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I had my tummy pierced at 14, having lied to the piercer about my age and even forged a letter from my mum just in case I needed it. (Which I didn't)

I felt very grown up and it made me feel sexy having my tummy exposed whenever the weather was warm enough and having men look at me.

However, my breasts have always been pathetically small. Although officially I am a 34b, a b cup bra is loose on me. That said, DAMN but my breasts work! My nipples are sensitive as all hell and I can almost acheive orgasm just by tickling and pinching them. So I decided to have them pierced and took my best friend Sarah with me.

Sarah has 'everything' piereced and has tattoos as well. Lying on the piercer's couch with my breasts exposed was a thrill in itself and I held Sarah's had tightly. Oddly enough the pain was next to nothing! Just a little sting each side and that was it pretty much. As the piercer was clearing up, Sarah leaned in close to me. 'Kate, they look fucking horny girl! You gonna have the big one?' I knew what she meant by this and feeling brave I talked to the piercer about a VHC, but she said she thought I should wait until my top half had settled down.

On the walk home, my breasts started to ache and then a distinct tingle started up in both nipples. By the time we got to my flat, I couldn't wait to see them and took my t shirt and bra off. The little gold bars each side looked really sexy and as I said, they were tingling like mad now, and my clit was throbbing. I ran an experimental finger over my new friends and was rewarded by a gush into my panties. I must have spent a few minutes on my boobs because from behind me Sarah said 'Hey, don't mind me. You need to masturbate, go for it.'

Now, I have never even thought of doing anything sexual with or in the presence of another girl. Sarah added

'I nearly came in my own panties when I saw you getting them done.'

I turned around from my mirror and just flopped into a chair. Then I reached up my skirt and slipped a hand into my panties. I was wetter than I have been for a while, by that, I mean that I was totally drenched. The crotch of my panties felt like it does when I have had accidents. (A very rare thing with me, but it has happened.)

I leaned my head back and concentrated on the feeling in my nipples. It was somewhere between pleasure and pain, just what I like, and soon I had two fingers buried deep inside me with the heel of my palm pressing my clit.

I half opened my eyes to see Sarah with her jeans down round her ankles with her panties, and she too was jilling.

I guess we were pretty close when Sarah said 'Kate, can I have your panties?' I kicked them off and flicked them over to her. She took a good smell and a lick or two that plainly sent her over the edge and she stuffed the crotch of my panties into her pussy as she orgasmed.

Then I felt something unusual. It was like, oh, I dont know. You know that feeling and sound when an underground train approaches a station? Kind of wind and a roar of noise? Well, that was my orgasm. It started deep in me and exploded.

I totally lost the plot. When I came too, I had, for the first time in my life, squirted. And squirted a lot. The hardwood floor was covered and some had even hit Sarah.

For ages, we just sat there with our legs apart, and just chatted, now and then we touched ourselves a little. Sarah has had experience with other girls, it seems, when she was a teenager in school, although now she loves cock.

So, we talked about Sarah's VCH piercing. I could see the little gold ends of the bar and she invited me to see up close.

I knelt between her legs and in so doing, got my first scent of her. The piercing does not go into or through the clit, although there are some that do. I instincively reached out to touch it, but then stopped myself. Sarah said it was ok, so I touched her clitoral hood and learned that the piercing feels nice to the touch. Sarah took a huge breath and said 'You better stop that, or I am gonna cum again.' I touched it once more and said 'You wanna cum again?'

Although Sarah said she did, I didn't jill her off. (Too much too soon, I think)


A few days later, Sarah took me to her piercer and I had one done. All I can say about THAT is FUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK it hurt! Totally the opposite of my nipples. But on the walk back home, again with Sarah, I must have cum four times into my panties. Sarah was laughing so much she nearly wet herself. She told me that she had cum like that too, but not to worry, because it does settle down.

My clit was WAY to sensitive to be touched, but when we got back to my flat, I took my panties and jeans (BAD call that, girls if you wanna get your clit done do NOT wear tight jeans) off, and padded around the flat first with nothing on below my waist and then totally naked. This time, I did jill Sarah off, and experienced that lovely feeling of having two fingers deep inside another girl as she cums. I loved the contractions, and I loved her wetness pooling in the palm of my hand.

So, all in all, I think piercings fall into two categories. Either you love them or you don't. Either you do your tummy for 'attraction' purposes, or you do your nipples and perhaps more purely for the sexual thrill it gives you. I do know girls who have had nipples and clit done and hated it, so it isn't always a passport to countless orgasms. I know some girls who took them out shortly after they were done. But I think the key here is pleasure/pain. If, like me you like a bit of both, then you are likely to enjoy intimate piercings. If you HATE any form of sexual pain, then I don't think they are for you.

I never had any problem with post piercing infections, although again, I know girls who have. Oddly, the clit seems to heal really fast.

I don't plan on having any more, although I do plan on having more of Sarah. Jilling her off seems to have awoken her dormant lesbian side and she has remembered things she really likes and wants to share them with me. Bring it on!



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