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More Summer Loving

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You should read my other two stories first, to understand the progression.

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By late July, Celine and I were constantly and compulsively masturbating, experimenting in ways I never could have imagined even after that first life-changing experience. During our frequent sleepovers or when our parents were at work, we'd kiss and grind, touching and sucking the others' breasts, and, using our fingers, bring each other to orgasm after orgasm.

And on the days we couldn't see each other, I'd always find myself in bed at night, my body writhing in pleasure as I pictured Celine sucking on my nipples and her fingers stroking me between my legs as my own fingers rapidly moved against my clit until my body shook and pulsated as I came.

She told me that she did the same when she was alone, although I don't know if she, too, fantasized about me, because we were always telling each other that we were just 'practicing' until we could find a boy who was mature enough to learn how to satisfy our sexual needs.

We both agreed, though, that touching ourselves was nothing like touching each other. Nothing was better than that.

It was around this time that Celine's family had planned a week-long trip to New York City to visit her older sister, who was taking summer courses for college and hadn't been home in months. I begged and begged my parents to let me go and even though Celine's parents said I'd be more than welcome to join them, my parents absolutely refused to allow their fifteen year old daughter to 'roam around a dangerous city with no supervision.'

I was devastated. In the days before asking them, when I'd imagined spending a whole week in New York City with Celine, it wasn't 'roaming around the city' that excited me the most about the trip. It was the idea of sharing a hotel room with her.

The day before her flight, we were in Celine's bedroom, facing each other on her bed, our lips and tongues meeting intensely as one of her fingers traced my right nipple while the other slowly stroked my labia, periodically dipping into my soaking wet pussy, when she pulled away and murmured in my ear: 'Guess we're both going to be pretty 'itchy' when I get back, huh?'

'Uh huh,' I half-grunted, my throat dry as my body rocked desperately back and forth against her light touches, my clit swollen and throbbing and in need of release.

'I have an idea,' she said, pulling back so her mischievous eyes stared straight into mine. At the same time, she began to rhythmically pulsate her thumb against my clit as she slid her index finger in and out of me.

'Uh huh,' I moaned, willing to agree to anything as long as she'd relieve the unbearable need to come building inside of me.

'You might not like it.' Same slow unbearable rhythm. 'You might not agree to do it.'

Suddenly, she leaned forward to briefly suck on my nipple, lightly holding it in between her teeth as I finally cried out, 'I'll do it! Whatever it is, I'll do it! Just ... please ... oh God, I need to come so bad ... please, Celine, please ... please make me come ...'

I could feel her smile against my nipple as she sucked harder, her thumb rapidly rubbing against my clit and her finger stroking the inside of my pussy until the noises from my mouth became incomprehensible and, in less than a minute, wave after wave of ecstasy hit my clit while my pussy clenched hard against her finger over and over again, my entire body paralyzed as a small amount of fluid squirted out of me and dripped down her arm onto the bedsheets.

Celine withdrew her finger, licking it, and I began to kiss her deeply, gratefully, like I always did after she had made me come. Unlike every other night, though, where we'd kiss until we were too tired to stay awake anymore or until we made each other come a second and sometimes even a third time, she pushed me away and asked, 'Don't you even want to know what you agreed to?'

What? I thought, confused. Oh yeah. That. 'Okay,' I said warily.

'Neither of us are going to 'scratch' for the entire week I'm in New York. No matter what.' Celine leaned back against the wall. 'Since my parents are making me stay at Ann-Marie's, anyway, I'm going to be sleeping on some crappy couch in the living room with her roommates coming in and out all the time, so I probably won't be able to do it anyway. And think about how 'itchy' we'll be when I get back! It'll be sooo good. It'll be like your first time all over again!'

'That's not fair!' I protested. 'Just because YOU can't ...'

Celine studied her nails for a moment before looking up at me with disdain. 'Well, God, Lisa, if you're going to get all hysterical about not being able to fuck me for a week, then maybe we shouldn't be doing this anymore.'

I was seized by a sense of shock and panic. Her cold tone of voice, her choice of words ... it all made me seem like some kind of desperate lesbian in love with my best friend.

Was this what she really thought of me? About me? When she was the one who started it in the first place?

Blinking back tears, my voice wavering, I told her quietly: 'I never thought we were fucking. I thought we were practicing.'

'We are,' she answered quickly. A little too quickly, in retrospect, but at the time I was so intent on not losing her that I didn't, couldn't, hear anything but my own thoughts, searching for a way to go back in time and make it all okay again.

I swallowed hard and tried not to freak out, forcing my voice to sound as casual as possible as I said, 'I guess I got used to doing it all the time. It's hard to remember what it was like before you ever showed me how amazing it feels to have an orgasm, you know?'

'I know,' she agreed, not looking at me. Remembering, maybe, that every progression had happened because Celine had wanted it to happen, had made it happen.

Then her demeanor changed suddenly as she laughed in a voice that didn't sound like her own and she threw a small pillow at me. 'I was just KIDDING, Lisa! God, you're so sensitive sometimes! Anyway, it's a test for me, too. I can't remember the last time I went a whole week since I was, like, thirteen. So do we have a deal?'

I nodded. I would have agreed to anything at that point. 'Deal.'

Celine leaned forward and kissed me gently. I kissed back, hesitantly, not sure if this was part of some kind of test. When she opened her mouth against mine and our tongues met, she sucked on my tongue and reached for my hand, placing it on one of her small breasts.

As I kneaded the soft flesh with my palm and rolled her nipple between my fingers, she gasped into my mouth, 'Let's make this one last, okay? I want something to look forward to when I'm in New York.'

Fine, I remember thinking at the time (still angry that because of her circumstances I would have to suffer, too), she's going to make me wait for my orgasm? Well, now I'm going to make her wait for hers.

'Lay down on your back, not your side,' I ordered her. She complied and I could tell that my new, demanding tone of voice excited her by how she bit her lip and breathed in deeply. I'd never been in charge before, not really. Not like this.

I scooted down to the end of the bed and began to lightly kiss her toes and her feet. 'What are you DOING?' Celine shrieked, sitting up. 'I'm ticklish!' I took her big toe in my mouth and began to suck on it lightly. 'Oh,' she sighed, laying down again. 'That does feel kinda nice.'

After I sucked on each her toes for a while, she propped up her knee and spread her legs slightly. I kissed the front of her knees and then leaned down and slowly licked the back of each before kissing the inside of her right thigh and then her left.

The scent of her arousal was stronger than it had ever been or maybe I'd just never been so close to her glistening pussy before. I inhaled her into my nostrils as she spread her legs even wider.

Moving up so that my torso was directly pressing down on her groin, I lightly kissed her stomach while stroking her ribs with my fingertips. I spent a long time doing that, loving the way she tried to grind against me as I swept my dry mouth across her abdomen, stopping periodically to kiss one of her hipbones or the area around her belly button.

I could tell Celine was frustrated by her failed attempts to grind against me, could feel the increasingly slick wetness of her against me, and that only fueled me further. I was so horny myself that I almost couldn't keep going at such a slow pace but this was the only time Celine had ever given me such control, the only time she'd permitted me this degree of intimacy, and I wanted her to want me as badly as I wanted her.

Even if she only wanted me this much right now and I wanted her all the time.

I took my fingernails and drew circles around her breasts, ignoring her angry pink nipples entirely. 'For God's sake,' Celine moaned, 'you're going to kill me.'

I moved upward slightly into a crouch and kneeled between her knees, my legs too far below her pussy for her to rub herself against them and kissed her neck, fingers still tracing gentle circles around her small breasts, now covered in goosebumps. When I kissed her mouth, she grabbed the back of my head and our tongues met hungrily, greedily, still soft but deeper than ever. After a few minutes I broke away from her, again kissing her neck while she moaned and rolled around underneath me.

'Stay still,' I said and as her writhing turned into small shivers, I took one of my breasts in my hand, holding my own hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and traced her breast with it.

When I took one of her nipples between the same two fingers, lightly rolling them together, the result was electrifying. Celine let out a small howl, and scooted her body downward, her cunt meeting my upper thigh and gyrating against it desperately. I'd never felt her so wet before. Even when I abruptly sat back on my legs and told her to move her head back up to the pillow, her liquid dripped from my leg, leaving a sticky patch where she had briefly brushed against me.

I could see the helpless arousal in Celine's eyes as she reluctantly moved her body back up where she couldn't reach me and I continued to rub our nipples together, at one point leaning down sideways and putting both her nipple and mine in my mouth while holding our breasts together.

The sensation of sucking on both of our hard nipples at the same time felt like heaven to me. From Celine's low moans, I imagine that the effect on her was even stronger.

It was then that the idea came to me. I moved down between her legs, which were spread wide open and, holding my small breast in my hand, slid it up and down against the inside of her pussy, even managing to put part of it inside of her and slowly dip it in and out until my nipple was so hard with excitement that it almost hurt.

'Please, Lisa ... please ... this is torture ... I can't take it anymore,' she begged. I could tell she'd had enough: her clit was larger than I'd ever seen it, almost like a small hard penis sticking up out of her light brown pubic hair, which was normally slightly curly but was now matted against her soaking wet pussy.

When my nipple met her clit, I thought she was going to come right then and there. Her body stiffened and her moans sounded more like wails.

'Do you like that?' I asked her, the mere eroticism of the act causing my own cunt to throb and pulsate and grow even wetter.

'I fucking love it,' Celine groaned. 'Don't stop please, God, don't stop.' Her lower body gyrated against my breast as I again grabbed my nipple between my thumb and forefinger, using my left hand to spread her labia so I could access her clit.

I could smell her sticky salty liquid covering my breast and even if Celine could have taken more teasing, I knew that I couldn't. I needed to get her off as much as she needed to get off. So I rubbed my nipple up and down against her clit, like I would with my finger, being careful not to press too hard since I'd never masturbated her from this angle before; it had always been the top of her clit I'd fingered.

'Pinch it,' she begged, 'Pinch it against your tit and jerk me off.'

A shudder of arousal passed through my body before I did what she asked: I took my forefinger and held her clit against my nipple, jerking her clit up and down as she cried out, 'It's coming ... it's coming ... oh fuck ... oh fuck, yes ... oh God, Lisa ... fuck me with your tit ... jerk my clit off ... fuck me, baby, oh baby, don't stop fucking me ... I'm gonna come .. oh fuck ... oh fucking Christ ...'

I wasn't prepared for the initial squirt that splashed against my abdomen with such force I thought maybe she'd peed on me and I almost stopped until she made a noise I'd never heard before, a deep and loud 'unnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh' and then her whole body began to shake and I could feel her clit pulsating against my nipple as squirt after squirt of fluid covered my stomach, dripping from me like I'd been soaked with a hose.

Celine's legs began to jerk and quiver and she managed to gasp, 'Too much, Lisa ... too much ...'

But I didn't stop. I kept going, staring at the mixture of exquisite pain and pleasure on her face.

Her protests wavered: 'Too ... ohhhhhh ... too much, too ... so ... mmmmm, so ... oh ....' After another minute or two, she cried out and her hips raised so far in the air I could have licked her if I'd wanted to.

Celine convulsed and convulsed as I watched her pussy up close, inhaling her scent until my nostrils were filled with the sweet smell of her, wondering for a moment how she'd react if I replaced my hard nipple with my tongue. But before I could summon the courage to go through with it as I watched her, fascinated, her body crashed back down onto the bed, and my finger and my nipple slipped off of her clit.

Her body convulsed a few more times without any stimulation and her body twitched while she laid back on the bed, her eyes staring unfocused at the ceiling and her throat gasping for breath like she'd just completed a marathon run. I had never seen Celine like this before, had never seen her come so hard and be so completely spent afterward.

I couldn't take it anymore. The teasing game I'd played with her had left me as horny as it had made her and I was wetter than ever. Before Celine had even managed to recover from her orgasm, I straddled her knee and began rocking back and forth against it, moaning as I felt the slippery sticky fluid of her earlier ejaculation.

I could feel my orgasm beginning in less than 30 seconds and gripped her left hand tightly as I increased my speed. Celine looked up at me, still half-dazed, and began to circle the top of my clit roughly with her right hand while moving her knee slightly back and forth against me.

I matched her strokes with my body and when she pinched my clit, hard, over and over again, I suppressed a scream by pulling my hand away from hers and biting my arm as I came roughly and brutally against her knee and her fingers. It was so intense I blacked out for a moment and then when it was over, collapsed dizzily on my side against Celine, who moved aside to make room for my head on her pillow.

We faced each other and I'll never forget the shine of tears in her eyes as she stared at me without saying a word. This had gone way farther than 'just practicing for boys' and we both knew it.

I kissed her gently, tenderly, stroking her hair with my fingers, thinking of what she'd said to me earlier about how maybe we shouldn't be doing this anymore, and I smirked despite myself.

'What?' Celine asked in between our soft kisses. 'What's so funny?'

'Just that it was a good idea not to 'scratch' for a week 'cause we're probably going to need that long to recover from this, anyway,' I lied as I kissed her neck.

On the way home, after we had each showered and thrown her sheets into the washing machine and kissed goodbye, I realized that maybe it was true for Celine. Maybe she would need a week to recover. But as for me? I was addicted to her.

And when you're addicted to someone, there's no such thing as too much and there's definitely no such thing as enough.



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