn over and I couldn't believe what I saw when I did, there was my great looking guy from the hot tub earlier naked as me sporting a 9' boner. When I turned over my own hard cock was leaking all over my stomach. Chris stood to the side of me and massaged my stomach muscles moving lower till he was stroking my hot hard cock. This was too much, I needed to get my hands on Chris and that huge cock of his. I told him to join me on the table as I sat up. We got up on our knees and I grabbed his 9' pole and stroked the foreskin back and fourth over the head then I took my dick and lined it up with his 'til I could cover my dick with his foreskin --- Our precome made it easy to stroke the two together as I beat on them faster and faster. We were both sweating and moaning so much I'm surprised someone didn't bust in to see what was going on. Chris then took our two hardons and moved closer so he could beat them off together, looking down at my cock and his huge dick together sent me over the edge as my dick head started blasting come all over his stomach and hand. I held on to Chris as I unloaded my nuts everywhere. Chris grabbed my tits as I shot my last stream of come. I fell backwards on the table exhausted from the great sex. Chris' dick looked huge and his dickhead was completely uncovered from his foreskin as he moved up on the table as he was stroking his big cock right over my chest. I reached up and grabbed his nuts just as he shot the biggest load I had ever seen. Come streamed out of his big hard cock in ropes across my face and chest 5-6 different times. I had a great view as he unloaded all over me. It was the hottest sex I had ever had. Chris took a warm towel and cleaned me and finished me off with the rest of the best massage I had ever had to this date. I gave Chris my room number and we continued our fun in my room later that night.



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