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More Than Kissing Cousins

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Having been raised as an only child by parents who were medical missionaries in exotic locales such as Asia and Africa and mostly home-schooled, my exposure to the opposite sex and dating life was extremely limited. When my parents were assigned a mission in a dangerous locale in the Middle East, they thought I was best placed in an all-girls boarding school in Europe, where I not only stood out as a skinny and geeky 16-year-old who didn't even get her period until she was 15 and had never even been kissed, I was socially a bit hopeless among my classmates who were more wise in the ways of the world and boys. I did meet one good friend, Inge, who was a kind but sexy Swedish girl whose parents were conducting overseas business in Asia. She went home more often than I and had already had many experiences with sexuality with the boys from her hometown. As I was left there for Easter break that year, she left behind a package of some soft porn and a book on masterbation techniques for women and a small pink vibrator with a note instructing me to 'enjoy.' I ignored the package for days, but curiosity got the better of me and I soon looked at the images, finding myself pleasantly aroused and open to the possibilities. When Inga returned, she asked me if I had used the items and my blush revealed my answer. I never dared to masterbate with her in the room, but I sometimes heard her fingering herself at night and arching her back on the bunk above me and it was obvious she was bringing herself to a lovely climax. Though I was aroused by her activities, I kept my hands to myself if she were in the room with me. But if she was gone, well that was a different story. I read her sexy novellas and brought out the vibrator and rolled my nipples in my hands and achieved some level of solo sexual ecstasy.

The activity seemed to jump-start my slow puberty and I found my body rounding out, developing good sized breasts and my limp hair became shiny. When my braces came off, I developed a good smile. Inga showed me how to apply make-up and we spent one long break weekend in late May at her family's cabin in the archipelago outside of Stockholm. There Inga skinny-dipped with the local boys who snickered a little at me for refusing to take off my bikini. I enjoyed my first kiss from a giant blonde God named Hakan, but was too shy to endure much more. I still felt a little freakish inside, though the outside had changed considerably, my self-perception hadn't seemed to change in the least.

I was relieved when school commenced in late June when my parents picked me up and we went state-side again. I was to spend the summer with my parents and mom's cousin in upstate Maine. My parents were shocked when they saw me, but I could see, clearly delighted. I was to turn 17 that summer, and if I liked it, could attend my last year of high school in New York with my mom's cousin, whom I called 'Auntie June.'

The cabin was a little bit small, and I was assigned to sleep in the room with Auntie June while my parents slept in the other room. It was a little too crowded for my comfort. By this time I was accustomed to masterbating at least every other day, and there was no privacy. So I would sneak into my aunt's camper parked outside, strip down naked on the queen bed at the very top, and rub myself deliriously into a mind-blowing orgasm. I sometimes held up a mirror because it turned me on to see my clit growing huge and to see it twitch at the onset of my climax. I knew I had a very good body, with curvy legs, a tiny waist, and full rounded breasts. I imagined a tall and dark handsome man sucking on my tits while he fingered my swollen pussy into a mind-shattering orgasm.

As I was having this fantasy one day, the door swung open, and the man of my dreams caught me in the act just as the orgasm was about to hit. There was nothing stopping it now, and the paralyzing fear that accompanied being caught catapulted me into the strongest, most violent spasms I had ever felt. He swung the door shut.

I sheepishly went back inside a couple of hours later, when I recovered. My mom asked, 'Good book?' to which I numbly nodded. It was then that the dark handsome stranger appeared from the back screen door. 'Garrett, do you remember your cousin Allison?' To Garrett's credit, he pretended like he had never seen me before. Garrett had been in the military since he had graduated from university, and he was now 29 years old and was not signing up for another tour. To tell you the truth, since we had been traveling for years and he had been away for so long, I probably hadn't seen him since I was perhaps eight or nine years old.

The following day was the day of my 17th birthday. We had spent the day in the muggy heat gathering some wood and such for the fall and winter, and I felt, hot, sticky and unattractive. I couldn't help noticing how handsome Garrett was, how perfectly built and toned and perfect and he seemed to have a perfect bulge in his pants. He also smelled great even though he was clearly perspiring. He kept sneaking little sideways glances at me and I at him, and it was obvious there was considerable attraction between the two of us. I couldn't believe he did not seem to have a wife and a girlfriend, but then I remembered my mom mentioning that he did have a wife when he was stationed in Germany but that she had died really suddenly of an aneurism or something really sudden like that. He had sort of deep, soulful brown but kind eyes that I imagined sort of reflected that kind of inner pain.

Because of what he had witnessed, me in the act of doing to myself, my shyness, our age difference, and my attraction to him despite that we were second cousins, I felt so tongue-tied I blushed a million shades of red whenever he tried talking to me.

Later that night my mom and 'aunt' made me a birthday cake and we sat down to a small birthday celebration. He smiled at me as I blew out the candles and my heart skipped a million beats. He helped me wash up the dinner dishes, and whispered to me, 'Tonight, when everyone goes to sleep, come back into the camper.' This is where he was sleeping while he was staying here. I have a birthday present for you but I don't want to give it to you in front of everyone.'

That night, as I was contemplating being alone with him for the first time, I was so excited I was shaking with anticipation. It felt like it was forever before I heard the buzzing of the snoring of the three middle-age adults. I slipped into my shorts and t-shirt, and quietly knocked on the camper door.

Garrett met me at the door. He poured me something to drink. He was wearing only a pair of flannel boxer shorts and I saw how perfect his chest was, with a nice smattering of curly dark hair. I felt so grown up. He didn't treat me at all like an awkward 17-year-old, more like a woman his own age and related to me his experiences in the military and what he planned to do now that he was out. The rain started to pick up, and he reached for his robe.

He began hesitantly, 'I'm sure you were embarrassed that I caught you masterbating, but please don't be. It's a natural thing and you are a really beautiful young woman. I enjoyed seeing you, and in fact, I feel like a dirty old man for telling you this, but I can't get the image out of my head.'

He continued, 'It's natural for people, especially if they ever had a sexual relationship to crave the same kind of release. Maybe you have a boyfriend back in Europe you're missing...'

I met his glaze and mumbled, 'No, nothing like that' and explained how inexperienced I had been with my upbringing and the boarding school and all. He stroked his chin again, and said, 'Well, that is a pity.' I omitted the part about my slow maturation process, however, as that was too embarrassing to relate.

'Have you ever even been kissed?' he asked, rather thoughtfully. I said, yes, I had, but I was a bit shy about it and never really got into it very well.

'Would you like me to kiss you?'

I barely croaked 'yes,' before he knelt down and gently probed my lips apart with his delicious tongue. His scent was so wonderful, and it made me feel heady with desire. I did my best to kiss him back, and felt his muscular back through his robe. He took my hand and placed it on my chest, and I felt his warm skin and his wonderfully hairy chest with my hands.

'Mmmmmmmm' he murmered. 'I would never do anything to hurt you, Allison. I am somewhat older than you, and that we are cousins-well, that doesn't matter. In some cultures we both know its even encouraged for cousins to marry and the like. But I don't want you to feel like I am taking advantage of you. You are so beautiful, and so special.' As he said that, he gently caressed my hair and my face.

That night my dream came true. He was patient, and wonderful, kissing me for hours and showed me the miracle of what happens when male and female get together for the first time. He touched my breasts, then suckled them, kissed my navel, my thighs, my feet, my toes, every inch of my body. When he removed my shirt, and then my shorts, I found myself bare naked in front of him with no shame and only glory, as he whispered how beautiful I was and how lucky he was that he could share these moments with me. As he reached his long and graceful fingers into my wet pussy, he spread apart my lips and began to expertly finger my clit until my body began shaking and convulsing into the most emotionally satisfactory climax I had ever experienced, and the experience made me break down and cry. Then, he held me, and thanked me for giving him this experience.

Knowing my shyness, I look back and am amazed that he expected nothing in return for this kindness that night. He told me to put on my panties and shorts and t-shirt and climb back in bed with my aunt.

Later that summer, when my parents had left and I assumed their bedroom, it became easier for me to slip out and be with Garrett. He slowly showed me things I had never known before, like how to please him, always patiently, and always graciously and gratefully. I do not think my aunt suspected a thing, because we were always careful to assume sort of a cousinly relationship in her presence. If she did, she didn't say so. He showed me how to bring him to a glorious climax, and I learned the scent and taste of his salty semen and to appreciate the curve and velvety texture of his wonderful 7 inch cock. At the end of the summer, probably out of my begging and pleading, he took my virginity. I was grateful it was with someone as loving as he.

Garrett moved to the West Coast for a job and I stayed with my aunt all that year until I went to college. In college I met guys my own age, but never forgot Garrett. He seemed to sense I needed my time to explore the world and was always kind but held me at some kind of a distance whenever we saw oneanother at family functions. My senior year, however, I wrote to him, and told him that I had seen a bit of the world, and had experiences with several men, but it all paled in comparison to what I had with him. He came to my graduation party that May, and quietly took me aside, and told me he felt the same way. He asked me to marry him, and I said yes. Though our families were initially shocked and more than just a little upset, they eventually got used to the idea, and we married one year later. He is still the man of my dreams.



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