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More St Maarten

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I have seen some stories in the last month or so about St Maarten and wanted to share my own.


My parents owned a timeshare condo on St Maarten, so I had been there many times. I always enjoyed the relaxed but sexually charged atmosphere on the nude beaches. For those who have never been there, some beaches 'clothing optional' but still family friendly while others are more adult oriented.

The condo was wiped off the face of the earth in the hurricane of '95 but we still went there for vacation.

One year my now ex-wife, Sally and I stayed at a resort (now closed) that did not allow any children under 18.

The trip getting there was hell, with a missed connection in Miami and a cancelled flight in Puerto Rico. We arrived at the hotel at about 3:00 AM with only our carry-on baggage; luckily I had packed our bathing suits and some beach clothes.

Sally and I slept for about two hours and awoke when the sun came up. We made love several times, including once on the balcony before heading down for breakfast.

After eating, we went to explore the resort complex and found a small sheltered patio off to one side of the pool that was out of the wind but directly in the line of the early morning sun. We set up some lounge chairs and soon fell asleep, alone on the patio.

When I awoke several hours later, there were some other people on the patio in addition to Sally and I. Desperate to pee I left Sally to sleep and went looking for a bathroom. As I walked back to the patio I stopped at a tiki-bar that was just opening by the main pool. I ordered two large orange juices and the very sexy young Dutch girl said she would bring them right over. When I indicated where we were she laughed and said 'You know that is the gay section'.

When I went back I noticed that all the sunbathers were men and mentioned what the bartender had said to Sally. Soon two more men arrived and took the two deck chairs directly across from us. They were in their 40s, both in good, but not buff shape, just two regular average looking men. They stripped down to their Speedo's, rubbed some lotion on each other and lay down in the sun, side by side, holding hands.

After a while, Sally returned to the room and I stayed on the patio. As soon as she was gone, the two men both removed their bathing suits and lay fully naked. Trying not to be too obvious, I watched them as they changed from holding hands to holding each other's now hard cocks. This got me aroused in a way I have never been before. Embarrassed, I tried to hide the fact I had an erection but could not.

By now one of the men began to get serious and openly gave his lover a slow hand job. As he did this, I slid a hand inside my shorts and began to squeeze and stroke myself. When the man was about to cum, he leaned over and they kissed in a long open mouth kiss as he shot his load onto his chest. As I watched this, I also came; filling my bathing suit with semen.

Two or three days later I had another encounter with the same two men. I headed down to the sauna and when entered the two men were inside. As I came in they quickly separated as they had been engaged in something sexual. Both were naked and erect. I asked if it was alright for me to be there or would they prefer to be alone and they said it was fine.

Once I got settled, on the other side of the small sauna they went back to making out. Again, I got very hard, very fast. Noticing this one of the men took a bottle of baby oil from the water small bucket that is used to wet the sauna stones. Standing in front of me, his long penis inches from mine and squirted the warm oil over my penis. With a sly smile he said 'Enjoy'.

While my new friends took turns masturbating each other, I masturbated myself to three orgasms in a short time.

The first came almost as soon as I began; a quick strong orgasm, with a large ejaculation. I stayed hard and soon came again, this time with almost no semen as all. The third masturbation was prolonged, in a way painful. I was hard but had to keep stroking and stimulating myself to stay hard. Most of the oil had been absorbed into my sensitive skin but I did not want to stop stroking to get more. The pleasure was intense but I was not sure if I could push myself over the edge to climax. I kept going faster and faster and squatting on the bench I reached behind and stuck two fingers up my ass, pressing on my prostate. That did it for me and I finally managed to orgasm but did not eject any semen. Afterward I was exhausted and my dick shrank and almost pulled itself totally into my body.

The two men were not paying any attention to me as they were now in a 69 position. Taking my towel, I mumbled a goodbye and went to the outdoor shower to rinse off.

Later that day I realized that I had an abrasion on the side of my penis and foreskin from masturbating so vigorously in the sauna. Each time I got an erection for the next week or so it was quite painful and would bleed. Sally noticed this and not wanting to tell her I had been masturbating in the sauna with some strangers, I gave her some lame excuse that I did it by trying to get off by digging a hole in the sand on the beach. It was a dumb excuse and I don't think she ever really believed me.



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