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More With My Brother

Posted by: Author: Age: 16 Posted on: 2 comments
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Ok, so, this is all true and yeah, its with my brother so if you don't like this don't read it. Its getting me off big time writing about what I do here and I am kinda experimenting with some of the dirtier things I am thinking about lately.


Last time, I wrote about how my kid brother had spied on me and that we agreed we could watch each other from time to time. Well, we had another session last night. We were in his room talking about sex and he was full of questions. 'Does it hurt? What do I think about?' then he said 'When you get all wet like that, doesn't it feel wierd?' This got me thinking. I am usually quite wet and when I am horny, it can be like Niagra Falls down there. I told him that it felt really good. Then he asked me does it make my panties smell. I guess I had noticed that sometimes when I have been particulaly wet at school that yeah, I guess it does.

I was sitting opposite him on his bed and he asked me if I was wet now. I knew he could almost see for himself so I told him to take a look. Sure enough, he could see the tell tale marks on my panties. Then he asked what a girl smells like. I rubbed my crotch and held my fingers out for him. Almost instantly, he became hard. 'Wow Em. That's HOT' Then he got his cock out and started stroking. I let him carry on for a while then I had a bad idea. I slipped my panties off and held them out to him. I told him to take them and smell me on them. He got totally lost in what he was doing and I even saw his tongue sneak out as he licked the crotch of my damp panties.

Then he said 'Oh fuck Em, I'm gonna cum' I told him I wanted him to cum right in the crotch. It was kinda kinky I guess to watch him. When he was done, I took them back to my room and locked the door. I put them back on and pulled them up real slow. It felt so bad to have my panties full of cum, expecially since it was my brothers. As I felt the crotch touch my hot pussy I lay on the bed and pushed the wet material inside me. I had the dirtiest fantasy of him fucking me and me telling him to shoot his load in me. I had the most awesome orgasm ever. Really powerful and dirty. When I was done, I took care of something else I have been thinking about for a long time now. I went into my bathroom and deliberately wet myself.

I am having all kinds of dirty thoughts at the moment, but then I am mid cycle and always horny as hell. Never like this though. I think I am ready to explore some more dirty stuff. Somehow, although I know it's wrong, doing stuff with my brother feels safe somehow. If I did anything like this with any boys from school, I would get a reputation as a slut, and I'm not ready for that.... yet.



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