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Morning Jog

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My name is Stacy and I've been masturbating as long as I can remember.


I'm 5'6' blonde with light green eyes, small tits and a firm ass. When it comes to health I'm great with exercising but not so great with food sometimes. I really love running more then anything else (beside masturbation). I woke up this morning around 5:30 feeling sassy if you know what I mean!

As I threw my covers to one side the cool air kissed my body all over making me feel even more sassy. Should I do a quickie, more importantly do I have time? 5:45 nope, I got to do my morning jog then get ready for work. I decided to only wear a sports bra and red short shorts with no panties.

I stepped outside and figured I would visit the country side on this jog, which is right behind my house. As I start my jog I run past my neighbors and soon I found my self in the desert. As I was jogging my thoughts were racing with the feeling of how wet my snatch is, not just wet but sweaty along with the rest of my body. I decided to take a break when I stumbled upon a collection of rocks the happened to make a shape of a chair.

I sat down and it wasn't the most comfortable place but it beats the sitting on the ground. I sat there feeling hot and sweaty I looked around and decided it was safe so I took my bra off. As my bra passed my erect nipples I felt a little jolt of electricity all the way from my tits to my pussy. My hands had a mind of there own and before I knew it my shorts were off.

I sat there in the middle of nowhere on a cloudy day naked and HORNY! I started to lightly touch and pinch my nipples. My right hand soon found its way down to my stomach then on my inner thighs. My nails lightly touching my thighs, my thighs me ticklish which made me giggle a little. By now the weather turned from cloudy too a light sprinkle. I could feel each and every little drop on my body as I was playing with my tits and thighs.

As it was sprinkling I took my middle and forefinger and ran them across my body getting them all nice and wet with water. I wasted no time and started to finger myself slowly while my left hand, hard but slowly rubbed my clit. Both fingers entered me and I held them there for a few minutes. I started to pump a little faster, as my fingers were pumping I started to cream. My pussy juices started flowing and escaping every time my fingers left my pleasure centre and dribbling down to my butt hole.

Was I afraid that someone might come along and see? Yes... What would I do if someone did come along? I would continue, let them enjoy an see the hole thing through to the end. This thought actually made me even wetter!

I started to pump faster and faster 'fap, fap, fap, fap' I was moaning and breathing heavier and deeper. While the weather turned from sprinkle to actual raindrops. Ohhhhhhhh... oh god I'm CUMMING! Fingering faster and faster to where all I could hear was my palm hitting my cunt and my moaning! As I came I could feel a huge jet of warm pussy juices cover my hand. I lay there exhausted, I go limp and fall back into the rock formation. I look at my hand. Both fingers and part of my palm was soaked with white cream. No point for it to go to waste. I licked my hand clean mmmmmmmmm... nothing tastes better then my own cum.

I laid there for 15 to 20 minutes collecting myself before I headed home. I didn't bother putting my clothes on, I just jogged home well more like walked home. When I got home I looked down and saw some cum left over on my thigh. I scooped it up and licked it clean. 8:00. I'm going to be late for work but I don't care. Got dressed in a sexy dress and went to work with no underwear.

I might have more stories to tell but that all depends on the feedback I get. Until then happy fingering and jerking!



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