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More Than Nudists

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This happened a year ago


Over some months I had got to know Frank and his wife Hilda, a couple in their early fifties who emigrated to Australia years ago and spoke English well though with a German accent that revealed their country of origin. Now that their son had now finally moved away from home, they were on their own, both keen gardeners in their spare time. I got on well with them as they laughed and joked a lot in their German way and were obviously fond of each other.

I had called around to return one of Frank's tools. Hearing his voice in the garden, I went around to the side of the house instead of ringing the doorbell. I looked over his side gate and there he was, halfway down the garden with his back turned to me, bending over hoeing one of his beds. All of a sudden it hit me that he had no pants on, only his shirt and boots. As he bent over I could even see his scrotum! As I too am a backyard nudist I wasn't too shocked, in fact, rather glad to see we shared a common interest. However, I thought it better to retreat before he saw me and ring the bell.

Hilda, a plump, cheerful hausfrau, greeted me in her housedress, asking me to wait there while she called Frank. After a few minutes she returned, inviting me in for a coffee while he 'got dressed'. Little did she realize I knew his little game! Frank eventually showed up, this time properly clothed, and we chatted and joked some more while I privately wondered whether Hilda was a nudist too.

As luck would have it, Frank cracked a joke about losing one's pants and I couldn't help saying I often take mine off at home. Frank grinned and said, 'Vell, you like de fresh air too?' Hilda looked at him, then turned to me with a twinkle in her eye, saying 'Frank iss a very naughty boy sometime,' without going into more detail. 'You mean he takes his pants off?' I asked innocently. I felt my cock rising. Frank was blushing now. 'He iss a naughty boy,' repeated Hilda, adding 'Iss good ting ve have high fences.' I burst out laughing.

We all laughed, then Frank hooted 'I not de only one here wis no pants.' Hilda, indignant, exclaimed 'You say I not wear pants? Look, see.' She pulled up her dress to reveal pink silk panties. Frank suddenly pulled them down to her dark bush. 'How dare you!' Hilda shrieked. She turned to him. 'Joost for dat...' and pulled his trousers down. Frank had no underpants on and grinned stupidly with nowhere to hide. This must be a regular game. Suddenly I had what seemed a great idea.

I stood up and pulled my own pants and underpants down in one swift movement. 'C'mon, Frank, we're all good friends here.' Frank's and Hilda's eyes widened. Then Frank laughed, clapping me on the back. 'Ha ha, ve are not ashamed. Ve not ashamed no more.' Frank's penis was longer than mine and uncut. It was truly a thing of beauty. 'Lucky Hilda', I commented. Hilda seemed horrified but did not take her eyes off our penises, particularly mine, I thought.

Frank and I looked at each other, then continued to undress till we both stood naked in front of Hilda.

Frank hugged her to him, mollifying her with kisses. 'I haf a beautiful vife', he crooned, gently undoing her dress and caressing her now bare breasts. Hilda stood there, displaying no resistance but closing her eyes, I guessed to avoid meeting ours. Frank silently beckoned me to come closer until I stood on Hilda's other side. Then he gently put one of her hands around his penis and her other around mine. 'You like dis, ja?' 'Ja,' she whispered, giving both of us a squeeze. Frank reached down and fingered her below. She even moved her legs apart to assist him.

Frank then gently undressed Hilda until she was naked too, then laid her on the couch. She looked at me with resignation, saying 'See vot he make me do?' 'He always make me do vot he vant. He iss a bad man.' But she allowed him spread her legs fully, revealing her clitoris, vagina, even her pee hole. Blaming him was her way out; she enjoyed being submissive. I guessed this was not her first threesome.

I badly wanted to masturbate, but waited until I saw Frank doing it. I was amazed at how much bigger his grew. We stroked together while Hilda joined in, massaging her nipples with one hand and her clitoris with the other. Frank plunged his hand deeper into her, thrusting more and more vigorously until she abandoned herself to him, holding onto our penises. I had wet mine with a combination of saliva and Hilda's juices and was close to coming.

Suddenly Hilda began to orgasm; her thighs spasmed and her body heaved. I rubbed harder into Hilda's hand, pretending it was her cunt. Although her eyes were closed she acknowledged my actions, squeezing in time to my thrusts until I emptied myself over her breasts and belly in a mind-blowing rush. Frank's landed on her thighs and I must say I enjoyed watching him come. He withdrew his hand and invited me to replace it with mine. Hilda soon had a second orgasm.

Although I wanted to fuck Hilda all the way, I valued Frank's friendship enough not to push my luck. As it turned out, both Frank and Hilda masturbated frequently as well as having conventional sex; theirs was a healthy and varied relationship. At the time, I wasn't sure whether our friendship extended far enough for him to be a spectator.

I was single then and enjoyed our free and easy relationship. Frank and I would take our penises out even when Hilda wasn't around. She would always scold us for being 'bad boys' but never interfered. When she felt like masturbating, she would let us watch. Gradually we saw each other naked more, both in the house and in the garden, but maybe I should tell those experiences another time.



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