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More Pressure Orgasms

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Follows on from Kim and Caitlyn earlier


I think pressure wanking is more common among girls than you think, or at least among younger girls. I can remember my mother telling my kid sister Susan off for humping herself while balancing on her hands on the back of an armchair in our living room. She used to do it in the way that children do things that they think is just fun but that adults see as masturbation.

I don't remember anything else like this until I was studying in my bedroom one afternoon, and as it was for my GSCE exams I would have been 16/17. I heard Susan come home from school, then about half an hour later I heard the front door close and my mother must have come in. After that all hell seemed to break loose. I could hear my mother shouting 'What do you think you're doing. What have I told you about doing that. Anyone could see you from the street!' I heard someone running upstairs and my mother yelling 'And you shouldn't still be doing it at your age!' I opened my bedroom door just in time to see my sister running along the landing towards her room in tears in her school blouse and knickers with her skirt in one hand. She went into her room, slammed her door and didn't appear until the next day at breakfast. I suspected that she'd been caught having a wank on the back of the armchair, and was surprised to think that she'd been doing it at all. For some reason it had never occurred to me that she was probably tossing herself off as much as I was now that she was in her teens.

It came up in conversation when my wife and I went to dinner with my sister and her husband. The topic was things in our past which still made us blush when we thought about them. My brother-in-law said he'd been caught wanking by his mother when he was 13 and had been given a lecture about keeping himself pure for marriage. It still made him embarrassed to think about it. Without thinking I said 'That happened to you too, didn't it Susan?' She coloured up and said something like no, not really, I was just a little kid, and it was just a silly thing the way kids rub against things and parents tell them it's not nice. Well, I thought, I'm sure you were about 15 at the time, so not so little.

Anyway, as I say I think the pressure thing is probably more common than we think, at least among younger girls. I seem to remember Samuel Pepys telling in his Diary how Lady Castlemaine, Charles II's mistress, had been over-sexed even as a child and could often be seen 'rubbing her thing on table corners'. It's the girls who keep on doing it when they get older that I would like to hear from!



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