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More Than Just an Oil Change

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I've never had 'Customer Service' like this before...


Just before leaving on a road trip a week and a half ago, I realized that my truck needed a Oil change and left my office late in the afternoon and got to the location just before their posted closing time. While I was busy flirting with the very cute Blonde who manages this location, the guy in the pit below finished with draining the used oil and lubed the grease fittings. Laura (not her real name) told Phil to go ahead and leave and she would fill my crankcase with the new oil. I've always found Laura quite attractive and even though she's mentioned in the past that she's married, I found myself fantasizing about her plump ass and would regularly Masturbate while thinking of her baring her nice Tits and Ass!~~ I'd long wanted to tell her of my Foot Fetish and found my chance when she said: God my feet are killing me and I can't wait to get off of them and relax! I simply said to her: Well if you would allow me to, I'd love to give your sexy little toes a massage to help them feel better..

She looked at me with a look of disbelief and replied, You want to rub my feet huh? I said: I don't just 'want to' I'd love to rub your feet and then Jack-Off until I shoot my warm cum onto them... How does that sound? She laughed and again looked at me saying: REALLY, Why? I have wanted to do that for you since the first time that I saw you, I love your plump Ass and I fantasize about cumming on your sexy little toes..

She was amazed and after a short pause, She said: O.K. I guess so.

I could tell the thought of watching me Masturbate in front of her actually excited her and she quickly finished with my truck.

When she was done, she said: Come with me to my office where we can be alone.

Well her office was not exactly clean but I was so turned on by the thought of whipping my dick out and jacking off for her, I didnt give a rats ass. She sat down in her chair, swiveled it around so she was facing me, held one of her greasy, oily tennis shoes out to me and said: Here you go, Take off this shoe first. I reached out and gave the laces a tug to loosen them, and then pulled off her shoe. Her sock almost came off with the shoe and she giggled while I pulled it the rest of the way off. I gave her toes a little kiss and then she held up the other shoe and said: Here, take this one off and then you may begin with your show for me.

While I was taking this one off, She said: I can tell you already have a hard-on cause I see a bulge down there! Why do you want to do this for me? I was uncomfortable because my cock was rock hard from excitement and it hurt from being so hard in my pants! I just told her that this had been a fantasy of mine for a long time and now I was going to do it and I didn't care if it was weird or not, I had to do it and I wanted to do it for her.. After her bare feet were there in front of me, I unzipped my pants and pulled them all the way off so all I had on were my tighty whities then got down my knees on the oily floor of her office and sat back onto my legs. I was almost dizzy with excitement when she handed me a bottle of hand lotion from the top of her desk and said: Here you may want to use some of this... I opened the bottle and squirted some into the palm of my right hand, used my left to pull my cock & balls out of my underware when she whispered: I can't believe your really going to do it? I said: Yes, I'm really going to do it! With that I wrapped my hand around my hard cock and started to stroke it slowly at first while she put her hand over her mouth and giggled at me, She said: Go ahead then and do it for me, Go ahead and jack-off for me!

I started to go faster and she gave me more and more encouragement by saying things like: Does it feel good to you to jack-off in front of me? Does it turn you on like it does me? God my pussy is getting really wet watching you jerk your cock! Please tell me when your ready to shoot your cum for me... I just leaned back with my left hand behind me and continued to Jerk Off my penis with long, full strokes while she watched me with wide eye's and her feet were trembling in front of my cock... It was even more awesome for me than I had expected, She was obviously enjoying my Masturbation show for her and kept whispering to me: Yea, masturbate for me, Keep Jacking-Off as fast as you can, just tell me when your going to shoot your cum all over my toes! God this is so exciting watching you do it, I can't wait to feel you squirt all of your shit onto my feet!

After I was going as fast as I could for about five minutes, I gasped to her: I'mmm gonnnna Cummm nowww... She wiggled her little toes right in front of me and when I was ready to shoot, I pointed it at her feet and let loose with shot after shot of warm sliver streams of cum while she swooned her approval by saying: Oh my gosh that feels so fucking great on my toes, Keep cumming on my feet you bastard, Cum on my toes...

After I was spent, we both looked at her feet to see her toes almost completly covered in creamy white cum and we both laughed while she tore off some paper towels and began wiping it all off.

After I stood up, She said: Hey mister, If you ever feel the need to do that again, Just come by at the end of the day. That was fun for me too.

I never looked so forward to Oil Changes after that afternoon..



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