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More Plastic Passion

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More masturbation with 'M' the mannequin.


To bring you up to speed, I roomed with a few other guys in a suite one year in college, and we had a very realistic, and pretty, mannequin we'd found as part of our living room 'decor.'

After the first time masturbating with M_______., (actually while I was doing it) I'd thought it would be great to do it again. I'd thought that I wouldn't be able to wait to do it the next time. As it turned out, I never seemed to have any time at all alone to do it. Between classes and practice and studying and what passed for a social life, I seemed hardly to ever be alone in our rooms, and when I was, I guess I just didn't have the urge to do it. For the next month or so I got myself off in bed at night before falling asleep, or did a fast and furious handjob in the shower in the morning. (That's another story...). I didn't have a girlfriend at all that year, so my hand was basically my sex life.

So, nothing happened until just before we all left for Christmas vacation, and we all had to be out of the dorms by sometime before noon on whatever day it was, I don't remember. My roommates all lived several states away, and had to drive or catch flights, and all left the day before, leaving me alone for the last night to drive home, which was only an hour or so away the following morning.

That night I made up for lost time with M.

There were a few of my friends around and we of course just hung out for most of the night. By this time I was thinking about doing it with M. and was actually kind of distracted...I was thinking about 'fucking' her! I didn't get back to our suite until after midnight. I picked M._____ up and took her into my bedroom, and lay her on the bed. I stripped off my clothes (I'd usually masturbate naked...no big deal if you're in your own bed or the shower) and got my bottle of hand lotion out. Then I peeled off M._____ clothes and got on the bed with her.

For awhile, I didn't really do anything, just looked at her and felt her. She had very artful detailing, and what we called a killer bod. Flat muschular stomach, smallish firm (well, she was all firm, but you know what I mean) breasts, perfectly curvy butt. I rubbed against her a little here and there, but I realized a one thing since I'd taken her clothes off. She had distinct seams at her waist, the top of one leg, and at her shoulders. For some reason these bothered me. I guess they just dimished the illusion. I solved the problem by slipping a t-shirt of mine on her, then hiking it up over her chest, so it just covered her shoulders. Then I slipped her under the covers, and crawled in with her.

After that, I got down to business. My first time, I lay on top of her and sucked on her nipples for awhile then moved up and started kissing her lips. I was hard and pressing myself against her stomach and the tops of her thighs and after awhile I squirted the hand lotion on my penis and between her legs and shoved myself into the cleft between the tops of the thighs. She was alot slicker with the lotion and even though with one of her legs slightly raised my 'entry' was a bit awkward, I slid my arms around her back, pumped her furiously and before I knew it came like crazy onto my sheets.

Ten maybe fifteen minutes later, I slid between her legs again and we rolled back and forth across my bed as I hugged her against me, kissed her, and started 'fucking' her again. It took me a lot longer to orgasm this time, but with the lotion for lube it felt great as I pumped myself to another orgasm.

After I got my wind back, I cleaned us up and, rather than putting her back, pulled her t-shirt down, slid her over on the bed against the wall, and went to sleep with her still under the covers with me.



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