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More Than a Mouthful

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I think most guys have had the desire at least once or twice to taste their own ejaculate, and a decent number probably have. Having done so, I'd recommend that you stick to the fresh stuff, straight from the pipe, so to speak; I think if it were cold it'd be something to gag on.... Anyhow, I've taken the opportunity once or twice to cum in my own mouth. When I was younger, I was one of the lucky ones who could get a good portion of his penis in his own mouth, but as I've grown older, I've had to resort to the old standby of lying on my back, thrusting my legs into the air while balanced on my shoulders, and then ejaculating down into my face.

The last time I did it, which was a few years ago, I'd spent the evening watching a variety of porno films, some cable movies, and (for grins) the Weather Channel every now and then. (Some of the ladies on there are pretty hot.) Oh, yes, and I'd also lubed up pretty good and had been stroking it for hours. I think I'd had enough stimulation to convince me, after about four hours, that I should probably make the most of the evening and try a shot of my body's cocktail. Now, to be fair, it wasn't four continuous hours of masturbating; I took a break every now and then, let my penis go a little limp, then started back up. Every time I've cum into my mouth in the past, I've always gone and spit it out without ever taking the time to see what I looked like, but I determined that this time would be different.

I moved off the sofa onto the floor and leaned back into my usual pose. With my legs up in the air, I finally relaxed enough while stroking to let go-and go, I did. As you might expect, after four hours of stroking, I had a fair amount of cum built up. I opened my mouth, aimed as best I could, and just kept stroking and pumping until I had drained as much as I could from my penis. Of course, I now had a mouthful of my cum and stood up to head into the bathroom. As I clicked the light on, I saw cum rimming my entire lower jaw with my tongue bathing in the center; cum between my gums and lips, and some splashes of cum around my lips, dripping down my nose, down my chin. In short, I was a mess! Now, having said all this, I've got to add that the once or twice I've accidentally swallowed some of my ejaculate, I've suffered some unpleasant heartburn, so I did the only reasonable thing and began spitting it out into the sink. It took a minute or two, but I finally cleared my mouth and washed off my face. I'd finally seen what I looked like after one of these sessions-maybe you've got an idea what I looked like, too.



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