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More on Street Prostitutes

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I've noticed several articles sent in about street prostitutes. I too have been there and felt I needed to contribute.


Yes; concerning street prostitutes I once had lots of contact with them and here is my two cents worth. I'm certainly not promoting having contact with them especially these days as one does not know what you'd be picking up anymore. Plus police dept are now much bigger and now come down on this activity.

Back in the late 50s and early 60s things were much different compared to now. It was just a case of us men had what they wanted (money) and they had what we wanted (there bodies). The police never paid any attention to them.

I, like one of Solo Touch's contributors, had my first contact quite by accident. I was driving home one evening when I saw this girl walking down a street in a white blouse and black shorts carrying a big purse. Her legs caught my eyes. They were so beautiful. I just had to have another look so went around the block. When I came up on the street she was on she was crossing right in front of me. I got a good eye full as she crossed her legs and ass thru her shorts. She stepped up on the curb and then stopped and turned looking at me. She then starting walking towards me smiling. She asked how I was doing and if I 'wanted a date'. I, not knowing any better, told her 'sure'. She went around and got in. I started driving and we introduced each other and I then asked 'where do you want to go'. She asked 'what do you want'. I didn't know what she meant so I asked 'what do you mean'? She then replied 'well, do you want to fuck or suck'? I thought to myself 'oh my gosh! A prostitute'. I swallowed real hard and told her 'well, I wasn't expecting anything like this' and she asked if I wanted to drop her off. I told her no and then asked her if she could just 'play with it a little bit'. She came back with 'oh; you want a hand job! I do this too'. It was either $2 or $3 I gave her. Money went much futher then than now remember. She proceeded to do her service on me while I felt up those beautiful legs of hers.

This was the start of my picking up these girls for this. You must remember. Here I was a healthy young man of 20 and 21 which means I was a walking hard on. One might think that I could take care of this myself using my mind as stimulus or girly mags but this only goes so far. From a man's point of view we certainly enjoy letting our partner see the effect they are having on us (our big erections) and love seeing what they have (tits and legs). Also the feel of a soft female hand on our 'privates' as she does the stroking of our cocks. Finally, there is that main stimulus she has: her wonderful flesh. A good feel of her breasts or thighs at this time goes a long way to add to the pleasure of the moment.

When a guy was at that age and without a girlfriend these girls sure earned there money. I don't know what I would had done without them back then.



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