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More Than Friends

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Kevin and I had been best friends for quite a while. Our parents were also very close friends. Kevin and I always did things together like sleepovers. Because everyone (Friends Family etc.) thought that we were always going to be best friends who would never want to do anything sexually, but little did they know that wasn't the case.

It all started when it was Spring break and I was just sitting at home bored but not tired when Kevin calls my mobile. I got very excited because we hadn't done anything together all week. When he called at first it was just small talk, but he then asked me if I wanted to go and watch a movie. I said sure, but I needed to get dressed and I would be over in about ten minutes. I am very into sports and my clothes are basically made up of sweat shirts, sweat pants and tennis shoes so I threw on some track suit pants and a T-shirt and walked over to Kevin (he is my next door neighbor).

I rang the door bell and he answered the door with a hug which was normal, but I could feel he had a boner which was very hard against my leg. I ignored it and followed him upstairs to go and watch a movie. He told me my options which I didn't really like so I told him I was going to his sisters room and got a chick flick. He complained but put it in.

We weren't really watching the movie but laying on his bed together and talking. I was laying so my back was to him and I could still feel his very hard dick against me. He kept trying to cover it up by turning round. I had always had a crush on Kevin. He was perfect; very tan body that was nicely built, dark brown shaggy hair, and blue eyes. I wasn't bad looking myself. I have dark brown hair also, tan skin and green eyes and a nice curvy build. He was really struggling with his boner so I turned round, looked in his eyes, got closer to him and gently touched his chin and lifted his head up a little and kissed him on the lips and told him it's okay stop hiding it. Let me tell you I am normally bold but I had never hit on my bestfriend like this. He got a lot less tense after, then I kissed him again but this time added a little tongue, he returned the favor.

We were kissing passionately now and he slowly eased his way up my shirt and up my bra and started to have some fun playing with my titties which are kinda small but very round and firm. I was reacting quickly and my pink nipples got very hard at his touch. I stopped him and took off my shirt and bra so he could have easier access and with that took off his shirt and shorts so I was in my shorts and thong and he was just in boxers.

He bent down a little and started kissing my nipples and I could tell he was having fun. I was too but I was really horny and very wet and wanted something real bad. I reached down slowly and touched my clit. He took my hand and said 'Ah Ah ah, that's my job' and he lead my hand to his hardon. In my head I thought if he was going to tease me I would tease him. I ever so slowly played with every part of his body, he was begging me to touch what he really wanted touched. We were both begging for it so we continued to kiss and stripped off each others clothes. My gosh he was huge, about seven and a half inches and very thick, precum was already dripping from his head making it all slick and shiny. I continued to play with his head then started stroking the entire thing giving quick but long tugs. He was really enjoying himself and was panting quickly and moaning my name. I knew he was almost there and I continued to quickly stroke him. He let out a load moan, lifted his sexy ass off the bed and cummed all over himself. I licked the cum off his chest then told him it was my turn. He layed me on my back and started kissing me again. He put his index finger on my throbbing clit and started to rub me slowly. He obviously knew what he was doing because he was doing a hell of a good job. 'Ohhhh, Kevin faster, don't ever stop' He started rubbing me faster and faster as I kept moaning his name really loud. I was really close and then he put two fingers in my tight wet pussy and pumped them in and out while rubbing my hard little clit. I lost it and my pussy got real tight around his fingers and came all over his fingers. He took them out of me and licked them and licked his lips.

I looked at the movie screen. The movie was far past over. I said that I had so much fun and I guess this makes us more than friends. He said you bet but I knew my mom was wondering what was taking so long. I told him I had to jet. I went to go and get dressed and I got his boxers with his precum on them, put them on then my T-shirt and sweat pants, I left my bra and wet panties thinking he would probably have fun with them after I left. He walked me to the door, kissed me hard on the lips and I walked back to my house. The door was locked and my mom answered it. She said I was gone a very long time. I said 'Sorry it won't happen again, Kevin and I just got caught up in time' I turned around and walked upstairs and she said 'Looks like someone has a new boyfriend' I realised that Kevin's boxers were sticking out of my sweat pants 'Good job Halley' I thought to myself.

We have been going out ever since.

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