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More Than Research

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It's been at least three years since the story took place, but I've always wanted to be able to tell it for others to enjoy. I've been an avid masturbator since I was young and I'm always looking for ways to improve the experience. I was 21 one when my first mutual happened and look forward to other opportunities.

This took place beteen myself, J, and my friend Roberto. Well, Roberto was apartment sitting one weekend on campus and a group of us were getting together to watch a movie and just hang out. Berto and I made it to the apartment a bit early and started chatting just about regular daily stuff.

For some reason the conversation wandered to sexual topics and then eventually masturbation. As we talked more about jacking you could tell each of us was probing a bit here and there. We talked about it being cool to jack, how we did it, how often and a few different things. As the conversation went on my pants were getting a little tighter and a little damp. I was sitting on the couch with a pillow over my buddy, so it wasn't obvious. Well, the talk lulled a bit and then we both started talking about how we had always kind of wanted to try it with another guy. The converstaion died a bit and then Roberto asked if I wanted to go at it. I hesitated a moment and then said sure. So we went in the room next to the living room sat down where we could see each other, and weren't entirely sure what to do so we pulled our pants and underwear down and out popped our boys.

Each of our member's are very different. I'm a thick 6.5 inches with some extra foreskin while Roberto is at least seven or eight inches and is completely uncircumcised. I have a pink mushroom head and Roberto's head blends with his saft and he's dark-skinned all over, with some nice veins popping out. Well, this night we had just agreed on masturbating with each other, and hadn't talked about helping each other out. So, Roberto and I started to go at. Him beating his meat like there was tomorrow and I was trying to go slow and gentle because I had been nearly cumming in my pants to begin with. I slowly stroked up and down, pausing periodically to choke off at the base so I wouldn't cum. I didn't know if this would happen again and I wanted it to last as long as possible. Roberto wasn't completely hard, and masturbated a lot, so he wasn't having trouble holding back and just beat it like no tomorrow. I finally missed my mark with stopping and started to shoot all over myself (one of the drawbacks of squirting). I sat there for a few moments, watching as Rob worked himself up, arched his back and then watched his cum ooze out of his head and down his veiny shaft. We cleaned up and got dressed just as our friends made it to the apartment.

A few weeks later I was apartment sitting. When I got to the apartment Rob had already beat me there and it was clear he had been bating before I came in. He was still a bit flushed and his pants weren't doing much to hide anything. I was trying to go a couple months without masturbating at the time, but I told him he could go at it and I'd just watch. Without hesitation he dropped his pants, sat down next to me and started gently caressing his now softening member. After two weeks of not cumming, it took no time for me to get hard. Since I didn't want to release myself, I figured I just help out my buddy. Without saying anything, I reached over and gently begin to massage his balls. He stopped stroking and removed his hand. I responded by firmly gripping his member at the base and begin to stroke slowing up and down his erect shaft. He begin to moan a bit and started to lean into my body, placing his head where he could smell me.

Occasionally I would slow down almost to a stop and tease his head, that was now shining with precum. He wanted badly to return the favor, but I desperately want to keep saving, so I took out my dick and let him wrap his hand around it now and then. He lowered his head and smelled it periodcally and told me he'd suck it if I wanted. I told him no, and just kept concentrating on his meat. At this point I would pound hard like he likes, bring him to the edge and then stop. Each time I did this he'd gasp and plead with me to keep going. When he'd try to finish himself off, I'd grab his hands and tell him no. During these breaks I would tease his member by gently blowing on it or rubbing his thighs. Eventually a few friends called, so we rushed to the bathroom and I finished him off by standing behind him, my dick rubbing in his back, and my hand wrapped around his body, jerking his meat. In a few moments he gripped my body hard and flung his seed all over the tub. We cleaned up, watched the movie and when our friends ran out to get something to eat, I gave him a hard quick hand job before they got back.

When they left for the night, I told him to hold on and gave him one final rub that night. This time it took longer and there was much more groping from both parties. It took everything I had not to let him beat me off.

This session went much more like the earlier sessions, with me beating and teasing. Rob was completely naked this time and when I finished him off he shot all over his stomach and chest. Instead of stopping when he came, I just kept pumping. He couldn't do anything but moan and twitch with pleasure, and it took him several minutes to catch his breath at the end.


About a month later, after 40 plus days of not getting off and no relief from wet dreams, I was studying in the library. The entire time I was there I had a raging hard on and considered just going in the bathroom and taking care of it. Fortunately I ran into my friend Roberto doing some studying and after a few minutes of casual conversation I suggested I was ready for him to return the favor from a month ago. We quickly found an empty bathroom in a secluded part of the library. I placed myself on the toilet with my pants down and my feet propped on the wall, and my back against the other wall. This way if anyone walked in there'd only be one set of feet.

Rob wasted no time in grabbing my now throbbing, wet rod and going to work.

He worked his hand up and down my shaft, pausing to pay special attention to the swollen head. As he rubbed up and down my shaft, he used his other hand to massage my sack. It was amazing. After about twenty minutes of Rob massaging my dick and edging me, I couldn't last any longer and I shot my load all over the wall, myself and Rob's Hand. He didn't stop there and just kept his hand going up and down. IT was amazing. When he was finished I didn't have the energy to return the favor so he just took my jizz and finished himself off. That was the last time we ever got each other off, and I found out later that Rob was gay. I'm not interested in going any further, but would love to have a good jack with somebody again. Now if you excuse me, I've got a nut to blow.



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