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More Wife's Denials (Amy 2)

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Hopefully you will have read my previous story which will supply the details that my wife, Amy is a secret masturbator, doesn't want me to know or become involved, so I have now assumed the part of voyeur. The die had been cast and that will be my secret because exposing her would be disastrous to our sexual life. I have thoroughly enjoyed spying on her and it has even made our love-making more sensual since I have learned a lot about what really excites her. However, there's a little deviousness in me as well that I hope I'll be able to divulge in later stories.


I'll have to admit that Amy's persistence in lying about masturbating is a bit perturbing, but it's far outweighed by the pleasure I receive in finding creative ways of spying on her and goading her into pleasuring herself.

The bathroom scenario has become a mainstay and I'm able to catch her both on the toilet and in the shower frigging away without a care in the world. Too much hot water, and the mirror becomes too foggy to see, so I have applied a commercial product that is primarily used on car windshields to both her mirror and shower translucent door. On the toilet is much more vivid because I have a wonderful view of her straight on and she wontanly spreads her legs wide as she becomes increasingly excited and closer to the orgasm. I have sat on the toilet several times and tried to see if anything was on the other side of the bathroom door when it's ajar by only a crack. Nothing can be detected as long as the bedroom and closet lights are off and the curtains closed, and I always check first.

It wasn't long before I found a slight change in her routine. Now she had probably been doing this for years, but I was rather new in discovering this. She had washed her face, turned on the shower and I was pleased when she did not get in but instead sat on toilet, stark naked, and started gently probing her feminine folds and getting her clit wet. Then she got up, which startled me, so I backed off and shot into the bed pretending to be sleeping...nothing. I crept back to find her back on the toilet with a large, blue, rubbery penis-shaped dildo, rubbing it across her slit. She must have been very wet because within 15 seconds she had much of it up her pussy and was quickly rubbing her clit. Where the heck did that dildo come from? I would have to investigate later, but for now, with cock in hand, I was intent on watching the pleasure Amy was getting out of her play toy.

At first, she just rubbed her clit and made little movements with her blue toy, but soon she was drawing it all the way out to the penis-shaped, bulbous head which was spreading her pussy wide open and making her large clit protrude even more. Then she'd work it back in a couple times until all that was left was the base. The dildo was much bigger than my cock and I now understood why she could engulf me in her pussy in one, quick thrust...and oh that always felt so good.

Now, I later retrieved that dildo and did some measuring which surprised me. It's 12" from tip to base, so at least 10" were embedded in Amy's pussy. The head was nicely penis-shaped with the rim a little over 7", narrowed to 5", then shaft 6" in circumference for the main shaft. But 2" from the base it narrowed considerably to only 4". Pretty large in my estimation. The material was really soft and springy, probably a silicone polymer, but firm enough to maintain it's lovely shape. OK...yes I tried it you-know-where...didn't work...was sore for three days.

In and out it went into her wet pussy, the fingers of her other hand busy at her clit, until she suddenly stopped altogether followed just moments later by a grunt I could hear over the shower. Her face turned red, eyes rolled, and she almost folded over forward, clamping her legs together. She just sat there, legs together, straight out, both hands and the dildo trapped inbetween and spasmed for a good 30 seconds. My cock spurted several ropes of semen into my underwear as I leaned against the door jam to maintain my balance.

She caught her breath from an obviously intense orgasm, spread her legs apart and slowly began pulling the dildo out, quivering occasionally, until all that was left was the head. As the bulbous head moved past her pussy lips, it left a gaping hole through which whitish liquid flowed out. Not a lot, but enough to wet the toilet seat and drip on the floor. She quickly went into the shower and I watched her clean off the dildo and then went to the kitchen to fix breakfast. Her girl cum would be a subject for another story.

Now I was under the male chauvinistic impression that our lovemaking would satisfy her urges, but was properly educated when catching her masturbating just minutes after a satisfying morning screw. She came because I could feel her pussy rhythmically clench around my cock milking my cum into her. Has she ever faked an orgasm? Yup! But I'm pretty certain I can tell the difference after over 20 years...at least most of the time.

This first time I caught her, she just plopped down on the toilet, spread her legs and used my cum mixed with her juices to masturbate. Didn't even turn on the shower, so I heard the squishy sounds of masturbation which lasted a good ten minutes before she came. She wiped her hands on her breasts and then headed for the shower but not before I was able to observe a swollen, purple pussy and a clit that was huge. Most of the time, the shower was the first thing she turned on, then she got her blue lover which slipped in incredibly easy, and went for the gold. I would have to say that the blue dildo in the bathroom and the identical black one in the basement were her favorite ways of masturbating, that is when I would be able to catch her.

Another surprise...she has a stash of toys hidden away in her walk-in closet way back in one of her many shoe boxes. Found another stash in the basement in the cupboard above the washer/dryer (where I never go) as well, so I have staked out those areas too with fruitful results. I discovered these toys only about three years ago, after I started playing little tricks on her to keep her horney. Payback is sweet but more about that later.

We have separate bathrooms right off our walk in closets on opposites sides of the bedroom suite. It is generally safe to spent time in either of the bathrooms without fear of anyone walking in. If I'm controlled enough after spying on Amy, I will retreat to my bathroom while she's showering and jack off. Most of the time I'm a little rushed, so I just sit on the the toilet and in literally seconds, squirt in the John and wipe up a little. Other times I'll watch myself in the mirror above the sink, milking slowly so precum dribbles into my hand. I'll smear it over my cock head and that feeling is exquisite and intense...slow...fast...and slow. Jerking fast and furious is not for me. I'd rather stay at the edge of an orgasm for several times before pushing myself over. Seeing the ropes of cum shoot out at the same time that fantastic feeling overcomes my loins is always a treat that I never tire of. I milk my cock for every last drop savouring the intensity and pleasure for as long as I can.

Certainly my masturbation frequency has significantly increased over the last four years to at least daily whether we have sex or not. Not certain what most men here on Solo Touch do but would be interested in finding out. If I catch Amy masturbating, I'll certainly jack off a couple times that day but have done it up to five times a day maybe once a month. Amy, on the other hand frigs at least every morning. She will do more depending upon what titillating experiences I pull on her and I have many creative tricks that will sometimes have her thrusting her hands down her pants and rubbing out a quick but satisfying orgasm.

With our house built with unconventional interior architecture, the rooms are mostly not at right angles. There are four entrances to sneak quietly in and out of plus an attic room that opens up like a loft to the living room and kitchen where I can look down and see most every corner.

No doubt I have a fulfilling sexual life. Could Amy and I screw each other more if we wouldn't masturbate so much? Should I lay off my tricks in order to make her want intercourse with me more often? Don't know yet, but now with the kids gone, we both have more freedom to pleasure ourselves in many different ways.



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